What do you want to create?

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Creating leads to creation. An inventor does not produce the invention without that spark of inventiveness. Understanding that one’s personal perception molds their present and their future whether they accept that concept or not, affords you with the courage of conviction to laser focus your vision to know what you want so you can go out and claim it. Often times that requires you know what you don’t want… and therein lies the clarity that leads to creating, that ultimately manifests into the creation.

What do you want to create?

Like a restless lover, we often miss the variety and spice of life because we put our attention on the have not instead of the have. Be the seeker of new and different ideas, careers, lands and loves. Break free of the mercy of custom and tradition. Even those who are complacent in the everyday secretly yearn for the thrill of the roller coaster. Tethered to the file folders of their perceptions, tucked securely into the cabinet drawer of their colloquial beliefs, they retain a false sense of stability that their ways of thinking, feeling and being are safe, right, righteous. Many more lust for the collection of the coin at the lack of true happiness. Oh sure, they’ll tell you the are happy, pointing to the material gains they’ve acquired, proud of the tradeoff of purity for power, offering the illusion instead of the real thing to the public and to themselves. Joy navigated through a thick fog of prosperity. True abundance lost in the application.

I equate volume in any aspect of my experience with the tenacity of rolling thunder. It is uniquely divine in its requirement for a fluctuating landscape to exist, evolve, and in the evolution, encourage the sensors of the warm blooded to release into the deep, magnetized recesses of desire. Without the hills and valleys, void of mountains and streams there is no role in the thunder other than to companion lightening. Such collaboration remains, holds true to its origins, crackling loudly across the terrain, yet its explosion of sound falls flat and disappears, like the emissions of an eager novice.

What do you want to hydrate? To inculcate? To eliminate? Infiltrate? Contemplate, calibrate, and open the flood gates, prepared to consummate at the frequency of creation.

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