Sexual Magic – Bluetech

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Note: If you are viewing on a computer the music autoplays upon post opening and loops indefinitely, so if you want it to stop
just click the pause button on the media player to the right. Autoplay on mobil devices vary.
The question is… do you want it to stop?

The following is a channeled automatic writing born from the sensory music of Bluetech’s Ice Forming on Glass, as featured on the ambient compilation album, Beneath The Surface, and the visuals from a card reading on 7/10/17 using the Tarot of Sexual Magic deck, photo directly below.

How does this relate to ascension? You have to ask? LOL. It is an exampling of how our imagination coupled with our willingness to allow into the feelings that create, serve in the manifestation process. You can have whatever you desire. Just dream it. Believe it into being. Enjoy.

Bluetech | Track: Ice Forming on Glass
This track loops indefinitely on all devices once played.
Characters | Plot

(in order from left to right, top to bottom, write-ups for each of the tarot cards shown. All cards from The Tarot of Sexual Magic Deck.)

  • I – The Magician
    Courtship. Magic Intention. Desire is the drive behind a new story; willingness and passion guarantee success

  • Deck: Tarot of Sexual Magic – click image for larger view
  • Knight of Wands (Rods)
    Embracing. The Magic of the Spike of Wheat. The bond that prevents others from escaping us is made not of fear but of joy, not of chains but of freedom, not of past promises but of future plans.
  • #9 – 9 of Swords
    Rubbing. The Magic of the Black Cat. Taking some distance to restore harmony, exciting to appease desire, giving of oneself to let mystery die: even the world of ove is the fruit of paradoxes. You must begin again after each error.
  • #1 – Ace of Swords
    Bonding. The Magic of the Knotted Red Rope. Accept that bonding means giving of oneself. It means accepting doubt and transforming it into trust.
  • XI – Strength
    Dominion. The Magic of the Contact. Supremacy requires the utmost concentration of magic force to resist outside attacks.
  • #3 – 3 of Wands (Rods)
    Kissing. The Magic of the Ribbon Tied around Your Leg. The force of understanding and desire and the craving for nostalgia help to rediscover a feeling you thought you had lost.
  • #5 – 5 of Chalices (Cups)
    Guilt. The Magic of the Glowing Ember. The weight of the past and its consequences is always remembered, but must be left behind to break overly oppressive attachments.
    You must open yourself to adventure and freedom.

    ~~~~~ — ~~~ — ~ — ~~~ — ~~~~~

    In a land of desire there lie two woman; the golden haired #3, and the copper vixen #5. Each lusting after the new. Each in the gifted hands of the Blue Night Magician, technical support for this virtual, dreamscape reality. Known as Bluetech to those in the field of sexual magic, the Magician is an expert at co-creating the yin to excite anyone’s yang.

    With a few answers on an online opt-in form the games begin. Number of players… infinite. Types of holographic experiences, limited only by the imagination of the player. With the Magician in every scene, though a mere watermark, the players are reminded they are being watched – voyeuristically, if that is part of their fantasy – and are always secure in knowing a guardian is nearby.

    Fantasy of #3:
    Happy as a missionary gal, #3 longs to be adored. All she thinks about is vicarious attraction, where touching becomes the primary sensory stimuli, with hands everywhere. And, touched by other things… to be imagined with eyes closed. Pricked by the pinwheel of Wartenberg, #3 senses the cold of blue steel and the gentle brush of the tips of wheat stalks. #3 falls into a loop of pleasure as the Magician delivers everything promised.

    Fantasy of #5:
    Not one typically woo’d by flowers and romance, #5’s desire is flamed by the avant-garde. Strength and domination are the buds she wishes to bloom, and they do with each touch of the Magician’s red robes. With brute power and the tools of the S&M trade, #5 reaches stages of exhilaration divined – endless expressions of the animalistic kind.

    “Ding ding ding!” the buzzer on the exotic, online alarm sounds. “Times up.”

    “Opt in again?” smiles the Magician.




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