Add Some Light

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I just woke up about 15 minutes ago. It was one of those moments – the ones you know while they’re happening that they’re forever significant

When I awoke, I rolled off onto the floor. I sleep on an air mattress so the journey wasn’t far. Once there I got this feeling that I was just suppose to take pictures, so I did. Imaginary camera, of course, but it wasn’t the photos that were significant. It was the play. Then I heard a hard, distinct, STOP!

That word brought me from that dreamy state between this world and the next straight into 3D awareness. As I lay there I allowed myself to just feel the emotion I was experiencing at that moment. If I had to qualify it I’d say it was solace. Just calm. Neutral. At peace.

I swam in that feeling of near nothingness for a good 10 minutes. It felt like the warmest, safest spot I’d ever landed before. It was without the sensory. No images as it was pitch black. No sound, other than the hum of my fan. No noticeable smells, tastes or feelings of touch. I just “was.” And there was no body. Just my sense of self. What it allowed was for its opposite. I knew what I wanted from the clarity of quiet; a little light, maybe a bird singing, the smell of baby powder, candles, or perfume, and the feeling of anything soft against which the tips of my fingers could run along. That which makes us human. Our senses.

In that state of bliss I was whole and I was empty. Not the sort of empty that brings sadness, but its twin of equally scaleable, and rotated dimension. I was content, yet I wanted to fill the void, and I did. I grabbed my cell phone from the table above my head and took the photo that has been used as the the banner image for this post. That is the state of my room in the moment had. Prior to light and form and figures and folly, created fully from my imagination, my view of this world, with all the shape and color and volume that entails. And I’m a volume girl. Turn up the volume is my motto, on any of my senses – both of the collected five, and those beyond that place where mass is a unit of measure.

The point, wherever you are you exist. Whether that is in a dream; yours or that of another, or the darkness yet to show form – the form of your own creation, or a waveform doing no more than vibrating in the space of no space that exists throughout. That is where you are. How you perceive it, allow it to BE your day is a choice you make every second of every hour, and it is malleable. The moment you let light in… the frequency of sound, you’ve decided. Decide differently today. How?

Start with a black sensory canvas. Believe into being a single feeling. Feel it fully. Allow it to permeate without judgement. When you are aware of its birth into existence then it is, and you are. If you feel you didn’t quite get where you wanted to be, try again. The world erases every time you close your eyes. And, if you can hold onto that feeling for, as Abraham Hicks says, “about 17 seconds” you’ll find it just IS your experience. Only you can make it, or take it away. Only you.

Let me give you a visual example…

Below are two versions of the same photograph. Taken in the early morning hours on October 11, 2010 in Springville, NY, what you see is the impact of light on the shot. The original photo on the left is completely dark along the bottom half, simply because of how much light was absorbed into the negative. However, being a long time digital artist I am aware that the details still reside in the dark image – were there when it was taken. It is a matter of seeing how much of the details are able to be released simply by adding light. So I did.

As you can see, the image on the right is vibrant and full of color and life. All because I added light to the darkness (and used a nice Nikon. lol.). It is the same with every day experiences. How we perceive them depends entirely on how much light we allow in.

How much light are you willing to slate in today?

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Springville, NY | 10/11/10




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