A Beautiful Lie

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If you found your way to this page it may just contain a message for you. This post has been marked as “hidden” so it doesn’t show up anywhere other than as a link at the bottom of the posts just before and just after it. Even then you have to be astute to notice. So, give it a listen. See if personal wisdom awaits you.

And, if you are a Gemini sun, moon or rising, I’d strongly recommend a look-see. It is a tarot reading for your zodiac sign, for August 2017.

Give it 60 seconds. If it doesn’t grab your attention, move on. The whole video runs 17:34, so not a huge time investment, either.

I posted this for the one(s) who needed to hear.

Strength and Wisdom Tarot on YT | August reading for Gemini – Living a beautiful lie

runtime: 17:34




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