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Speak easy of the those easily spoken of.
Remember who you are and that you, too, have been
… spoken hard of, … hardly spoken of,
while existing within the speakeasy of your co-created reality.

channelled message from Oliver received on 8/1/17 at 7:21 a.m. ET US.

I am at a decision point. I have more than two directions I could go and have no idea which way to shift. So what did I do? I turned to meditation – to connect… to myself, to Oliver, to those with whom I have a string of frequential attachment, to Source.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Agate Beach, OR
credit: James Martinek c/o Snapfish 3/9/16

click image for larger view *


My meditation took me to the shores of Oregon – to a lighthouse I’ve never seen with my physical eyes, but know intimately from photos shared by a friend back in late November, 2016. The Yaquina Head Lighthouse along the western tip of the coast of Oregon, in a town called Newport, amidst the beach of Agate is one of my go-to places when I need to clear my head and bring a flow of constructive thought. It was a place gifted to me through imagery and story by an acquaintance, a friend of a friend who exited my life almost as quickly as he entered. He left me the treasure of his pictures; photos taken across the United States during his business travels. So, that’s where I went today, and wanted to bring you along with me care of James Martinek’s gorgeous images.

Let’s begin…

What I found – there were a lot of questions and few answers. Questions for me. Questions about co-creation.

  • What did I want to co-create
  • How did I want to share myself, as a co-creative resource
  • With whom did I want to co-create
  • Where is the value, to them, to me, to the collective
  • There were more – many more questions than those posted above, yet, I know you get the idea; which is the idea. lol. What next? I answered them.

    What Did I Want To Co-Create?
    As I’ve said in this blog before, I’m an open vessel, so projects find me. People find me. Circumstances drop into my lap like rain and I have to decide quickly if I want to play before I become immersed in its liquidity. That makes this a difficult question for me. I can do anything. Have always been able to. I also know I’m a beacon of light for many, just because of the amazing abilities Source has bestowed upon me; a beacon much like that which shines forth from a lighthouse onto the ever-flowing waters of the nearest ocean. And, everything offered to me is of such a quality, when it comes to exploration of who I am and what I feel, choosing what I wish to do next is often the most challenging part of any new endeavor.

    So, what did I want to co-create… DO I want to co-create? Something that offers ongoing value to the recipient. Creating something beautiful is also a joy for me. Something welcome. Something easily useful. Easy, right? lol.

    Without more direction I cannot move further on this question. These canvas splashes are all I can create on my own. I need the co-creator to complete this quest. Sure, I am aware I can do the actual creation by myself, if needed. That’s usually how I’m utilized. But the project identification, the planning, the strategizing, the forming, the execution, the “atta boy” everyone needs along the way – that’s the stuff I need another person to help me with, and without knowing who that is, yet, I remain in limbo on this question. Let’s try the next…

    Co-Create #40 | Tarot card from
    Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Barron-Reid

    click image for larger view


    How did I want to share myself, as a co-creative resource?
    Well, I can be a worker, an advisor, a player, whatever the one I’m creating with needs. I need so little I usually look to their plate of business, family and personal affairs to see what they could use. I typically build whatever it is with the co-creator who jives with me, and leave. In the leaving I’m gifting the benefits to the colleague who played with me in this cool co-creative space. I’m after the experience, not ownership or use of the actual product or service, not financial gain. So my perspective is unique. How much fun can I have? Who do I want to have that fun with? Can they keep up? Will they want to? You see, I get a lot of lookie-loos approach me who want something. They want fame, money, the impossible mate to show up and drench them in everything! They want what most 3Ders want. Material or emotional sustenance. Great. If I like you and have the time, I’m in!

    So sharing myself. How best should I approach? Again, it is project dependent. Do they need me to be flexible and flow? Do they need me to just step in and start making decisions? What about a face-lift into the 21st Century? I can restructure a Chevy into a Volvo [maybe even a Tesla if the energetic parts are available. 😉 ] All possible. More… So, I need for the project or person I’m going to work with to present, claim my abilities as that which they desire, and a flushing out is automatic. So… where’s the desire I wish to follow in this now moment? Ooo! That’s a loaded question and one I’m not going to answer publicly, but I am open to all in front of me at the moment. I just need direction, which sorta leads into the next question.

    Spiral Staircase inside Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Agate Beach, OR
    credit: James Martinek c/o Snapfish | 3/9/16

    click image for larger view *


    With whom did I want to co-create?
    Better question. I can work with just about anyone. I’m easy goin’, fair, patient and as nonjudgemental as any human can be. But if all things are equal, and I have multiple directions I can journey, I have to admit my ego goes with who I connect most with. Now, that has not one thing to do with how someone looks, how much money they have or do not have, or the type of job or family history they assign to themselves. It has everything to do with how they make me feel. Do they make me feel valued? Do they make me laugh? Can they tolerate my high energy levels? Stuff like that. I have found that being able to tolerate me is a key. I may be a relaxed sort in the way I approach life, but I’ve been told by others that the package all this relaxation comes in is way hyper active. I think that sporadic nature is part of the whole creative process. If I was more structured I don’t think I’d hold the same sensibilities that open me to creation. My idea stream slows. I become so grounded I am all 3D and no more a fluid me. So, who I connect with is important. I need to compliment, excite and entertain them while being booted enough to show them my genius is as grounded as they need it to be.

    I’ve worked with so many. Nearly all take advantage. I’m aware. Usually fully. Yet I allow it because I know that is just their way, doesn’t make them a bad or good person, and will be over once the project is complete as I will move on to the next and they’ll have what they desired – whatever that is. So, I want to be sure I have fun while in the midst of the doing, and that they are someone I want to help. That’s all I need and I’m good to go; climbing the spiral nebula of my creativity towards impending greatness – for us all.

    Where is the value, to them, to me, to the collective?
    Now where’re gettin’ there. Where is the value. One of my most important “finds” in another co-creator. How do they perceive value? Do they make sure others feel valued, or is it just about them and their ever-bloating value? I will only create with someone I know to be of the highest spiritual integrity. Why? Because this is my 3D experience and I want to offer a legacy by adding to that of those I feel are here to improve the physical reality experience of others who are visiting.

    No real answers, within, as to what I wanted to create, how I wanted to be utilized in the process, or with whom I wanted to manifest. Thusly, then, let’s peer into this one closely.

    Of those available projects… those concept in uniforming formation, which delights me? Wow. So hard! Everything offered to me or of those who’ve approached wanting “something” undefined, I feel there is value. Just not a value spoken TO me by the creative-team-member, but coming from me and my deductions. So, here I am again. No ability to decide. Not enough information since none are clarifying what it is they want, or sitting down with me to brainstorm it into reality.

    I return to the deepest state of meditation, open, no thought. I await an epiphany that does not come. What I do get is the idea for this article and the use of James’ photos to share the co-creative energy of two people joining in the same space (his images) and, together making something stronger, more powerful, inventive, fun, and joyful. In that Inception dream within a dream within a dream level of consciousness I release fully. I am all. No body. No thing. Just a wave of my own beingness. There I remain until a voice bolts out of the ethos.


    Temperance, eh? Temperance has a specific meaning to me. It represents a person, an archetype; one who is kind, introspective, patient beyond rule, while able to effectively rule his/her own roost. A leader coming across as a servicer to all; those who work with and for him/her. Colorful in his/her muted tones. All knowing who is willing to admit he/she knows little. A friend. Someone I care about. Yet… temperance also means abstinence, self-restraint, moderation and sometimes even prohibition. Those qualities are dicy to me. Limiting. Judgmental. Can go to the management of the wilds that are and come from me, or a controlling energy that yields curt quips to mold and deceive. So care is always pertinent in that yield.

    I leave my beautiful place of solace, the beaches of Newport (see photo below), and return to the 3D reality of now. Still without the clarity needed to decide… today. If no clarity, then no decision is ready for harvesting… today.

    And I wait. Wait for the call, from the receiver, the co-creator, Source, myself, of other dimensions and elemental mixes of communication and device. It will come. It always does. Just not today. Today, what I know is I am a creator, a co-creator in need of clarity. That’s all I know. All I need to know. Time to move on with my day. Creations waiting, ready to be of form. Wishes cajoling desire to take action and be.

    Join me?

    Agate Beach, Newport, OR | 3/9/16
    credit: James Martinek c/o Snapfishclick image for larger view *

    ~~~~~ — ~~~~~ – ~~~~~ — ~~~~~
    *All photographs, including the one used as the banner and blog post polaceholder image for this post, were taken by James Martinek, a cross-country traveler, of Yaquina Head Lighthouse and of Agate Beach in Newport, OR on 3/9/16; obtained from his private, “shared” Snapfish photo album, entitled, “Oregon.” All photos co-creatively shined up in Photoshop by me.

    It is in the co-labor-ation the thrill is born!
    Oliver | 8/1/17




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