The Anniversary – The Tower

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You are the wave. Everything else is cannon fodder.
channelled message from Oliver received on 8/16/17 at 11:08 a.m. ET US.

You see yourself as the Tower. Words spoken by Veronica with Intuitive Pathways during her August 2016 tarot reading for Aquarius. That sums it up. In August of 2016 my role was that of Tower, and that August the Tower rolled all over me.

Before I get to Veronica’s accurate insights, let me tell you about another Tower. This one presented in the form of evidence dissolved in plain sight.

Your Angelic Karma

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Screenshot of YAK’s YT channel showing gap between end of 7/’16 & beg of 11/’16

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I was going to share the August 2016 tarot spread for Aquarius by the reader who goes by Your Angelic Karma. She is good. She is REALLY good. Her readings are shorter than the average, running 5 to 12 minutes, give or take, and I like that. For this annual review of events surrounding my experience on 8/14/16 I watched YAK’s August 2016 tarot shuffle over the weekend. That was just 3 or 4 days ago. A video posted a year ago was there over the weekend for anyone to watch, day’s later it was gone. I discovered its MIA status when I returned to YAK’s YT channel earlier today to pull code to embed the video in this post! Found there was a gap in her archived list of available videos from August 2016 through October 2016. Those are the key months of activity in this story of mine. And, out of all the months to dissolve from view, at this specific juncture, a piece of evidence I’d consider one of the strongest… that’s incredibly well timed wouldn’t you say?

I won’t speculate as to the “why” of the disappearance. However, I will offer the suggestion that YAK, a visceral psychic, one who covets her privacy, removed them to assure distance from outside publicity. Either she actually knew I was going to use it and didn’t want to get involved, she just sensed the impulse to remove them as part of her own ability to tune in, or Source trying to support her desire for privacy, or for purposes only it is aware of triggered her desire to remove them. Whatever the reason, the video is no longer available and I’m OK with it. That just means it wasn’t suppose to be included after all.

Here are my reminder notes taken when I watched the reading over the weekend. They are all that remain.

Your Angelic Karma
Nail on head at around 4min


Destined, pre-ordained, move forward with creative project with partner.

I’ll leave further curiosity and questioning with you, dear reader, and move on to the pointed, though less poignant tarot tales by Veronica.

Water tower blocks from my house on Long Island, NY. Take 5/14/17.

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The timestamps below are approximates, and you can view the entirety of the video here, which runs 29:45. The clip at the end of this post is a single point of interest in whole of the reading, with the topic of the Star card (Aquarius – my sun sign) being “saved” by some “savior (save her) energy.” That savior energy, I feel, is Source in its various forms; Oliver, the Oliver collective, guides and other energy signatures around me outside the 3D paradigm, and consciousness in human form knowingly and unknowingly guided by Source to spiritually guard, protect, and support me. The situations of “financial ruin” and “scandal” upon which I’ve been offered blessings and healing, are too, I feel, directly connected to this savior energy. Since I’ve been “saved” from it I couldn’t tell you what the financial ruin may have been, but the scandal… that’s obvious – at least to me. I’ll leave all supposition thereinfrom with you, my fellow 1HPer. Note, however, that scandal denotes an action or event took place which disregarded a perceived moral or legal wrong. NO wrong ever took place. None. No way. Not possible. Just didn’t happen. Got it? That’s the point; scandal for scandal’s sake, purported for the benefit of one unknown to me; a manifestation thwarted by Source if I am willing to go with Veronica’s impressions… and I am.

@ 2:57
You’ve made a decision and now you’re trying to figure out how to implement it in the real world.

True. That’s exactly what happened. Long story. Here are the crib notes. I had decided to give the homeowner what he wanted as telepathically expressed during dinner conversation the evening before. We had gotten into an exchange about the concept of attracting what you desire. The homeowner wanted to believe in the possibility. For all I knew he already did, and was actively creating the reality he wanted – thus explaining his career successes. Yet, I felt the disconnect between his logical and emotional sides and guessed he’d just leave any consideration of same at the table. So, I was going to help, use my energy to add to his own, co-creatively. Collectively. In the doing, I thought I’d be able to add my frequency to his for a more powerful and stable connection. After dinner I retired to my part of the house, behind a closed door. I meditated for a very long time, sussing out my plan, working through the details of implementation. The rest you know – including how Source circumvented my plans with an in-your-face block at the screen door the next morning.

@ 4:32
Had to go through battles before I could make a choice.

The “battles” include those tied to the experience of feeling a wave of pure, unconditional love, and trying to grasp what it was, what it meant, and what I was now a part of, and continues through the present day in the telling of my story with this blog, and the guff I get for that.

@ 5:06
I’m “just done.”

… and I was. I was tired of trying to get the homeowner to talk to me about what his experience was – how he perceived what happened that morning in mid-August. I was tired of trying to figure it out alone – what it all was, why the feeling of unconditional love was unrelenting for more than two weeks until I bargained with God for its retreat. I was done with feeling loss and not understanding why. I wanted control back.

… and on thru 7:18
Knight of Pentacles makes an offer.

Depending on who you feel the Knight of Pentacles is will form what you feel the offer was. There were so many. To me, however, the main offer was made sometime before that morning in August, but when and how accepted, I’m not clear. I do believe that in the acceptance was born opportunity to feel the wave of unconditional love that presented on August 14th, which, in turn opened my “self” to all that followed.

@ 7:18
The decision.

She was right in revisiting the fact that the decision I’d made in my head was not ready to be implemented. Thus the Tower came down to stop any intentions on my part to move forward on what must have been a separate, and undesirable timeline.

@ 8:05
You’re already carrying with you a Big Ass Energy.

No F’n shit! That BAE was Oliver pumping a powerful surge of enlightenment with the might of a super hero into my field for two F’n weeks and a couple of days.

@ 8:10
Waiting on something that just isn’t here yet.

Yup. The truth about what was going on. I was left in the dark until mid-December 2016 when Oliver returned.

@ 8:15 – 8:19
Veronica feels good about my receiving the offer.

Oh I got the offer all right. It just presented in infinite layers over an extended period, with each reveal lifting a secret… a mystery of existence, from the dark into the light, anew, in divine timing.

@ 17:04
Legal matters and document.

Now she, like so many of the other readers for the period, mentioned legal matters. That’s happening now… this August, in 2017. So, here we have a future prediction that came true, and confirmed in the other readings presented in this Anniversary series.

@ 19:34
The truth is coming out.

Part of the clarifier to the Tower card, the Moon indicates psychic and spiritual energy rules over the cause of the falling of the Tower. Well, under these circumstances, I can see how that rolls out. Truth has come out, and continues to. Never in my wildest imagination would I have been able to sense the storyline unfolding in my life. An unexplainable, other worldly event takes place. No understanding as to what happened. Partial truth is revealed 4 months later. More truth is revealed 4 months after that. And, now, 4 months further down the line, truth about a pending legal matter is cracking wide open for me to clearly see. So, yes. Truth is coming out, and, I feel, will continue to do so for some time to come.

@ 20:52 – 21:28
Savior energy presents.

Someone comes in and essentially saves me, Veronica says. Yup. That happened. I’ve been saved by the appearance of Oliver in that he explained the unexplainable. I’ve been saved by Source on more than one occasion. I’ve been saved by friends, energetically and emotionally; particularly by one I call my Spiritual Guardian. That person, alone, has reignited my ability to trust another human, to feel valued even when I do goofy shit, and to know I am believed by at least one person in this world who has my back… and I have his/hers.

@ 23:05
Breaking karmic ties.

Even in the love segment of the reading Veronica mentions the concept of breaking karmic ties and meeting someone new with the turn of the “getting to know you” card, the 2 of Wands. Yup and yup. I did meet someone new in August of 2016. Oliver, who stated, himself, in December that his point in “walking in” to the homeowner was to talk with me and connect with me… get to know me. And, in the process of all that occurred and all that followed, the wall of karma would fall. It seems part of the deal.

— — —
Veronica’s reading is steady. The information shared therein is accurate; not necessarily mind-blowing, yet solid, reliable, a fair reflection of events of the then, and a bit of the now. Baring little, the rest of the reading is accurate, as well, even the details that have nothing to do with me directly; like relationship specifics between some of the “characters” that present in the spread. Not all by any means, but far too many for me to ignore. Being that much of that information is personal and private, and I do not have permission from the involved parties to expand and expel further, I will leave what I haven’t detailed to your imagination. That should prove interesting! LOL.




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