Oliver’s Afterthoughts #003

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OAT #3
All about clarity, justice, truth. Versatile. Quick thinking. Action oriented. Strong communicator. Could be a lawyer, psychologist. Knows what he wants and goes after it. Moves in perfect union with his steed, his companions, himself.

This is the 3rd installment of an ongoing, weekly series we’re trying out here on the 1HP site called Oliver’s AfterThoughts. Each Friday morning I post a card from the Afterthoughts tarot deck by Corrine Kenner. These tarot pulls consist of a single card garnered by means of my attracting one infused with the energy of the Oliver collective, intended as its prediction of what to expect for the weekend / week ahead.

The Kenner Afterthoughts deck is based upon the concept of “what happened next?” in the scope of a classic tarot reading. In tarot, the cards in the spread show what is occurring. If you continue to pull cards thereafter you’ll unveil the history leading up to the shown events. But, then what? What can you, the conscious, 1HP creator expect moving forward? What is about to unfold? And, thus… After Tarot!

Let’s begin.
~~~~~ — ~~~~~ – ~~~~~ — ~~~~~

Knight Of Swords (in reverse)

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Knight of Swords

Card of the energetic warrior, the Knight of Swords (in reverse) is here to confirm your decision not to face conflict with more conflict. You’ve looked at battle with fresh, wise eyes, wide-eyed in your determination to find another way.

Card Description (quoted from book):
The Knight of Swords bears down on an opposing warrior. In a whirlwind of action, his weapon is brandished through the air. The Knight of Swords is one of those riders who move in perfect union with their animal — and ride like the wind. Astrologically, the Knight of Swords represents the mutable air sign of Gemini, which makes him versatile and quick-thinking.

What makes this After Tarot character so interesting? In traditional tarot the Knight of Swords sits alone on his horse, sword held upright, into the air, signifying he’s on his way into battle. Here we see he is, in fact, battling, and winning, as the shield of his opponent is flying off scene while the blade of the Knight’s sword is brandished at his throat.

Key Symbols:

  • Understanding the world from an intellectual view.
  • You seek out like-minded individuals to ‘play’ with in this reality.
  • Eager to manifest.
  • Purposed with balancing responsibility and compassion.
  • Usually viewed as a Gemini energy, or that of another Air sign (Aquarius / Libra).
  • Once the Knight starts his journey there is no turning him back.
  • Your spiritual, physical and emotional energies are at a peak.
  • Master of logic and reason.
    Fuck the battle. Win the war.
    You are a contemplative with a warrior spirit. You are here to stand up for yourself and for others, and stand out as a leader of those without steady steed upon which to advantage. You have choices, and have mastered your thinking to find the strategy less implemented in this chess game of life. A Knight gives you the flexibility to charge around the board with tactical and angular movement as you mount your challenges and canter head on into conscious, calculated chaos, ready and able to win. And you will.

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    LET ME KNOW how this turns out for you this week by posting a comment below, or emailing me directly at TheOneHiraethProject@gmail.com.




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