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Fear… It is far more likely to obfuscate than enlighten.
channelled message from Oliver received on 8/24/17 at 3:10 p.m. ET US.

I am fearless. That’s a given. I’m a risk taker whose bets have all panned out far beyond expectation. I host an adventurous spirit. which continues to serve me well with my nearly 60 years navigating in this sea of 3D reality.

I’ve rediscovered my boundless courage during this recent collision of cosmic forces with the stubborn, 3D material realm; specifically the events of the full moon (8/7/17), the union of new moon with full solar eclipse (8/21/17), and the weeks of Mercury’s Virgoan retrograde (direct from: 8/12/17 – 9/5/17). According to YouTube tarot reader Your Angelic Karma this stubborn retrograde is all about overcoming fear to make space for a new beginning. You overcome… you move forward. You are overcome… you repeat the cycle until you do. (see video below).

Your Angelic Karma | GENERAL WEEKLY ALL SIGNS AUGUST 7 | 8/6/17
runs from 0:10 thru 3:14

If you wish to continue to listen past where I’ve programed it to stop,
simply click your mouse anywhere on the player status bar.


What an energetic flood of waveforms so far this month. I can actually feel them! This is the first time I’ve been aware enough to connect the onset of rising feelings with the roll out of a retrograde! I had no real reason to pay attention before. I only recently discovered the relationship between my having noteworthy other worldly occurrences with the onslaught of Mercury in any sort of retrograde. It actually popped into focus when I was writing the 8/11/17, 1HP article, Prolific Paper Tiger. I was looking at online calendars for the last couple of years that had the retrograde days color coded, as research for that post. In the doing I made a connection between each retrograde appearance and one of my three, odd, non-linear experiences.

That was huge to me. Little puzzle pieces unveiling in surprising ways along this last 12+ month journey, each nugget revealing more to the overall landscape awaiting assembly. This discovery is significant because it provides a factual, pseudo scientific link between these two scalables; my weird experiences and the shifts in energy during a retrograde. I also noted the events that presented in the physical reality did not relate to a specific range within the retrograde action chart. Mercury’s planetary energies retreat – go backwards during this time, thus generating waves of friction and frequency that interact with our own fields of consciousness. Different parts of the long retrograde period roll out at different intensities and speeds. I was expecting to find that all of these weirdnesses occurred within the same sub-range(s) – offering further clarification and hopes for manipulation, control and management. In other words, ways to wave the wand that wields the wilds of magick, and do so with measured accuracy and repeatability. I was hoping to be able to use the data to determine that the sort of “communication” between me here, in this dimension, and, well… other intelligences elsewhere, could be calculated for optimization during the X, or Y period of a given retrograde. Close, but not yet.

It does give me pause to pay noted attention to my feelings, impulses, decisions, methodologies, emotional peaks and valleys (if any), and anything that co-mingles in my world during the retrogrades to follow. There are 3 or 4 a year, each lasting several weeks, so I should have plenty of episodes within which to practice the fearlessness of “now what?”

Speaking of fearlessness and Monday’s eclipse, I took a trip with my son in August of 2002 to Phoenix, AZ where I attended a 4 day-weekend, internet marketing expo. On an off day my son and I took a sunrise, hot air balloon ride up from and around the Sedona desert, and marveled at the unexpected gift we were given of a full-balloon eclipse. (see 1HP’s Pinterest album “Fearless” below). The third in our transport was Brian, the navigator and owner of Arizona Ballooning. In the more than 20 years he had been offering these glorious rides, Brian said he had only been witness once to the sight of two crafts positioned in such a way as to render even a partial eclipse. We got a full stopper!

Grace and Frankie | 2017 | Season 3, Episode 13 | The Signs | runs: 3:30

MOBIL USERS: video playback not available on all devices.

So, when the final scene of the final episode of this summer’s Netflix hit, Grace and Frankie presented last night with the synchronistic lift off of both fear and hot air balloons in a single scene, just as I was working on this article, I knew it was so I’d include it in this share! (Watch the last 3 minutes in the clip to the right.)

Fear explored in this classic celluloid clip. Fear expelled in the lightness of fortified air. And if you’re lucky, an eclipse thrown in for good measure. So, the next time you feel fear holding you back, think of warm weather, cool breezes, hot air, balloon eclipses, and the release of stress as you travel up, up, and away into the wild unknown..

While you wait for lift off, why not close your eyes, relax your muscles, and become a helium adventurer. Let go, and just see where the balloon takes ya…

View the originals as posted to my personal Facebook album entitled, Sedona Sunrise Hot Air Ballooning (2002) on July 17 2011.
Detailed descriptions included. | click on any image to enlarge.




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