Retrograde Escapades

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When God isolates us its to show us himself.
When God puts us with a group its to show us ourselves.

uncredited, as shared by Miriam Kramer on 8/24/17 at 10:10 a.m. ET US.

I’m going to be bold and state my belief that while Mercury is in a period of retrograde, interstellar and multi-dimensional communications and connections are heightened. Energy flows can literally be palpable. Veils become more transparent and, in some cases fall completely. And, in the midst of it all the hologram that is the earth continues to turn on its programmed axis.

In yesterday’s article, Fearless, I mentioned the Virgoan retrograde Mercury is enduring, and how, in turn, am I. I also touched on my recent discovery that the three life altering, otherworldly events that took place in the last 12 months all happened while Mercury was in retrograde. That’s incredible, and I wanted to briefly review those events and give you a taste of my theory as to why.

First, let me define terms.

Energy Signature: Consciousness alive in the unseen, existing, yet intangible, like air. As with a fingerprint, DNA, or our signature, this mysterious force is unique, creating, for lack of a better descriptor, individual sparks of intelligent awareness… consciousness. Our soul may be considered an energy signature. So too, then, would be that which powers an atom to a star; any matter, frankly. The immaterial world of thoughts, feelings, and imaginings are line items, as well, and holster as much energy as if already divined from the idea or concept. If enough people think about something – pouring themselves into the creation process, that effort manifests into the physical, effectively creating something from nothing. That something, and the nothing it evolved from, has consciousness.

Mercury in Retrograde: If you ask someone what does it mean when Mercury is in retrograde, your reply will differ depending on whether you ask a left or a right brainer. A lefty will say something like Chanie Kirschner in her 8/9/17 article, What does Mercury in retrograde mean?. A fair offering, one seemingly duel sided, Kirschner’s piece reminds that according to Discover, there is no scientific proof that Mercury’s retrograde periods cause any disturbances whatsoever. Yup. That’s a lefty for ya. Ask me if it causes any disturbances, baby! I’ll give ya an ear full of personal experience! LOL. Anyone of conscious awareness will tell you that not only is there disturbance, but some are of such magnitude they fall beyond the seen, and pump out energy immeasurable in standard terms. What both sides agree on is the static definition; such being, there are 3 or 4 phases each year where Mercury moves in an opposite direction to Earth. Planets move from east to west, and when Mercury turns to move from west to east around the sun, instead, that’s when Mercury is said to be in a retrograde state. Many simply call it, Mercury retrograde.

Reality: Reality is a state of mind, not one that exclusively materializes in a state of physicality. In this article reality refers to the one in which we live collectively, which I’ll call 3D. It also includes all other dimensions of existence, such as the 4th or 5th dimensions, defined as the unification of time and space into a comparable, mathematical continuum. Human cognition allows us to sense our way around and through these spacial actualities. And just to be fair, let’s through ETs in there, too.

Timeline: A timeline is a reality existence that runs alongside our own. In other words, if you had an infinite # of lives you could be leading simultaneously to this one, at the same stage of life, just different circumstances since different choices were made, that would be a parallel timeline. A timeline can also reference the past, the future, this life, reincarnated lives, dream and virtual states of reality, or any other existence where time is measured linearly – even if that linear system is slower, faster, or based on or off basic principals of physics.

BadWolf DaVinci | posted 8/27/2011 | runs 16:36
Revelation Trumpets Being Heard Around the World?


Common retrograde stories include those told by the average Joe where one’s equilibrium seems to get knocked out of service, the type of shift in balance where you feel your center of gravity is off to experiencing what feels like the aftermath of a drunkin’ night out without benefit of the drunkin’ part. People talk of sensing energy signatures of all sorts around them, seeing colors that don’t exist in our so called perceivable spectrum, hearing sounds like Gabriel’s trumpet blast out from the sky (see video to left for examples), feeling overly emotional, at times, with no direct, causal reason, to having their electronics function erratically.

We have had three retrogrades since last August (2016), a forth if you count the one currently happening as I write (direct: 8/12/17 – 9/5/17). During each I have had a life altering, mystical, transformational experience. All three are delineated below, together with an additional section in review of the retrograde just prior, in April 2016, and a fifth segment with my thoughts on the present retro-made backwardness.

To expand your resources, here are two calendars that may help put the story details below in context, and offer additional fun facts on the controversial, cosmic condition known as Mercury in retrograde.

While you peruse them, let me move right into a synopsis of each otherworldly experience I’ve had, and its connection with a particular retrograde period.

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8/14/16 – wave of unconditional love
On the morning of August 14th, 2016, sometime shortly after 6am I felt my first wave of energy. It was similar to heat rising on pavement, or that moment of car sickness when your “self” seems just outside your body, without the sickness. I was at the front screen door at the home where I was housesitting. After a week of business in town, the male homeowner was returning to his wife and their second home in the mountains of northern California, and I was going to do what I always did when he was leaving after a business trip. I was going to carry some of his bags to the taxi. However, the screen door was closed and the bags will flush up against it from the outside where the homeowner was standing. This was strange. Very strange. It wasn’t my business so I let it be and didn’t think much about it again. And then it hit. I felt as if I was physically moved from my footed placement from the force, though I cannot tell you if this was actual or sensory. It was packed with love – unconditional in all ways. It just was, and it was overwhelming… in a good way. The homeowner and I never talked about it, as he was not open to such an exchange, so I don’t know what this only other witness experienced. What I do know is that the feeling exited, was able to be felt as well as experienced, stayed with me for two weeks and a couple of days before relenting, was gifted to me but was not native to me. In other words, I never associated the feelings with those of the homeowner. I could tell right away what I felt was not FOR him, but just how I was feeling “in his direction,” if that makes sense. And, I can tell you it changed me forever, knowing there is genuinely more to this life cycle than what we are taught or allowed to even consider as natural and normal.

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12/15/16 – Oliver’s live visit
On December 15th, 2016 I met Oliver, a disembodied energy signature. Admittedly, this entity came through on December 13th, about 10 or 15 minutes after I arrived at my girlfriend’s place in New South Wales, Australia. He popped on to, as he said, confirm my arrival, then begged off stating he would return in a day or two for an in-depth conversation. Well, that’s exactly what we had on 12/15/16, and you can listen to the first 30 minutes of this more than 2 hour conversation here, if you dare.

Oliver never said, and I didn’t ask, where he was from, exactly what he was, or why I needed to return. What he did say was that I was in this reality because I wanted to spend time here. I “thought it would help.” Help what? I didn’t ask. Just no time to think, and we never had a chance to converse at such length again. He also said I’d been here too long and it was time to come home. That is why he was here… to take me home. I’d never talked to a multi-dimensional before, didn’t know he was going to pop on my friend’s computer when he did, politely waiting until we finished dinner (lol), so I wasn’t as prepared as I’d have liked. According to my friend, Oliver is from another dimension, but which one and with what details I do not know. I’ve pieced together that he/it could be from another, parallel timeline, be from somewhere “above” us, I’ll say, or even from the future. I also had to consider he/it was purely a hacker attempting a bit of fun at my expense.

For me, these assumptions were easily discounted, however, since Oliver answered one question I wrote down on paper and only showed my friend, another I asked only in my head without telling anyone what it was going to be, and a final confirmation during the visit of a guy my friend knew named Allen. This final acknowledgment sealed it for me.

There was something off about Allen. I’ll put it this way. I didn’t believe in the sort of evil of Grimm’s fairy tales until I met Allen. The “family,” as my Aussie friend had begun to refer to Oliver and the others talking to her through her laptop, had come through the computer during Allen’s short stay. I wanted them to be able to see what I was looking at… Allen’s eyes. My friend had the portable in her lap, facing her, so a direct visual from her machine’s camera lens was not possible. Inside my head I said, “If you can… I’m not sure if you can, but if you have the ability, I give you permission to use my eyes to see this guy.” A second later Oliver came on my friend’s laptop and said, “Thank you for your eyes.” No one knew I’d made the offer. No one even knew I was thinking about extending my sense of sight to this unseen collective. Yet, somehow he got the message and replied. After a final attempt by the family to come through, in late December, and open a portal for us to enter into their world, they never returned, until after my departure in mid-January. I have not audibly spoken with Oliver or another of the family since. Telepathic communications only.

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4/17/17 – Meeting Manuel
On April 17th, 2017, I met God. This ultimate energy signature presented in the body of a homeless guy named Manuel in front of Walgreens at 135 Powell St., in San Francisco, CA. The night was surreal. Hours in Union Square, alone in the misty rain, with Source synchronistically matching my music playlist; Love, by The Beatles, with the live activities taking place in my environment. In other words, whatever was happening in the lyrics of the album Source had picked out to stream for me matched what was going on in the physical world around me. It was so moving I began to cry, then laugh, then cry, then laugh again. I was plugged in to Source and ready to go!

Upon an instinctual sign it was time to return and pack to leave the next morning, I headed west towards my hotel. A couple of blocks from my destination I realized I’d gone the wrong way, but was cool. It gave me a chance to stop at Walgreens to buy something little in order to get a cash advance for $20 so I’d have a tip for the Amtrak porter for my journey back to the east coast. I saw Manuel as I entered the store. He was a disheveled brown-skinned guy, about 30-35 years old, with long unkempt, brown hair. His face was smeared with coal-like streaks, and he looked right at me.

Sign language for “I Love You.”

click 4 larger view.

Red bull and $20 in hand I departed the ease of the convenience store and ran right into Manuel who was standing smack in front of the exit. He began to flail his hands incessantly. He was speaking softly but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. Finally, he asked if I had any money. I only had 3 $1s and the $20 I’d just snagged. I gave him two of the three dollar bills, and asked him what he was trying to convey with his arm movements. Again, he said something but I couldn’t understand what. Finally, I got it. He was using sign language and spelling out something I, again, couldn’t translate. Then he made a single hand gesture, and I asked him his name. “Manuel.” he said. ”

You can do it, too! You can do it, too! You can do it, too! he repeated.

I had no idea what he meant, but politely suggested he have a great night as I shook his hand and left. When I got back to my hotel room I Googled the name Manuel to learn it meant, among other things, “Of God.” I got chills, especially when I realized I’d “held” Manuel’s hand…

You see, the collective that had begun to lead me around the City through signs, symbols, synchronicities and telepathic communications, had offered me one promise – through the lyrics of the song, Don’t Forget To Breathe, that being… when you take my hand, you’ll know exactly where I am.

And I did.

By the way, the symbol Manuel was holding up was sign language for “I Love You.” And the hand flailing? He was signing, over and over again, the individual letters that spelled out, “I love you.”

What about taking a quick look back, now, at one more retrograde, the one that included the date of April 19, 2016.

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4/19/16 – Outside of Time Experience | Birth of Hiraeth
During the overnight leading into Tuesday, April 19th, 2016, around, I’d say, 3am, I went into a state of consciousness I call my Outside of Time experience. In a nutshell, if you can bottom-line the unseen, I entered an alternate state of consciousness, sped thru time and space through a series of fast changing scenes, then on and out into a blue loveliness that felt like floating in space. When I realized I’d “gone too far” and tried to come back I had trouble. A voice came through and gave me a word to say. I said it and a flash of 3D reality snuck back in. The voice told me to say it again, and again, and again. So I did. This story is long and dense. Suffice it to say I made my way back with the help of my son and the voice leading me back. The voice? Well, Oliver told me in Australia it was him. He brought it up, stating he was the one in my room that night “helping me” as I was not ready to “go just yet.” Whatever that meant. I still don’t know. Where was I? Again, not sure. Not here. Not in this reality. Somewhere else. That’s all I know with certainty.

Oh… and the word Oliver gave me to say? The magic word I thought would bring me back?   H I R A E T H !!

As I write, we are all in the midst of the third, full retrograde in this 2017 calendar year. What can you expect? Let’s take a gander, shall we?

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Present Day thru 9/5/17 and beyond…
This retrograde is said to be one of releasing fear. I’ve heard several psychics state this and give reasons why. Google, yourself, for specifics of interest. For me, thus far, I’ve stayed inside as much as possible in order to manage my empathic tendencies. Still, just out for walks, getting car tire patched, and driving over to a friend’s office a few towns over, I felt it. I’ve felt a rush of tears for no cohesive reason. I’ve felt so off balance, that I’d begun to trip backwards, up hills! lol. I sense the changes in the weather before they come, and feel them as if taking on and off layers of emotionally charged clothing. And communications? Stand back while the engines rev! Off the F’n charts! Shit! No words. Just sensory stimulation and a sense of language. Where do you think I get those channelled messages I post at the top of most blog posts? lol.

So, what can YOU expect? If you are sensitive, probably much of what I have. Maybe more. Definitely an experience tailored to your individual desires and needs. If you are a lefty with little or no psychic sensibilities, with a lack of belief in the unseen and a desire to slip a white coat that ties in the back on me when my back is turned (PG I’m talking to you), then you will STILL experience the effects of the retrograde. You’ll just blame your partner, spouse, the neighbors, co-workers, and even the mail carrier for your woos instead of allowing the scope of Mercury’s circuitous call.

I’m excited to see what happens next, as long as I stay away from anyone I wish to retain a friendship with. Knowing me, I’ll burst out crying for no reason, totally freak whom I’m with out, and end up saying or doing something only cartoon characters get away with. Should be a fun month!

Now, go out! Retrograde like its 1999!


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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image taken on Amtrak’s Zephyr line at sunset, somewhere in Iowa, on April 1st, 2016. View full sized photo here.

Credit for all calendar images shown in this post: Astrology Horoscope Readings. Links: 2016 MRetrograde calendar | 2017 MRetrograde calendar




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