Oliver’s Afterthoughts #006

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OAT #6
All about the taking action on one’s passion and inviting adventure into one’s life. The Knight of Wands (in reverse), is asking you to look deeply into your firey passion and regain your power, temporarily lost.

This is the 6th installment of an ongoing, weekly series we’re trying out here on the 1HP site called Oliver’s AfterThoughts. Each Friday morning I post a card from the Afterthoughts tarot deck by Corrine Kenner. These tarot pulls consist of a single card garnered by means of my attracting one infused with the energy of the Oliver collective, intended as its prediction of what to expect for the weekend / week ahead.

The Kenner Afterthoughts deck is based upon the concept of “what happened next?” in the scope of a classic tarot reading. In tarot, the cards in the spread show what is occurring. If you continue to pull cards thereafter you’ll unveil the history leading up to the shown events. But, then what? What can you, the conscious, 1HP creator expect moving forward? What is about to unfold? And, thus… After Tarot!

Thank you, dear reader, for your patience last week in my not posting an installment of OAT. I was out of town and didn’t bring the After Tarot deck with me, so unable to do a pull.

Let’s begin.
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Knight of Wands (in reverse)

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 Knight of Wands

When a Knight shows up in a tarot reading he suggests a new quest or adventure is about to begin (or possibly end if in reverse), or a rescue is on its way. Most stories about knights are actually stories about transformation. In most renditions, a knight is on a quest for a mystical object, like the Holy Grail. As he pursues his mission, he encounters and overcomes a series of obstacles which have all been deliberately contrived to test and challenge him.

This Knight, when reversed, is impulsive, restless, impatient and lacking in foresight. He is so keen to just pursue his own interests or hurry things along that he fails to really understand whether he will be successful or what the consequences of his actions will be.

Card Description (quoted from book):
Like the great crusaders of old, the Knight of Wands is on a journey. He’s riding past the pyramids, which means he’s in the hot arid desert that fiery personalities enjoy. He’s wearing a yellow tunic emblazoned with salamanders, the elemental creatures of fire. Elementally, the Knight of Wands embodies the passionate combination of fire with fire.

Key Symbols:

  • Haste
  • Scattered energy
  • Delays
  • Frustsration
  • Loss of personal power, or self esteem
  • Negative use of power
  • Camouflage ability to control
    Forgive yourself
    Find that which serves you and grab on with two hands. Don’t let go. This discovery will be the catalyst that turns around your attitude, your environment and your future. Just believe… and things will turn around quickly.

    —– —– — —– —–
    LET ME KNOW how this turns out for you this week by posting a comment below, or emailing me directly at TheOneHiraethProject@gmail.com.




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