TT Day 12 – Roundup

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TT3-Day 12 | 03/25/18
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Mood: Busy
Weather: Cold/Windy | 44/22°F
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Today I did normal things. I drank coffee and ate toast at a typical kitchen table, in front of a beautiful patio window, looking out onto a reasonably sized, handcrafted deck, hosting bird feeders, wind chimes and blending out into the neighbor’s, nearly identical yards. I went grocery shopping. I watched March Madness basketball games, and topped the evening off with a home cooked meal of roast, with carrots and potatoes which simmered all day in a crockpot.

My cousin talked of enjoyable chores he looked forward to in warmer spring days to come, including a trek around his ranch styled house with his homemade “Roundup.” Unlike you and me who, if we’re lucky enough to be homeowners, pick up our 90% water / 10% chemical infused week killer at the nearby home supply store, he’s got connects with the local farmers in the area and buys the Roundup brand weed killer from them in its undiluted form. Full concentration. Just add (a splash of) water and shake. lol.

He shared stories of weeds he’d destroyed… obliterated sounds more like it. And it was fun to listen to him talk about battles had over the years with the two or three unwanted pests that popped up every few weeks in his well manicured, golf course ready lawn. That got me to thinking…

Full concentration. Weed clearing. Hmmm. Sounds like what I’m doing internally, within the acreage of the unseen within the recesses of my mind. I’m clearing the weeds. I’m rounding up the old programming and obliterating it with a clear spray of deep consciousness and creating a new, green foundation upon which to walk as I drive forward to the putting green of that which is truly me.

Yup… There is more to this clean midwestern livin’ than just coffee, college basketball and a few cooked carrots. The secret… a little roundup to clear the weeds in the yards (and yards) of green from the lawns of endless, mindless thought.

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