TT3 Day 14 – The Pickle

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TT3-Day 14 | 03/27/18
Location: Markle, IN
Mood: Pickled
Weather: Rainy/Fog | 44/42°F
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The Pickle. A bar and restaurant in one, The Pickle use to be a drug store in the back with an old fashioned soda fountain in the front, where root beer floats and bubbly, kid friendly drinks were served. In the 1940s / 50’s this establishment was the hub of all after school activity, and one where housewives could converse with the trusted pharmacist about their family’s health for the cost of a smile. Today, The Pickle is the home of the breaded tenderloin, extra crispy English-style fries, stuffed potatoes of all sorts and sizes (including pizza and BBQ chicken) and, of course, the Markle Melt. Word on the street is the cook goes through 25 50 pound sacks of potatoes a week! Today, this over 21, adult friendly, neighborhood spot attracts locals from all walks of life, many who sit at that original soda counter daily from 11 a.m. to closing – walking (or should I say stumbling) to their homes within blocks of The Pickle‘s green entrance awning.

I was there at the invitation of my cousin, a Markelite born and raised, and his Kansas City gal of 31 wedded years. We’d driven 45 minutes from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Markel for Janie’s hair appointment – a monthly treat, with dates locked in decades ago that continue on despite a residential move of over 30 miles. As told, each hair cut was matched with a stop at The Pickle for a bite to eat before heading home.

Joined by a childhood friend, she too a Markelite, the gossip flew back and forth across the booth like a serious game of table tennis. I listened and learned. My favorite bit of fare came in the form of “What’s the menu for Easter?”

Janie, a born hostess, was having 18 people over to her home for Easter Sunday, less than a week away. The friend, too, and her entire extended family was invited. The menu reads like this, all homemade:

  • ham / turkey
  • mud pudding
  • rice crispy treats
  • jello salad (green with marshmallows, fruit and coconut)
  • pasta salad
  • veggie tray
  • rolls
  • baked beans
  • dip (for what I’m not sure… the veggie tray maybe?)
  • deviled eggs
  • cole slaw

… and that’s just the stuff I can remember!

Downtown Markle – Don’t blink or you may miss it!  For larger view click here.

Then the conversation moved to Easter and the Christian view – as told by two Methodists and a Lutheran. Fascinating to hear the traditional, biblical interpretations of the holiday, and how these meal-mates viewed the word of the Bible as literal, factual and truth unabridged. Next up… Easter trivia, upon which the following myth was discussed.

If it rains on Easter Sunday, it will rain the next seven Sundays in a row.

and the everlasting…

If Good Friday is a windy day, in whatever direction the wind blows, it will continue to blow for forty days.

As the discussion flowed, my cousin told a story from a few decades past when the preacher at his local church mentioned the one of rain “at” an Easter Sunday service as rain fell in sheets outside the church windows. Sure enough, as my cousin tells it, rain fell for the next consecutive 7 Sundays, and he was convinced. God was with them that day in the church and showed himself in all his glory in each of the next 7 Sundays. As far as the wind myth goes… well, the jury is still out.

As we left The Pickle my head, heart and tummy were all full, and I knew Source was with me. It was raining.

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