TT Day 16 – Lazy Susan

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TT3-Day 16 | 03/29/18
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Mood: Blessedly relaxed
Weather: Rainy / Chilly | 47/31°F
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Today was comfortable. It started off at the YMCA with my cousin as we walked about four miles around the 1/8 mile track. Then, off to Walmart to buy a couple of Thank You cards (for me), and some fishing line and a tin of Skoal chewing tobacco (for Dick). Back at the house Dick’s wife, Janie, was preparing for the coming Easter Sunday dinner at their home with nearly 20 family members and friends expected. I wanted to be a part of that field of a forever now, so I plopped myself down at the kitchen table and wrote words of gratitude to my niece in Greenwood for the prior week’s fun, while my cousin watched FOX News (yuk! lol).

It was a day of continued relaxation, slowed to a speed I enjoy and often don’t have access to. Like the Lazy Susan that centered their kitchen table, my day had become a blend of sugar and cream, the feeling of anticipation for my upcoming travel – approval stamped from self and Source. Add to that a little salt and pepper to spice up the experience – just the recipe for a connection to all that is, a pinch of gratitude penned into my heart, a few napkins to wipe away any tears of joy… of its opposite, a flash drive to store the memories, and some meds in case that all failed! It was a perfect way to spend my last full day with family before my annual Translation Tour continued on Friday.

So much love. So many memories formed / revisited. These last two weeks have gifted me with the jewels of life – time with those I love and experiences I’ll carry with me always. I’d been bowling, hiking, birthday partying with a bunch of kindergarteners, and dog walking. I’d played in the snow, ran through the rain, buttoned up in the wind. I’d eaten home cooking and take out. I’d met extended family and friends in the dozens, talked politics, religion, consciousness, and listened to gossip – lots and lots of gossip. I’d put my grand nephews on a school bus and ridden a Greyhound. I’d visited sites from my childhood, two graveyards, a beauty shop housed in a log cabin, numerous dive bars (for food, I swear!), a high school track meet, and I shopped. I spent a few hours in the dining area of a church with ladies who made the most beautiful, handmade cards I’d ever seen, chatted with a 98 year old gal who shared the secrets of a long life – and, nope… I promised not to tell. I experienced the YMCA and watched TV. Yes! I actually watched TV, including March madness basketball, 3 nights of The Voice in a row, and even the NEWS – enough to hold me for another 6 or 7 years! What a lucky girl I am. What a life I’ve created for myself.

And, as I sit here in review I realize that luck has traveled with me all of my 59 years, packaged in so many shapes and sizes – all part of that which is me. I am blessed.

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