TT Day 17 – The Central Loop

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TT3-Day 16 | 03/30/18
Location: Chicago, IL
Mood: Mix of excitement and frustration
Weather: Partly Sunny / Windy | 36/43°F (Ft Wayne to Chicago)
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Selfie – Biz Center, Central Loop Hotel around midnight on 3/30/18

for larger view click here.

Yup, that’s me, pinching out the “extra” on the set of clown pants I call my jeans. Taken in the Business Center of the Central Loop Hotel sometime around midnight on 3/30/18, I recreated a scene I talked about in Chapter 37 of the 1HP video series entitled, The Good. The Bad. And the Better.

What a day! It started off great with closing conversations, lunch of delicious food at a dive bar near downtown Ft. Wayne, IN, and final good-byes at the City’s local bus station with my cousin and his wife. Then off via Greyhound sub-carrier to Chicago. That’s where the challenges began. Long wait for my transport in a lobby filled with all sorts of everyday people; a man of near 40 who’d scream with joy every time a soda or offering from the candy machine fell to it’s resting place awaiting departure into the hands of its new owner, and another with brown stains a few inches from the waist line on the back end of his khakis. The toothless man who seemed to not be able to speak well shaking his cane at the attendants well protected behind a glass partition. The young girl who threw herself on the floor in a tantrum when the vending machine disbursed peanut butter crackers instead of the sugary chocolate treat she was expecting… and so on.

Then the bus driver – the devil’s right hand enforcer. The drunk on the bus who spewed curse words even I’d never heard before. The attendant at the Chicago Greyhound station who gave me shitty directions for my walk to Union Station (US) after the bus that was suppose to take me there never showed. The lady in the Metropolitan Lounge at US who informed me that I couldn’t stay there overnight as the Station closed at midnight – a change due to 9/11. The stupid computer program the 3rd party booking agent, Kayak, used to lock in my unexpected stay at the Central Loop Hotel under the wrong date; one changed by the system after it kicked me back to the still filled out reservation form when I’d not included my phone number at the time I hit ENTER. The guy on the phone at Kayak whose English was as good as my Spanish (and I don’t speak it), when he tried to “fix” the error. The taxi driver whose license had surely been revoked years prior based upon the skill avoided when he drove me the “long way” to the hotel – up past Clark Street a few blocks beyond my destination. The hotel clerk who couldn’t find my reservation in the system forcing me to wait nearly 30 minutes in the lobby until it popped… Shall I go on? lol

Wschew! Time to employ the skills I so often talk about. Patience. Observer mode. Allowance. Taking myself to a place of happy when the tears began to well up in my eyes. Connecting to my higher consciousness, using the Law of Attraction, redirecting my thoughts to what I wanted instead of what I was living through. Perfect time for a testing of these possibilities… to invite a change in perspective. AND IT WORKED!! In retrospect, each of the events above brought its counterweight on the scales of my experience, the highlights of which included a deep DEEP discount from what I would have paid for the hotel room had my original reservation been processed; a 3 star spot with the address of 111 Adams St. One Eleven – the number of the Divine, and Adam’s street hoisting me back to the beginning of biblical time – all as a reminder of who was really running things! An introduction to a couple of fun folks in the waiting area of the hotel who lifted my spirits. Synchronicities abounding from Union Station until my head hit the pillow in the upgraded King sized bed I’d have never had if I’d remained in the Metropolitan Lounge… I was happy. I felt the presence of Source, the Oliver collective, and of myself, reinforcing my knowing that we DO create our own reality.

I could go on and on, but why? Tomorrow is another day, I’m off to catch the Zephyr to San Francisco, offering 2.5 days of cross country beauty. Life is good, and I am filled with joy.

San Francisco here I come!

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— Walk with me as I share a tour of the Business Center of the Central Loop Hotel/a> (runs 6:41).
See my room (#433) at the Central Loop Hotel, including a cat-walk-styled review of my clown jeans (runs 5:20).

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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is a partial capture of the Chicago skyline as I arrived via Greyhound bus around 7:45 p.m. on 3/30/18. To view a larger version of the banner, void of the title text click here.




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