The Chairman and the Centaur

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The Chairman and the Centaur:
Guardians of the gateway into the dimensional reality of consciousness.

channeled message received from Oliver on 5/13/18 at 6:11 p.m. PT US.

It was 1:55 a.m. PT US on Friday, May 11, 2018. I’d awaken from a dream, or, should I say another dimension of being, eager to record the details. Before I could move from thought to action I heard the key turn in the door of the dorm-like quarters where I’m staying in a San Francisco hostel near Union Square. A 4th roommate was arriving, as if on cue.

The appearance of this dark figure in the room only added to the mystery (see image below/left), her physicality emulating that which I’d just seen in my dream. Holographic and not. Facial features fading in and out; shaping, reshaping. It was as if the dream and the awakened state had merged and I was floating in waves of a new reality.

actual photo of my hostel-mate, taken as I write this,
darkened to example her arrival on 5/11/18
click image above, or here for larger view

I knew this continuation was part of the lesson being shared by Source, so I allowed and waited. This female figure of form quietly move through the space until she disappeared up the 5 rungs to the top bunk above me.

I grabbed my computer, glasses, cell and room key (#208), and headed down the hall to a 10×10 room with a couple of lounge chairs in it. There I wrote, taking down everything I could recalled from my dream. While in process I remembered a calendar pop up a few days earlier, May 3rd to be exact (screenshot of entry above). It was a link to a prediction by psychic medium, Sasha Bonasin for Aquarians; one where he said Aquas would have weird dreams, feel odd, and have something amazing happen. Well, it did! He was just a few days off. Here are my notes from that morning, copied and pasted exactly as is, typos and all.

    Dean Radin (DId initially write Dan Radkin. mean something?) and another.
    speaking to a small group about the unknown and life in other dimensions
    they say they believe, they know, they’ve seen for themselves. Even say at one point “b4 their eyes.”

    then before my eyes I see (not feeling others see) when asked to prove other dimensions exist, I begin to see their form change and change and change, as if a hologram or a kaleidoscope of faces and shapes, each morphing into the next on both of the speakers while their eyes and mouth continue to move while they change.

    I see this. unaware of others any longer.

    I ask, who is Oliver

    Am told he was a frequency that “hacked” into the system, that’s why I can’t see him. He’s a centaur sent by the chairman. no other clarification provided, but confirmation he was real. (note horse on top of bldg next to L’s house in OZ when Oliver presented)

    Dean said, “u know what you’re here for. you see. tell others. now u know.”

    Then I went outside (instantly as in dreams) and saw everyone was like this but just didn’t know it until now. nor did they… do they.

    Then I began to think of Sal as being one as he talks all the time of being every sign.
    And James 4 Astral

    Then I semi woke up as the 4th roommate arrived, just b4 2am. in the dark from the light coming in the curtain open window she, too, had a changing face, though the rest of her form remained the same. I wondered if she knew it. I was awake and still saw this. Can’t wait to see her in the daylight.

Then, I re-watched Sasha’s video (see below)

Sasha Bonasin Psychic/Tarot Reading | Aquarius, May 2018 Full FB post here. | (runs 6:06)

Most of my thoughts about this video are included in the description of a Facebook post to the 1HP page where I shared it a few hours later, so I won’t rewrite. You can read it for yourself here: Sasha did say later on in the day I’d be inspired by something. Boy was I! Here’s what happened next.

I got up. Got dressed. Ate breakfast and hit the streets headed towards the San Francisco Public Library. I’d Google mapped it the day before so I had my route in mind. Easy shot. O’Farrell to Larkin St. Left on Larkin all the way down to SFPL. What I didn’t expect was walking past a restaurant called The Chairman on Larkin, just past Ellis. I looked through the closed gate in front of the place where I saw an amazing swirl design all up and down and around the walls (see banner image used for this post) of the place way before I looked up to see the sign. It was the wall design that made me look up to see where I was.

Sign above “The Chairman” restaurant
click image above, or here for larger view

If you read my notes above you see the dream character said, “He (Oliver) is a centaur sent by the chairman.” SHIT! What did that mean? Oliver works in a restaurant? lol. He’s a bull dog? lol. Or, maybe… just maybe, the spirals were the key and The Chairman was just the significator to catch my attention as a synchronistic confirmation? That the spirals were the symbol of a portal or frequency exchange and his connection to me is related to that “gateway?” Something like that maybe?

click image above, or here for larger view

Then it got even better! With only a few blocks to go before reaching the library, as I continued on my way the Napster playlist was taken over by something other worldly. I was listening to some track I can’t even remember now, other than it was one I’d selected, but that didn’t last long. A message was waiting for me and its sender was going to make sure it was received. The method used was to play songs where the lyrics could be streamed back to back to create the message. The songs are shown to the right, along with those lyrics. To me, it was just odd at first, songs playing for a second or two, then changing to another one, and another, and another, all without my touching my mobil device or being able to explain how it was happening. I didn’t make the connection to a message being relaid until the final song by the Beatles began and the line, Nothing is real came on. Then I stopped, actually pulled out my phone, took screenshots of all the tracks and noted the lyrics heard so I could add them to my Sasha prediction folder. Read the message yourself, starting at the top/right column with “Mother, mother…” and continuing down through “But it all works out,” and you may just feel what I did.

Later, after returning from hours of work at the library, I was hit with the inspiration Sasha referenced. It had to do with a client, a logo I’m working on for that client, and how the swirls on the wall of The Chairman took me to a place where I was able to offer what I thought was a great idea for the project we’re collaborating on. Since it is personal (as Sasha said) I will keep that idea to myself, but I can tell you that if this client doesn’t use it, it still served its purpose for me. It linked my dimensional experience with Sasha’s predictions, and that led to an expansion of the reality of consciousness that I’ll keep with me as I move forward in this physical existence.

And, then I thought the ride was over. Ha!

Pamela Georgel, The Lucky Mermaid Psychic/Tarot Reading | Pisces May 2015. Full video here. | (runs 1:32)

Late this afternoon (Sunday, 5/13/18) as I was preparing the graphic and media pieces for this article I had a browser window on my computer pop from the static Facebook where it was resting to Youtube’s home page. There, it presented a short list of “recommended” videos. “Odd,” I thought, but hey, that’s my life. So I looked at them and saw one was for May 2015 for Pisces (my moon sign). 2015? Well, one never knows, so I began to listen (see clip to left).

Holy mother of spaghettios! The other puzzle piece. The Centaur. She mentioned that I had a guardian aka a Centaur (man torso and up | horse below). What the heck! I DO have a guardian – or at least that’s how the two of us, my friend and I, refer to him. He’s my guardian, my spiritual guardian. So ho ho… that put a new twist on it all. Spirals leading into, or out from a frequency portal, of sorts, its entrance separated by a locked gateway. A dream confirmed by a psychic; one that literally brought the dream into reality with the entrance of my hostel-mate. Messages from dreams and the lyrics of songs. Now this. A lot of synchronicities. A lot of connections. A lot of communication. A lot to translate. A lot to process!

He’s a centaur sent by the chairman

I know what it means to me. My question is… what does it mean for you?

~~~~~~ — ~~~ — ~~~~~~
Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is a manipulated version of a design found throughout the San Francisco restaurant called “The Chairman,” which I was inspired to take on 5/11/18 as I passed the closed establishment on my way to work at the SF Public Library. To view a full-sized image of the banner click here.




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