Gift Of Knowing

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So many signs. So many symbols, omens and synchronicities. “Knowing” is the compass that leads true north to Hiraeth.
channeled message received from Oliver on 5/28/18 at 5:55 a.m. PT US.

Saturday was the first anniversary of The One Hiraeth Project. People still ask me, “What is that whole 1HP thing all about, anyway?” Well, it’s about knowing your genuine self in the density of linear time we refer to as life.

We are all aware, on a soul or consciousness level that we are more than just the body we find ourselves vibrating inside of. If we close our eyes and allow, we can feel the essence of everything around us. If we dare, we can expand that feeling as far as we desire, dipping our toe into the imagination of being wherever, whenever we wish.

Hiraeth means home. What makes it a unique expression is it is one of the “feeling” of home” as opposed to the tangible construction that puts a roof over our head and, most often, contains those we love, our foundations, as a good friend puts it. It is a home we long for but can’t quite put our finger on why… or where. It is remembrance of the past (lives maybe) and of a time/place that makes us feel loved, warm-hearted, safe, content… home.

Gift of Knowing – 3 track playlist | Fall 2012

Saturday the 26th was also the 9th anniversary of my mom’s passing from this reality into that which comes next. Each year on this day, at 9:10 p.m. ET US, no matter where I am or what time it is in my space of now, I honor her gift of knowing. What do I mean? Well, the story is long, one I’ve told before, and one refreshed in the 3 part audio series to the right (below if mobil). In brief, she was dying. We’d agreed long ago that whomever passed first, if possible, would let the other know if there was “more.” Not if there was a heaven, or life after death, simply…

Is there more?

Candle smoke captured during channeling session on 5/26/18.
Click image above, or here for larger view.

Well, she came through in ways that resonate with me to this day. Within 5 minutes her body when from that of a 84 year old woman to that of a girl, say 18-25 years old, tops! I kid you not! Rainbows began to present in my reality on a regular basis. Radios turned on even without batteries or electrical current. Yes… OH Yes, there is more.

So I honor her gift of knowing given with such love, compassion, and depth that it changed my life path.
~~~ — ~~~

May 26th of this year began like most others, except the left side of my mouth had swollen during the overnight. I awoke to a golfball sized lump where a wisdom tooth was coming in. Wisdom tooth. That’s the message. Be wise, my dear Barbara. Know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.

Next up, nature’s gift. I saw a buck, standing strong and proud square in the middle of a weaving, mountainside road as I chauffeured the two poodles in my charge to the park for their morning walk. He looked up at me, undaunted. Just saying hello. And, slowly, maintaining his gaze, he jumped over a wooden fence and moved off into a neighboring yard. I saw a doe along the other side of the road a bit further downward. Once at the park we ran across a fox, who stopped in our path, looked right at me, then darted off into the bush (before my horse-sized poodles engaged him in what they’d have felt was playtime). There were swans – Ohhh were there swans, and families upon families of geese, and ducks, and birds of all sorts who found their way into my reality along the stillness of blue Spring Lake. Even a field mouse scurried across the kids playground area as we walked the last quarter mile back to the car.

Then, on the return drive up the mountainside I saw another doe standing smack in the middle of an expansive, high-end property’s front yard, one in an extremely upscale neighborhood, eating from a bush next to a museum quality water fountain. She was stunning, unafraid, and so close to the road where I was slowly driving, giving the pups a nice ride before we headed back to their house. Once “home,” a wild turkey who arrived to visit the day before, presented again in front of the splash of patio windows that align the full, rear wall of this sprawling, ranch-styled home where I’m staying, its acreage reaching on and upward into a hillside view beyond the circular treeline. He stood, beak to the window, staring at me. Refusing to leave or break his studious fixation on the human. It was majestic, and all I could do was laugh out loud.

The stories I could tell you about Saturday, May 26, 2018 while in Santa Rosa, California! So many mystical experiences. So many synchronicities. So much energy vibrating at the frequency of Hiraeth.

As 6:00 p.m. PT US neared (9:00 p.m. ET) I prepared my meditation space. As the photo in the banner image shows, I had four small candles and a selection of stones and crystals – all to facilitate the connection… the communication I knew was about to follow. From 6:00 p.m. until 6:10 p.m. I closed my eyes, let my soul fly, and allowed the magic to begin. At 6:10 p.m. I opened my eyes, spoke aloud to the woman who gave me life, and told her how much I loved her. Then I began to shoot photos. Why? Because I’m a photographer, and on the 1st anniversary of my mom’s passing I did so to remember the moment, only to find there were messages contained in some of them… messages from her, for me. So I added that to the annual ritual.

I will keep the most revealing photos to myself – sharing with close family and friends only if asked. However, above, and directly below you will find two of the images of smoke that billowed off of those candles when I blew them out. Beautiful. A sign of the ebb and flow of our holographic existence. Movement that emulates the life we live.

Another photo of candle smoke captured during my channeling session on 5/26/18. Click image above, or here, for larger view.

Then what? Well, I didn’t expect more, but, of course there was.

I got in the car to go to the grocery to pick up some supplies for the dogs at the local Whole Foods, and when I turned on the radio, Jazzy 99.1 FM, a special selection was being shared; one the station was calling “Swinging with Sinatra.” The song that had just begun as I turned up the volume? That’s Life… one of my mom’s favorites – and one I played for her over the phone on her last birthday in February 2009, a few months before she transitioned. Here it is below.

So, here’s to you, mom! To the gift of knowing shared from your heart. To The One Hiraeth Project. And to my friends who know who they are, who, on this date, always make me feel I am home, because… The Pathway is Open, always.

~~~~~~ — ~~~ — ~~~~~~
Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of a photo of the candles I lit, along with the crystals I used to connect with the energy of the unseen, as part of an annual ceremony I hold to honor the memory of my mom on the anniversary of her passing; such being 5/26/2009. It was taken using an “effects” filter on my Nikon D-5300. To view a full-sized image of the banner click here.




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