Oliver’s Afterthoughts #010

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OAT #10
Cosmic support and energetic inspiration await!

This is the 10th installment of the weekly series Oliver’s AfterThoughts. It last appeared on the 1HP’s website on 10/6/17. After 8 months it’s back!

Each Friday morning at 11:11 a.m. ET US I post a card from the Afterthoughts tarot deck by Corrine Kenner. These single card pulls are designed to express the energy of the Oliver collective, a flow which vibrates at the frequency of unconditional love. If you feel guided to experience your reality at such a state of consciousness these readings are indications of what you may expect for the weekend / week ahead.

The Kenner Afterthoughts deck is based upon the concept of “what happens next?” in the scope of a classic tarot reading. In tarot, the cards in the spread show what is occurring. If you continue to pull cards, or clarifiers as they are known, you’ll unveil the history leading up to the shown events. But, then what? What can you, the conscious, 1HP creator expect moving forward? What is about to unfold? And, thus… After Tarot!

Let’s begin.
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Page of Swords

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 Page of Swords

The Page of Swords is the youngest member of the royal court. Air is his element. He often represents a young person or a message being deliver – one of abundance of energy, passion and enthusiasm.

Card Description (quoted from book):
This airy page breathes the rarified air of intellect, thought, communications, and ideas. But look out… in today’s technological world, he is often seen as a spy, lurking around social media to garner his information, or Googling his trailway to truth, as he learns the ways of the world.

Key Symbols:

  • Standing aground in a windy terrain, marking the way of truth and communication for the weary.
  • Holding firm to his sword, held up at the ready, to thwart any tension or conflict to the success of those in his trust.
  • He’s like a beacon shining “Go For It!”
  • Being a page, young and the bringer of information, he lacks the wisdom of experience to balance the air he offers, which can appear as immaturity to express himself objectively.

Supporting energy is here for you with the appearance of this Page. You have a new project or an idea in mind and you’re excited, want to go from visualization to creation. You have a huge amount of energy and excitement to move forward. The challenge will be to maintain that initial spark and continue the creative flow as you manifest your dream into reality.

Talking about something doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. You can talk all you want, but if you don’t take action on it then it’s just air. Just air blowing around and it doesn’t matter. You have to take that air and make something with it. You have to fan the fire for something to happen. If you can do that… your creation will present. Talk + Action = Results.

Take that leap of faith into the energy of the cosmos and “Go For It!”  You know that’s what you really want. Have it!


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LET ME KNOW how this turns out for you this week by posting a comment below, or emailing me directly at TheOneHiraethProject@gmail.com.




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