Hello Jason Stone

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I’m writing a book of fiction. No one knows that, at least no one did until now with the penning of this sentence.

In early May 2020 I began to keep notes on potential character names, profiles, storylines, and such. One name I noted was Jason Stone. I have my reasons for its creation and energetic connection to the type of person it is to represent and I’ll keep them to myself.

The purpose of this journal entry is to log a series of related events that used the name Jason Stone to connect and pass along a message of synchronistic significance. The name, Jason Stone, came up as a side character in a 2010 episode of an Australian show called Spirited I was watching on Amazon Prime last night. In Season 1, Episode 5 at approx. 6:33 a dentist office scene began that was gonna rock my attention. In the scene, one of the main characters, a dentist named Suzy Darling, was about to see her next patient. She asked her assistant the patient’s name.

“Jason Stone,” she said.

The thing is… the name didn’t click when said, probably because I almost always multitask and I wasn’t really paying full notice to the program. The scene then cut to the exam room and onto the face of Mr. Stone; a young, mid-twenties guy who was strikingly good looking. It was THEN, as I glanced to see who this Jason Stone was that I made the instant connection.

Didn’t she just say his name was Jason Stone? I asked myself. Isn’t that one of the character names I was toying with for my book?

So, I paused the scene, pulled up File Manager on my Macbook Pro, and did a search for “Jason Stone.”

Three documents presented. You can see the short list below in a screenshot of those results. Further below that I’ve included text-based hyperlinks to those three documents so you can see for yourself what’s contained therein.

So much to say here. So little time I wish to invest in this otherworldly request to complete what I feel is a destined calling. So I continue, but will keep it as short as I am able. Got shit to do today! (wait for it…)

You see, I’d put a lot of thought into the name Jason Stone before finally writing it as a contender for my book’s lead male character. I’d mixed and matched first names with surnames during those first few days in May trying to come up with just the right one to capture the essence of who my book’s lead male character was to be. I didn’t choose Jason Stone lightly so having it come up at all was a shock. Then to have the Spirited Jason have the same general appearance as my character added electrodes to the surprise.

It didn’t end there. The difference in age between the dentist (played by Claudia Karvan) and Stone (played by former Black Power Ranger, Dan Ewing) appeared strikingly close to the 14 years of those in my story. So, what did I do next? I looked up the birthdates of Karvan and Ewing.

CK – 5/19/1972
DE – 6/3/1985

Thirteen years between the two actor’s ages in real life, with CK being a Taurus and DE being a Gemini (note Gemini references below). That was just too much… or was it.

Jason Stone search results in File Manager

for larger view click image above, or here.

The three docs in my File Manager search, too, play into the cosmic connection being formed. I only expected one – the text file where I’d first noted the possibility of the name Jason Stone being selected as the main male character in my novel. When I saw two additional pdfs contained that name (or combo of names), and instantly seeing direct connections to the Stone character an circumstances of the novel “in progress” I was speechless. Files and meanings detailed in the bulleted short list below. (click any file title to open actual doc in new window)

  • FadenNotes.txt | created 5/10/20
    One of a handful of rough note files recording thoughts and storyline notes taken during pre-planning of book. This was the file I was looking for to see if I’d actually used the name Jason Stone when it came up in S1, Ep. 3 of Spirited. (click here to view a screenshot of the FadenNotes.txt file.)
  • May26-Wikipedia.pdf | created 7/1/17
    This was a file I’d totally forgotten about. I do recall saving it, but I cannot recall exactly why. It may have had to do with something I was posting to this website at the time, since 5/26/17 was the date this site went live. It is also the day my mom died in 2009 (click here to listen to audio of story for context and significance, if interested) which is the primary reason I selected 5/26/17 to launch 1HP. It is also the birthdate of a one time acquaintance – a Jason Stone sorta looker. The thing is, if you search the text of this document you will find the name Jason and the name Stone, but not together. (click here to view the file May26-Wikipeia.pdf.)
  • The Mystery of Death Valley.pdf | created 6/15/16
    I specifically recall this document but didn’t realize I still had it saved on my laptop. A physicist I was housesitting for at the time sent me the link to this article in an email. We’d been talking about the extensive traveling we’d both done during one of his visits home, the “unusual” nature of some unexplainable occurrences in life, and any “bucket list” places we’d still like to visit… things we’d still like to do. This was his only wish… to be in the deserts of Death Valley AS the mysterious skidding rocks actually moved. I was so honored he had taken the time out of his hectic, international schedule to send this to me. It equated to a level of sharing that signified we were friends… good friends, and that meant a lot. Now, how does this fit into the Jason Stone element? Well, it does and it doesn’t. As with the file bulleted above, the name Jason and the name Stone appear but not together. For me, the significance is in the knowing that a rich storyline in my novel has to do with an event that is loosely based on something that was to happen between me and this homeowner later that summer. (click here to view the file The Mystery of Death Valley.pdf.)
  • So, what do we have? We have three documents. One expected that confirmed my use of Jason Stone as the character’s name in a story I’m writing. Two unexpected that each have significance having nothing to do with the Stone name, but with the storyline, itself. Just too synchronistic to be anything less than cosmic in connection!

    Then came The Hammer.

    If you watch the Spirited clip above, one of the last lines said by the dentist’s assistant was, “Well. It’s better to be a hammer than an anvil.”

    And, though I agree with Claudia Karvan’s character’s reply, “That makes no sense, Linda,” on the surface it didn’t… not until later last evening.

    After all of the above occurred I stopped the show, closed the Amazon Prime browser window, opened my own windows along the wall of glass in the living room of the place I’m staying here in Tucson and, in the quiet, just gazed out into the sunset and listened to the water babbling down the rock fountain in the back yard. The scene had thrown me into a needed state of deep contemplation.

    “How?” I wondered. “How did this all occur? And why?”

    I wasn’t looking for answers to the deeper meaning of existence, or anything like that. I was seeking clarity on the purpose and origin of this strange attempt at telepathic communication. I wondered if I had attracted it simply by being my weird self. I wondered if the Universe, God, or Aliens from Sirius (kidding) were the source and it was up to me to figure out the connections. I wondered if it was a one time acquaintance of mine attempting contact, maybe just thinking of me, or experimenting with frequential waves of communication to see what might occur. If so, he would have no idea who Jason Stone was to me, yet I’d seen stranger things happen in the last four years. At the very least I had to simply process the oddity of the events and find a way to accept, allow and let go. I did… Then I discovered my ticket included a Suit of Cups sorta curtain call.

    I was done with Spirited, with Amazon Prime, with any sort of online entertainment programming. I was too hyped to settle into reading a book, or doing research, too telepathically tuned in to visit the mindless landscape of nothingness when Photoshoping images. So I turned to YouTube to relax and clear my mind. Laura, of the channel Suit of Cups had just posted an Aquarius reading for the week. “Why not,” I figured. At least it was a live person, would emulate an activity I could watch and enjoy like a night at the ball park, and I could ground into reality once again. I clicked play and settle back into the comfortable couch.

    It was near the end, at 9:20 of this 11:59 tarot reading when the hair on the back of my neck stood on end as she said, “You may be laying down the law. You may be bringing in the hammer… laying down the hammer, however you say it.”

    There it was… another tie to Jason Stone, this time via “the hammer;” so I rewinded the reading a bit and really focused on what she had to say. In the doing I got a partial response to my window gazing Q, “How… Why… ?”

    That was enough for me. I felt as if I did anything more other than sleep it through this chain of energetic communication would continue and I was too tired and mind-full to feel whole. I was done, and went to bed.

    Woke up today, Friday, 7/24/20, feeling fresh, wonderful and ready to start anew. Sure, the whole Jason Stone thing had happened but so do so many weird things in my day-to-day. I chalked it up to it being any of the possibilities reviewed the night before and feeling if it was significant enough the more needed would be the more to come. So, I let it go. Did my usual morning things; even ordered groceries online before dawn and scheduled delivery later that morning. I did some client work, stretched out, and made my morning health concoctions. I pulled tarot cards and left them on the table, face down, for review with breakfast after my walk, and by 6:30 a.m. I was out along the sidewalks and parks of the neighborhood. I traveled by intuition, releasing of the old to make room for the new of the now. That worked for awhile… until 8:00 a.m. when a calendar entry from Intuitive Pathways popped up on my mobil as I was picking up rocks that caught my eye (see a screenshot of the calendar here). Not sure why I’d calendared it on Wed. the 22nd. It wasn’t for me it was for Gemini. I rarely follow Gemini any more, tho there was a time when I utilized Gemini references regularly as messages of prophesy for two Gemini’s I have known well in the last 4+ years; both, interestingly connected to the bulleted files listed in positions 2 and 3 above. Today, however, as usual, I’d forgotten why I’d followed my intuition and marked it for a reminder this morning. I rarely do keep such things “at the ready” a I just calendar, notate, and go – accepting I’ve done it for reasons that have more to do with divine timing than personal curiosity.

    Veronica, of Intuitive Pathways said that Gemini’s card, the Knight of Swords, was talking more about fast-paced, speed-of-light communications. “What are you going to tell somebody? What are they going to tell you?”

    She went on to say, “… the word I’m getting is ‘instructions.'” And concluded, “… I’m also seeing for Gemini, Friday. This Friday. This Friday is important to you… maybe you’ve got to get a message to someone by Friday, or you want to hear back from them by Friday.”

    It’s Friday! So, here I am writing all of this shizzle in a journal entry in case the frequential, Jason Stone related communications are from the consciousness of an embodied human – a Gemini, someone who knows me to offer evidence of your success. If this is vice versa and the communications need to reach me by Friday, with Veronica’s confirming the Gemini source and my being able to relate all above to one of two Gemini’s who are actual people, I’ll know it was one of them. Or, being that the young, Jason Stone character’s actor embodiment, Dan Ewing, is, in fact, a Gemini, my take-away could also be that the message is from consciousness outside of form and the meaning is no more than… “We see you. See what you’re working on,” and my guess is, they like what they see. Otherwise, wouldn’t the string of quantum threads have been fitted through a darker needle’s eye of that unseen?

    I’ll leave this post as it is and move on to the next. Cause I know, with certainty, the next is just around the corner – It always is.

    Thanks Jason Stone for stopping by to say “Hello.”

    “Hello” back atcha!

    N E X T !



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