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Instincts are the colander of theosophy allowing the fluid, sodden alchemy of ancient wisdom to finely strain over and through that divinely seeded, offering a fresh perspective to ingredient life’s curious recipe.

channeled message received from The Author on 7/28/20 at 6:56 p.m. PT US.

In recent days I ran across the concept of Theosophy. It’s Greek origin and the underlying meaning from which this word was timelessly conceived intrigued me. Theos (“god”) and sophia (“wisdom”), thus consummated in the creation of its core, universal expression as…

D i v i n e   W i s d o m

Theosophy is a concept that indicates the knowledge of God is obtainable directly through one’s intuition. It is to this elder, more broadly defined version of the word I was attracted; reason being, I’ve experienced just that in the last few years. What I refer to as the unseen, the Divine, consciousness outside of form speaks to me, not in words, per se, but in impressions, expressions, synchronicities, direct insights affirmed and confirmed by what we, as humans, might call evidence; proof of a factual, even tangible nature. Sometimes these communications come as knowings so distinct I can relate them to specific individuals and circumstances that have occurred or are about to occur. Other times they arrive as abstract postulates of a seemingly higher state of beingness or comprehension of that which words fall short to describe. Like loving; you know if you do or if you don’t love but can you really prove it other than through insubstantial, restricted attempts at demonstration?

I actually received a channelled message in April of 2020 endeavoring to, what I believe was, help me comprehend this ability as a theosopher. I use that term instead of the linguistically acceptable one of Theosophist as the later is often equated to one who is a member of what is known as the Theosophical Society, formed in the late 1800’s. I am not a theosophist, nor do I have any first hand knowledge of this group, nor do I wish to (see more below).

At the time of my initial communications with this formless consciousness of higher frequency in April, I called what I now view more definitively as theosophy as, being a prophet.

4/10/20 email entitled, Three Kings and a Page

click image 4 larger, readable view

Now don’t get your panties all up in a bunch about use of the word prophet. Anyone can be a seer, one gifted with sharing intelligence offered by a disembodied source. It is simply that most don’t believe it possible to connect to the frequencies that function as operator between such energy signatures and sources incarnate, like humans, or they don’t care, or “have better things to do.”

I used the word “prophet” because I was limited by language to express knowings of an origin beyond that of words; a microcosm attempting to explain the macrocosm. Yet, as often occurs these inceptive messages refine over time. Just like an infant learns that the substance mom or dad puts in his/her mouth can have infinite flavors and textures, each with its own verbal expression (word) that is used as an identifier; I, too, find that knowings which start as one expression, if left to breathe, like a good wine, ferment into its innate, fuller-bodied potential.

I can now see that communications in April of what I was channelling as being a prophet were actually that known in language as theosophy. I tried to explain my understandings at the time in an email to an acquaintance on April 10, 2020, and have shared that writing in the image to the right (click here or on the image to view a full-sized, readable version of the email in a separate browser window).

As you can see if you read this email, clarity of who and what I am… what we all are if willing to accept and allow is presenting with equanimity as each sunset evolves into an awaiting dawn.

So, let’s step away from me and my experiences a bit and briefly explore the idea of theosophy.

As detailed in the e-pages of, theology, philosophy, even mysticism is uniquely diverse from theosophy in the following ways,

Theosophy differs from theology, which is the knowledge of God obtained by revelation, and from philosophy, which is the knowledge of Divine things acquire by human reasoning. It is often incorrectly confounded with mysticism, for the latter is properly the thirst for the Divine, the aspiration for the invisible, and hence a natural manifestation of the religious sentiment. By intuition or illumination the initiated theosophists are considered to be in harmony with the central principle of the universe. This knowledge of the secret forces of nature of the true relation between the world and man frees them from the ordinary limitations of human life, and gives them a peculiar power over the hidden forces of the macrocosm.   – – – New Advent | Catholic Encyclopedia > T > Theosophy

The later assimilation of “theosophy” away from its broader interpretation to a more finite, “go to” lexicon of today relates to a woman named Helena Blavatsky, a gent, Henry Steel Olcott, and the Theosophical Society they founded in New York City in 1875. Though I haven’t spent a lot of effort researching this, nor do I have intent to do so at present, this confinement of the word to a “practice” or sort of cultish religion is of no interest to me other than from a state of observation. The pure, pristine waters of Divine Wisdom, however, are of great significance and will be the foundation whereupon I build my ongoing attempts to explain to others what this “isness” that shared with me through intuitive expression is.

If you ask most humans about things like theosophy, my experience is they think little or not at all of the deeper meaning of consciousness, collective connections, Tesla’s focal gift of energy/frequency/vibration, Jung’s infamous theories of the curious kind including synchronicity, Sartre’s philosophy of existentialism and phenomenology, the magick of the ancient’s, and the wisdom innate in the cosmos.

Questions like, What are we? Why are we? What is our purpose… makes us tick? What motivates and mustards the motivation that drive us forward? seem valueless to the average Dick and Jane. They sum up value with the pursuit of a mission, and in the attainment of the goals that complete the mission as being success, and success equating to the acquisition of money and material gain. Anything else seems pointless, a waste of time, foolish. As such, they regard those who live simply to experience, to witness, to observe as lazy, to be avoided, shunned, made fun of. Now, imagine how such “missionaries” would react if one of these “experiencers” dared attempt to call themself a prophet! Whoa!

As grateful as I am for my connection with sources outside the realm of the physical, I am quite thankful for discovery of the word theosophy. It offers a sorta protection against those angry mobs I see forming in my mind’s eye at the mention of that other word! In the meantime, I’ll continue on with my own Excellent Adventure., and who knows… maybe I’ll run in to Bill and Ted somewhere along the way!

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