Open The (Lion’s) Gate !

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What an Fn morning!!

I awoke at around 2:55 a.m. local time. Knew I’d get up if the clock read at least 4 a.m., but falling short by more than an hour, I also knew I’d never really go back to sleep so why not just get up. Figured if I drank a cup of coffee or ten I’d be plenty awake for the breaking dawn of this Saturday, the 8th of August, 2020.

Little did I know what I was about to experience in the hours to come.

As I shuffled into the kitchen I had no intention of doing this 1HP journal entry. All I had on my mind was nothing. Not one little thing – until I remembered I had coffee left from Friday in the fridge. I opted to commence caffeination treatments with a cold cup. Slugged down a few gulps and then put the glass in the fridge to ice off the edges. Java slushy to the rescue! Able to slightly focus at that point I peered over to a tarot card spread taking up nearly the entire kitchen table I’d left there over a week ago. I sighed. Felt it was time to finally read it and clear that counter space for something new.

For those who haven’t heard me say this before, I regularly pull tarot cards first thing in the morning while my mind is still clear and uncluttered by thought of any kind. My feeling is that doing so keeps the reading free from my inadvertently infusing my own into the design – offering the purest channel I can to that of the unseen which speaks to me (and is available to anyone willing to tune in). I rarely ask a question or envision something I wish to dive into later, I just let the energy flow. What comes, comes. Once I pull it I walk away and forget about it – usually opting to go for a long walk at sunrise, when possible. Then, when I return, fresh, full of joy and peaceful calm I grab a cup of juice or something and read the awaiting spread. At that point I usually just read it like the morning paper, taking in the “news” and then pulling all the cards back – shuffling them into the main deck. What follows? My day, in the same way anyone would… consume, then toss the local paper once grazed.

This spread was particularly curious when I did my initial scan days past, when pulled. I glided over it and felt the impact of “something more” than just light gossip or greetings from beyond. I sensed genuine value in the placements, value that would take more time and attention to review and decode than I had at that moment. I had shit to do that morning, so I left it, as it was, for later in the day. Later never came. In the days that followed, I did client work with deadlines. I had weekly writings to publish here on 1HP and to another, personal blog where I share poetry and other creations of language. I had an eye appointment (new glasses), grocery deliveries, errands, and, of course, my regular walkabouts.

The spread remained untouched until this morning. I knew its stationary existence had been an inconvenience on more than one occasion but I couldn’t find the will to simply sweep it away. It had significance. What significance I didn’t know because I wouldn’t sit down long enough to go over it, but I couldn’t remove it either. So, this morning, without much resistance, I decided today was the day.

It only took me a minute to realize the profound consequence of its message. I felt compelled to capture it in some way. I was too lazy to set up my iPhone to video record the reading and decided to audio record my thoughts instead. Being that the audio reading shared directly below is exactly 44:44 long, I’ll let it speak for itself. And, the truth is, I recorded it for my own benefit. To document the event. Nothing more. It was in the preparation to upload it to 1HP’s SoundCloud account that the signs and synchronicities to do this journal entry became evident.

Lion’s Gate Channelled Message 8/8/20 at 4:21 a.m. PT | runs 44:44

The tarot channeling referenced above, as interpreted in the corresponding audio is visualized below in the mobil phone photo I took this a.m. on the left (or shown 1st if viewing on a cell phone). The supplemental clarifying spread done during the audio recording is shown in the image on the right (or 2nd / next if by cell). I invite you to refer to them as the audio plays so you can more closely connect to that which is shared in the reading.

Lion’s Gate Tarot Spread

for larger view click image above, or here.
Clarifying spread to Lion’s Gate message

for larger view click image above, or here.

Now, if you listened to the recording you know the theme… the detail rich message I claim as being channelled through me from some source beyond this limited, worldly dimension of physical form. Who / What communicates with me is not something I can really put a label on. I don’t ask myself to do so much anymore, either, as it could be of / from so many unseen sources I leave it to the “consumer” to interpret as he/she/they wish. If I had to summarize the message, though, I’d have to say something like…

Have the courage to go within in the face of contrast presented in this physical world. From there the answers will come, and if absorbed / allowed you have the resources to evolve into the energetic fullness of the abundance that awaits.

But it is so much more than that.

Let me say at this point I still had no intention of doing more. I’d read the spread, and clarified. I felt deliciously full in spirit and caffeinated in form. I’d taken photos of the cards so I had something to use as the placeholder image for the SoundCloud recording, and a reference for myself if I ever wished to review the reading at some future date. I was done… or so I thought. In fact, the game board was about to be pulled out, and the Divine seated, ready to play!

It began with a whisper.

I chose to Photoshop the images since it was early, my mind was in the right state to “create,” and I could listen to music during the process; something I could do without needing to be analytical of mind, which it was still to early for me to do with victory. I figured it would kill time, and once done the sun should be rising over the canyons here in Tucson, AZ, illuminating another trail for me to blaze with the becoming of another, lovely day.


I thought I’d hit play on music in Youtube but instead the Scorpio reading by San Tarot started. I am a Scorpio rising (how others see me), but didn’t really care one way or the other what filled my ears so I left it. Then, at 15:17 into her reading she paused and began to talk about Dannion Brinkley (tho she called him Damien). That reference stopped me in my tracks as just two days ago, on Thursday, I’d written about Dannion and his influence in my early spiritual journey in my weekly blog article right here on 1HP.  Entitled, Einfühlung I wrote about how a question I asked him during an interview back in December 2012 redirected my awareness and ignited my attention towards consciousness being the unseen element of communication that connected with me at the time of my mom’s passing on May 26, 2009. How amazing! How rare! How I was not able to simply take it as coincidence. It was more… a continuation of the message in those tarot cards. So I went back to that 1HP article to revisit what I’d written. As you can see below, Dannion is mentioned five times. You can listen to San’s reference in the video also shared directly below. It is lined up to 15:17 where the Dannion Brinkley reference is made.

Simply remarkable!

To me this fibonacci sequence of Dannion Brinkley inspired events could be translated as… Pay attention! There’s more for you here. And there was.

I started to really listen to San’s words as I continued Photoshopping. There was quite a bit there for me, personally and not relevant to this journal entry other than to confirm just what the title of San’s Scorpio video says, Multiple dimensions spring to life at once (to speak with and through). Listen! So I did.

Screenshot of 5 hits for “Dannion” (Brinkley) in 1HP
blog article Einfühlung, published 8/6/20 at 11:11 a.m. ET.

for larger view click image above, or here.
To read Einfühlung, and search for yourself, click here.

San Tarot | Scorpio – Multiple dimensions spring to life at once.
(Pub: 8/7/20 | Dannion B reference: 15:17 – 15:52)

To listen past auto end click anywhere on player.

It was during this reading, while Photoshopping, the communications continued. I had no idea today was the date of the “Lion’s Gate.” The portal was opening and I seemed to be standing smack in front of it as it did! For those who wish more, just Google it. There is so much on the topic you’ll be better served by doing your own research.

It started by a browser window simply popping up, OVER Photoshop where I was working. It opened to YouTube and my Subscriptions page. Several had the phrase Lion’s Gate in the title, so I took notice. I am aware of what it is on a surface level. Not a concept I’ve dived deep into. So, I knew it was spiritually significant, that the energy of the planets was going to be wonky, and it is known for a time of connection with knowledge, light, energy beyond our day-to-day experience.

I just smiled, as stuff like that happens to me all the time, closed the self-opening, browser window, and got back to Photoshop. Then, a calendar entry from Wednesday, July 15, 2020 popped up. On that date I got conned out of nearly $3,000. I talked about it in another 1HP article dated 7/16/20, entitled White Knight. As I mention in that piece a shit ton of readings appeared for me that day talking / warning about this situation. It was shocking, really (in an interesting way). One such reader was Veronica from IntuitivePathways. Her daily reading (especially the one for YT Members Only) hit the mark over and over and over again to the point I nearly floated out of my body with the surreal nature of it all. In her public reading for Taurus at 4:19, she kept talking about 2 eights. Since my calendar entry noted my thoughts that what she said seemed to possibly relate to the con artist him/herself I calendared it to see what, if anything occurred today 8/8. Now, this pop up came right on the heals of those 8/8 Lion’s Gate references. And, though I’ll keep the details to myself, another calendar entry popped up from me to me about a personal reading I’d done on 6/24/20 that referenced an even to take place on 8/7/20. I’d calendared it for this morning to see if anything did happen yesterday now that the day would have been over. I had personal comments in each of those calendar entries (both of which I’d forgotten minutes after setting ’em up) that talked about the relevance of a repeating 8 for the date, so I couldn’t ignore my own notes now coming back to me!

It was at that point I thought I might just title the audio reading some sort of Lion’s Gate channelling – since now I was aware of the date, how it interestingly presented today in a way so that I decided to intuit the reading on the kitchen table. That’s how it happens for me. Things occur as if on cue. Not a moment before or after. Of course I have free will but whatever agreement I have with those frequential energy signatures that connect with me hold precedence over any knee-jerk, human decision I may think I am making for myself. And, I’m okay with that.

By this time San’s reading ended and I’d decided to listen to the track referenced in Thursday’s 1HP post – the one where I talk about Danion Brinkley. The track, Budapest Eskimos (from the 1HP blog article Einfühlung) by The Lushlife Project was selected for sharing in that post simply because it had come back into my purview during the prior week, at random, and was one I listened to a lot in the later months of 2016. The garbled lyrics in one of the refrains, Everything’ll work out alright – every single time, fit nicely into the concept of that article, so I included it. Being that I was on that blog page when San’s reading ended, I thought…

Well, I wanted to listen to music in the first place before San’s reading simply began playing instead, so why not listen to this?

… and I clicked on the link in that article which opened the track in YouTube, and hit play. I didn’t realize it would become a YT mix and continue to play other tracks thereafter. That, too, was a fluke (or was it?). The link, itself is NOT to a playlist, but to the original song, unattached to anything else. And, my YouTube preferences are set so that any video selected DOES NOT autoplay what is lined up to run next… I guess unless a playlist, or Mix, is opted into.

When Budapest Eskimos ended and another song continued I didn’t even really notice. I was finishing up on Photoshopping that first image of the card pull. One song led into another, and so did my work from image one to image two of the clarifying card pull. Both images were open in Photoshop now with neither being saved yet. As I closed out the first, again with Lion’s Gate being the title I’d decided to use for the audio channeling session, I had the SAVE box open, the file named, but I realized I needed a new sub-folder to put these files into to keep them organized within the 1HP main folder on my computer.

AT THE VERY MOMENT my hands were on the keyboard and I’d reached the word G A T E as I was creating that sub-folder (see screenshot below), a track I’d never heard of, one that was mostly instrumental, punched out the words Open the gate in complete synchronicity with my finger tapping! I stopped typing and took a long, deep breath.

What the F was going on! (I chuckled, in my usual state of awe).

Undiscovered | Paradise Island | Ibiza | (Open the gate at 1:25)
(Released: 4/11/08 / Full track runs: 4:40)

To listen past auto end click anywhere on player.
Screenshot after making NEW FOLDER & hands on keyboard typing …GATE
just as lyric, Open the gate… plays through.

for larger view click image above, or here.
Screenshot of “Mix” crafted at random by YT to compliment my choice, Budapest Eskimos
(from the 1HP blog article Einfühlung)
Note, Paradise Island, a track I’d never heard b4, w/ lyric Open the gate, is 4th down.

for larger view click image above, or here.

I knew what was cookin’. The Divine was continuing to play that game it started after I recorded the audio session and before San’s Scorpio reading begin on its own. It was firming and confirming my knowing that the significance I’d felt more than a week ago when I originally pulled those cards on the table, those that I came to finally read in the wee, morning hours of 8/8/20, were, in fact, to be read, intuited, channelled, and released into form (via this journal entry) as part of – guided by, pulled into and out from that Lion’s Gate portal.

What the reading means is up to you. I know what it means to me and what all of these unexplainable, unusual usual experiences of mine mean to me. I’ve spelled them out here in this lengthly article. You can ignore this unfoldment, pretend it means nothing more than gibberish, profess me a nutter, secretly believe something greater has gone on here but keep it quiet, openly stand in confidence with your beliefs as you perceive them, or log out of the whole experience and spend your time, instead, determining the probability of how many coffee beans it must have taken to make those endless cups of java I consumed from just before 3:00 a.m. until now, just after 2 p.m. PT. The choice, as with all things, is yours.

Sleep through this part of your life, or awaken to that which lies just beyond the portal of the Lion’s Gate. If you select the former, I hear tell you can buy a great pillow to cushion your head at Walmart for less. If you vie for the later, stand proud upon your soapbox as you cry…


… and watch what happens next!




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