Secret Keeper 4473

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Ever hear of “secret societies?” Ever stop to think you may know someone tied to such groups, maybe even in your casual circle of acquaintance? A neighbor, perhaps? Family doctor, lawyer, or some other of perceived authority? How about a business owner, stock broker, maybe a tradesman of some note? They exist in nearly all walks of life with most being of a higher social and/or political ranking, where the term “political” has more to do with power than of mere government. Some are in the public eye. Some are solicited, sought out, inducted. Others are born into the game. Most are quiet benefactors of influence garnered through association in these “clubs,” as I’ll call them. All are keepers of the trust spoken with fraternal contemporaries, alone.

In reflection, I’m not limiting such communities to the mysterious sects known as Masons, Illuminati, or of religion, philosophy, theosophy or even pagan worship. Such limitation would exclude those loosely falling into one of the many mafias or clans as it relates to covert plan and execution. Yes? I leave you, then, to imagination without limitation, the only requisite being they are a collective of some societal base and they operate in secret.

With the above established, I know one such individual. Torn between lineage of exterior entitlements and honor with a desire for life free from such inwardly guttural tether, my friend struggles in a life of quiet duality. Never has this person told me the history of things, yet I know. How? By proxy intuited through privilege offered by an unseen authority far more influential than any of these earthly club creators of the good, the bad and the ugly. Source beyond.

Today, Sunday 9/13/20, I was washed over by a wave of energetic intelligence, of frequency channelled at a level of connection unquestionable. In other words, as an intuitive I received communication from that unseen. The message? Clarification of exactly who my friend is and how his fate was sealed through lineage, at the point of human incarnation.

I’ve had suspicions of this sort over the years but refused to bite into the possibility until personal confirmation beyond doubt was made evident. Exposure to this string of detail about my acquaintance typically comes when I find myself pulled into a legal situation that has been going on for over eight years now. That case has resurfaced once again and with it the frequency that follows – one of corruption and power in the world of form.

Just past the moment of revelation I grabbed my iPhone6 to record and capture my initial thoughts as a sort of diary entry of the experience. I do not “out” who this person is, or any particulars that would unmask beyond a basic overview of knowing. The purpose of such recording is to catalogue the expression, release it from my linear mind, and to fold back the bed sheet a bit for those who have interest in this sort of thing.

Audios are below.

The Secret Keeper 4473 (Part 1) | 9/13/20 at 1:04 p.m. PT | runs 15:46

The Secret Keeper 4473 (Part 2) | 9/13/20 at 1:20 p.m. PT | runs 17:43

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