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The Incredible “More!”

This morning (12/12/2012) at 7:25 a.m. PT I began recording an audio to capture my views on the origins of this “more” I’ve been talking

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The Hiraeth Project

Hiraeth is a Welsh word for which there is no direct English translation.  It refers to a longing, a homesickness for a place to which one cannot return, that maybe never was. It's the yearning, the grief for the lost places. This site is dedicated to offering a pathway home to all who desire Nirvana within their human experience. One that is attainable by all, now! No products or services to purchase. No hoops to jump through. No limitations whatsoever. Just a state of mind that will genuinely and immediately transform and transmute you into a condition of being where life is magical in the truest sense.

Through the sharing of actual experiences that detail the labyrinth of imagination and wonder we collectively refer to as life, The Hiraeth Project will offer proof of the existence of Home in all forms. From  blog posts, videos, imagery and other sensory offerings, to the articles and resources of others, the mission of The Hiraeth Project is to offer you, as an individual and as part of an energetic collective, the ability to effectuate genuine change in and to your personal narrative,  and of that within the community/communities  of oneness within which we all express our selves.  

You will discover how easy it is to move within and through the dimensional storyline we refer to as life, and how this ability is a gift available to all, without exception, as a means of evolving into a new way of being, of existing, calibrated to the frequency of self, of love. A New Beginning.

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Home Is Within You

Home is a state of mind. It resides inside you, beyond your consciousness, accessible always in all ways. It is a brilliantly crafted web of opportunities for abundance, created by means of perception and process, available now, boundless in its possibility. There will be many who try to tell you that home is a place external to yourself, and to get there you must follow this path or that. Others will try to convince you that to be worthy you must do X, Y, Z. To be valuable, valued you must surrender to this plan of action or the other. Bullshit! You are the creator. We are all creators. Manifestation in our daily life is attainable by anyone willing to believe, with surrender being a voluntary process that is offered in the knowing that what comes of it is control; the unlocking of the illusion that has held us back as energetic signatures living a human existence for millennia. It's time to get up!

Mind, Body, Soul

The trilogy of BEing - our mind, body and soul. It is in the merging of these three essential particulates that allow us to tap into all elements, and thru a process of alchemy boomerang a line of energy into a connectivity facilitated by means of light, frequency and vibration. It is this process that offers a pathway home, found in the convergence of one's mind, body and soul. All three must be in harmony for your self to vibrate at a frequency of that which you seek to attract. It is that simple. A process that you carry with you at all times, accessible where and when you desire it. How do I know? Because I live there. Let me show you how you can, too.

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May 26, 2017
Ana Komorebi
I remembered that I had undertaken a high pilgrimage, and that I was man's emissary to the stars.*

* Stapledon, Olaf. Star Maker. 1937. Reprint, Dover Publications, Inc. Mineola, New York, 2008. Original, Methuen & Co., Ltd. London. (sec I, chap 2, p. 20)