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Welcome to The Hiraeth Project. Or, more specifically… welcome home !

Hiraeth is a word that casts a line to a longing, a homesickness for a place to which one cannot return, that maybe never was. It’s the yearning, the grief for the lost places. I was first introduced to this word nearly a week after having an out-of-body experience in mid-April of 2016 that I lovingly referred to as my outside of time experience. That’s what it was, and how it felt. The full experience was captured on an episode of The Collective Imagination from that period anyone can find by searching the archives of Lisa M. Harrison’s YouTube channel, so I won’t rehash herein.

That experience demonstrated to me that there was a place outside this space we refer to as 3D reality. I’d been there, and I’d come back! (with the help of my son and daughter-in-law I might add.) A word was imparted to me while there which I thought at the time was a sort of key that if said would bring me back to this reality. I said it, and a piece of reality flashed back in. A voice told me to “Say it again.” So I did, and another piece of reality flashed in and then out again. The voice encouraged me further, “Say it again, and again, and again.”

“Oh!” I thought. I’m suppose to repeat it. So I did, and, like puzzle pieces on a tabletop more and more of this existence returned. But I couldn’t hold onto it.

By then my son was in the room, who later told me I kept repeating “Hold On! Hold On! Hold On!!” Followed by, “What does it mean?” What does it mean?” All the while my thinking I was saying this word so generously imparted to me. When my son just didn’t know what else to do he said to me, “I don’t know!” and apparently I responded, “What does it mean to you? To you? TO YOU?!”

Suffice to say he got on his hands and knees, grabbed me by the forearm and held on, and as he did reality poured back in as water into a glass. I was back!

A few days later, I went into his room to turn of the TV he’d left on and saw the clip above playing on HBO – the channel he’d left it on. This special with Gloria Vanderbilt had only aired AFTER my outside of time experience, having debuted the following Saturday, and a couple of days before I was watching it at that moment. And then I heard it. HIRAETH. The word. That word. The one imparted to me less than a week prior. One I forgot almost as soon as I’d returned to this reality. (Only remembering it had a hard “E” sound at the beginning.) And I knew. I knew there was more to this than just synchronicity!

Since that day in April a movement of sorts has begun; one with many such sibling branches evolving from the tree of the collective, all in search of what they refer to as Home. Well, my friends, let me tell you that from that day forward the story has grown and evolved and expanded into one so other worldly it has taken this project to allow me the vehicle to tell it all. As I do, a story of enchantment and wonder will unfold. One for all. One that allows for the paging to the next chapter of this experience we call reality where a cycle of beingness, paralleled only by the likes of a Steven Spielberg epic, awaits. All for us. All available. So, let me leave you with the message I’ve been given for you this day,

Hiraeth is home, a home within, where all is possible and all awaits you in this moment of now.






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