Somebody Wants To Speak With You

I returned to a video reading this morning by Pamela Georgel, The Lucky Mermaid, from August 2016 in order to locate a segment I recalled from the time wherein she advised me to be aware of the way I presented certain information. I wanted to locate it to accompany an email I eventually sent in September to the homeowner of the place in Tucson, AZ where I was housesitting at the time. I found that reference, and ended up discovering much more than I could ever have envisioned!

In August of 2016 I had my first visit with Oliver, or so says he. Who is Oliver? Ten months later, your guess is as good as mine. What I do know is once he connected with me my entire world changed, and continues to change to this day. Without his pronouncement in my life on August 14, 2016 around 6 a.m. local Tucson, AZ time, I’d likely not be writing this post today.

As a matter of fact, I can say, unequivocally, that this website – the Hiraeth project, itself, is all born from that exchange – of energy – an invitation to a feeling I had never felt before that decalcified my sensory perceptions and allowed me to become the human I am today; one who continues to evolve into the vast unknown of infinite knowledge, potential and emotion where one’s ability to create lives.

Here is the tarot reading I referenced above as having listened to at the time. I recall being confused about this “Someone” she mentioned, as no one came out of the blue to talk with me that month, nor did I seek legal counsel or have involvement with any governmental agencies. In retrospect, however, it all makes sense – starting with Oliver’s 1st direct interaction with me on 12/13/16, followed by a life-altering meeting I had with my family lawyer in Babylon, NY on 2/1/17. For complete details of the timeline surrounding these events, visit The Story page.

Starts at 4:44 and goes thru 5:19

Pamela Georgel, The Lucky Mermaid
Aquarius Psychic Tarot Reading, August 2016
If you wish to continue to listen past where I’ve programed it to stop, simply click your mouse anywhere on the player status bar and it will play from that spot forward – removing the sandwiched audio excerpt’s replay tags.
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The rest of this reading is an overlap of events that occurred both in August of 2016 and up through the present (mostly upon my return to Long Island and related to my meeting with the family attorney in February), so it isn’t fair to fully accredit the reading with a predictive quality. For example, during the Tucsonan homeowner’s trip home in August he did the unusual. He walked me around the entire house, as if a tour guide, telling me about each piece of art/memorabilia throughout. Being a world traveler for some 30 years (give or take), as part of his career, his home was filled with amazing artifacts and regalia. Some of it is quite personal. Other points will become evident in posts to come. All in all, this video serves to prove the series of otherworldly events that culminated in my meeting God, embodied in the package of a homeless gentleman, in person in San Francisco, in front of the Walgreens at the corner of Geary & Taylor streets, on 4/17/17, sometime after 9:30 p.m. PT US.

By the way, thanks dad for showing up @ 15:16 in Pamela’s reading! Nice to know you’re hangin’ out – probably laughing your ass off at the more you continue to share with me. I love you. Note, though not shared with more than a couple of folks, I had an odd experience that August with the homeowner. It was the way he sneezed. Yes, I said the way he sneezed. His nasal expression formed a word I’d only heard once in my entire life from one in the throws of a sneeze. He said, “Aroofa.” That’s the sound my father made when he sneezed – one the family had a hayday with each and every time he did.

I was taken so aback when I heard it I began to shake. At 57 years old, having never heard this from another, I had no words to describe the feeling it left me with. However, attempting logic I convinced myself that it was just a fluke, or I’d misinterpreted what I heard and let it go… that is until he sneezed again, and again said, “Aroofa.” I got misty, and even closed the door to the guest room where I stayed while house sitting to shake off the overwhelming feeling it left me with. Funny thing is, when the homeowner visited next in early October, he again sneezed several times. Those rendered a different sound. More of an expected nature. I mentioned this to him one evening over a chance dinner, and he laughed and said he only made the “Aroofa” sound when he sneezed hard, and that was quite rare. Rare or not, I knew the personal significance to me and it was palpable.

Regarding “substances” at 18:00 – I don’t drink. Haven’t since about 2000. I did smoke pot off and on until and through my return to Long Island in mid-January, 2017. After that I just stopped. Didn’t want to do it any longer. Felt my spiritual connection to self might be enhanced in some way if I ceased. Plus, I’m pretty sure I got a sign to do so. Just cannot recall the details of it at this time. So, yeah, yeah, yeah, dad! I heard ya! lol

So many other connections and epiphanies embedded within the folds of Pamela’s reading. Many more prolific shares yet to come. It will be interesting to see how this whole thing rolls out over the months and years that follow.

And, yes… Pamela, I CAN talk paint off the walls (@ 14:36). How did you know! Stupid question! lol.



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