Counselor and the Firefly

Today, around 8:11 a.m. ET I found the video shared at the bottom of this post in my YouTube feed, prominately featured top right position. For those who are in the internet marketing field, the most coveted position on any web page it that of top right. Studies have been done over the years that show our eyes move to that location natively, at first blush, then over to the far left, then across, then down.

With that in mind, what caught my attention was the period covered by the tarot reading referenced. February 2017. Three months ago. 2/1/2017 was the date I had a meeting with the family attorney, an individual I hadn’t seen in person for many years. Any bit of business, or hit and miss communications we had were over the phone or via email. So this in-person meet-up was a treat. That meeting changed my life, and his, I believe, as we discovered a shared passion for topics of consciousness and spirituality which evolved into a great friendship. So, February was the month I found balance in the form of the family counsel, my spiritual guardian, and my best friend, as further described on my ABOUT page.

Being an intuitive empath with growing psychic abilities, I pay close note to oddities like this – classified as anything that gets and holds my personal attention, I heeded it’s call and clicked.

Yup! Just as I thought. This reader, Kayleigh Jean, whom I’ve never seen before, was amazingly accurate with her share; so much so I’m posting it here as further confirmation that Source exists, communicates and sends messages to us in regular flow, and it is our ability and willingness to observe that determines whether the connection is consummated.

It is important to say that not all of what Kayleigh expresses is in direct alignment with my experience with my Gemini friend; however, there are numerous key words, phrases, and concepts she uses that touched upon many of the confidential exchanges we two had during the month of February, not open for public consumption. The take away here is communications outside this reality exist, cosmic connections that penetrate time and space if we remain open to see.

Firefly, little firefly… illuminate our path; made lighter if we allow your beauty and grace to fill our lives.

Title: Gemini Creators February 2017 Clarity and the Bright Shadow

Note: The tarot deck Kayleigh uses is called, The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck.




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