Transformation is a process of translocation.


As a good friend recently shared with me, Translocation is a pre-programming, of sorts, effectuated to  activate and trigger a later event. A re-wiring of the instructions, planting a seed that is nearly guaranteed to cause an awakening or a revelation at some point in the future when the creators are perceived to no longer have as much influence.

My take away from our conversation was a co-creation of thought born from the alchemy of his words and my own; laid bare, naked to the elements of time and space, a merging of the mind, body and soul, as follows.

For some, translocation may have been something pre-written into one’s story to bring about an event at a later time when one thought (s)he knew it all, and, in the transmutation, invite an opening of the heart to a new idea, process, and/or perspective born from a point of light that wasn’t of the creator. This focal spark then leads to the. . . allows for the  rewriting of one’s story, dynamic in its transformation and impression upon the fabric of time, both his/her own and upon that of the greater whole of consciousness.

So, what does that have to do with our day-to-day existence, or the overall journey of our lives? Everything.

We are mirror reflections of ourselves, of others, and of those dynamic perceptions that mold before us like the maliable clay at the mercy of a sculpture’s rasp. The wings of a butterfly are the only wave that can imaginally transgress its form, and through its fluttering awaken the recognition within ourselves that we are free to evolve beyond the reality that keeps us foundationally grounded.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Being grounded is also an essential part of being. It is the moss agate amongst the family agate crystals. A stone of new beginnings, it refreshes the soul and enables you to see the beauty in all you behold. It reduces sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants, attracts abundance in wealth, and improves self-esteem. Metaphorically, moss agate prepares the soil upon which the seedlings of growth will be nurtured. It is the sustenance of life itself, full-fill-ment, and bounty in all we seek, accept, allow and receive. It is the genesis of the metamorphosis of our core, our deepest knowing, our evolution into the new.

So what am I really saying? To become all we wish to be we simply flutter our wings in trust and in deep knowing it will be, and that which may not will rise from and for us by means of acceptance that the rest will be translocated through the love we have for ourselves and for others and the cosmic connections of the divine in collective alignment with our higher self. Trust. Love. Co-creation. Knowing. The moss agate of our new world.




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