Yes, Barbara… There is More!

Excitement abounds when magic happens in my life. Here’s one quick example. On May 20th (2017) a relentless Source was hammering me with downloads and sideloads, signs and synchronicities… connections to infinity and beyond!

Photo of original scribbles in spiral notebook.

At that moment I suppose I was online, posting social media content for one of my consulting clients, a task that requires substantial effort spent looking for cool material to share on their feeds. This day I recall I got an epiphany while doing something unrelated. With so many of these “happenings” every day, I must admit I cannot honestly recall the specifics of what I was doing just prior that led to this knowing. What I do recall is that I stopped in mid-action, grabbed the spiral notebook nearby, and penned my thought b4 it escaped into the ethos. At the recent suggestion of a valued friend, I’d begun to jot down many of my thoughts, ideas, strategies, follow-ups and moments of clarity as they came.

    “Yes, Barbara, THERE IS MORE!”

I was referring to the “more” wrapped in the story of my mom’s transition on 5/26/2009. Her “death” or “passing” for those in need of a more traditional word to express the permanent movement of our energetic signature from this reality to another. I digress…

The story of this “more” is long, and I wish to keep this post light, so for those interested, below is a three part playlist I posted to an old Soundcloud account back in the fall of 2012 where I share that moment in linear time where my mom imparts a gift of knowing; one upon which my ultimate awakening experience was founded.

Clarity captured, I moved on to a bit of entertainment for the soul. A Natalie video from her YouTube channel aptly named, Alchemy In You. It was a guided meditation posted on May 18th. I was eager to listen and participate in the Natalie method of going deeper. I’d placed the video on pause sometime earlier in the day, where ethereal met 3D and I was called to return to the grounded “now.” My now was again my own, and I chose to share it with Natalie. What I didn’t expect was what occurred, that she’d offer a giggle and a slap in recognition of my epiphany just noted. I hit play and the media continued where I’d left it off. And, what did she say? (see video link below)

    That there is more… to us (pause) that lies beyond (pause) the boundaries within which you’ve lived (pause) within this world. There’s more to it.

I smiled like the cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland, knowing Source was playing with me – showing me his sense of humor, as if to say, “I see you!”

Natalie continued with great advice.

    … And, what you experience that shows you what isn’t your truth serves as the foil to illuminate what is. So, making peace with it; the people, the places, the energy, the memories, the things, ideologies, thought patterns, habit patterns, all associated with that old world (pause)… Release it. Accept it. Right? Understand why you experienced it. Right? And, again, be thankful for it. And, so, we then move on to the new world that awaits us.

Beautiful, right? Life affirming. This was the reason Source has beckoned my ear, tickled my attention with its amusements of synchronicity. These words. Natalie’s words. A gift unwrapped for me, and now, for you.

Natalie’s meditation that follows is transformational, as well. I highly recommend it.

Gift of Knowing – 3 track playlist | Fall 2012

Recording shared in the fall of 2012, posted for friends and family, telling the story of my mom’s transition on May 26, 2009, and the gift of knowing she shared with me.
Soul Path Calling Guided Meditation | Alchemy In You | 5/18/17

Starts at 6:37 and goes thru 6:53
If you wish to continue to listen past where programed to stop, simply click your mouse anywhere on the player status bar and it will continue from that spot forward.

I was so moved by the playful nature of this connection, and the wisdom shared, the Aquarian in me – the impulsive “Oh My God I’ve Got To Share This Now” side to my personality kicked into gear. I jumped onto Skype and blathered it out to my friend; someone I knew would be kind in his consideration, even if the share… well, let’s say… garnered less enthusiasm than my own, and possibly even generated a slight annoyance for the unsolicited interruption. That’s why I adored this friend. I knew he’d make me feel OK about being myself, come what may.

I ask the same of you, dear reader. Take from this post what offers value to you, and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away…

Skype blathering to friend sharing my most recent bit of magic




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