Harmony in the Difference

Moved by Source I write, to confirm the value of difference. We are all unique, and in that uniqueness we fall to earth, a flake showering into the snowscape of our reality. Perception of that forming pile is dependent upon the one experiencing it. To some it is beautiful beyond measure. To others it is an annoyance of scene and reminder of the cold. To others, still, it is a job to be done and nothing more, Each instance unfolds an opportunity, a view. Do we see limitless possibilities or endless responsibility. How we respond determines how we walk this earth and breathe its air.

So why is this important?

As an individual signature we often own a single placement of attention. Fixed. Dependent on programming, environmental elements, positioning. This lack of flexibility reduces our ability to sense the experience as a whole, as an observer from more than one set point. Like witnesses to an accident, each stand in a different location, harbor a personal history, sense the scene under different lighting and auditory conditions, and so forth, and each swearing his/her view is “the” view, even though each relays a different story of “fact.”

    It was a brown sedan with four doors and had three passengers.

    It was a dark blue coop with two doors and a single occupant.

    It was a green service vehicle with tinted glass so the number of people inside was unknown.

Each solid in the conviction that his/her story is accurate. But what if there is another with them at the steps of their experience. A wife. A neighbor. A friend. And what if that person shares what he/she saw. Would that alter the witness’ view? Open the possibility for flexibility when comparing it with those of the other witnesses? Maybe. And therein lies the value of the collective.

Now apply that to success, happiness, attainment of any kind, whether personal, business, spiritual, or other. If you are one of the blessed who has found your soul mate – maybe even your twin flame, you know the connection of wholeness. Individually, each can be happy, successful, living a fulfilled life. Yet, together there is a palpable force that balances all. If one is down the other consoles when needed, comforts so as to lift them up. If one is sick the other takes on whatever challenges present to facilitate wellness. If one has a goal they both have that goal. It is an exchange that exponentially expounds the harmony that is organic in the union.

I can tell you from my own experience that feeling balanced is amazing! A unity achieved by and through an exchange of experiences, of routines and rhythms that result in a greater ability to achieve… to be, simply by means of a coupling, often of opposites. Momentum magnified. Stability reached through a void in the preponderance of scale. A collective effort by focused individuals, one reflected in a recent article I read by a woman named Anahata. Founder of Shamangelic Healing, in Sedona, AZ, her writing entitled, Divine Balance – The Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, furthers and fusions the conversation.

A collective can be two souls, or two million. The value interchange is simply tempered by the grouping. Until lately I have only experienced a coupling with friends for the attainment of a greater good, and through that methodology discovered the push and pull of grander achievement through the mutual sharing of selves. More common, I joined forces with a grouping of three or more, some of my conscious knowing, others known only by the conscious oneness most refer to as God.

The effect of joining energy with others is in the result, one I view as similar to that of the butterfly effect. The scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever.

As I write at the beckoning of Source, I feel deeply; thankful for recently being part of a shared experience with another that brought me to a place of knowing only achievable through a togetherness shared. It was a bond I had never experienced before and may never again. At the bequest of the grantor it has now ended; yet only to begin again, and again, as each life rolls into the next. A forever heart space that ignites the realization that we are all better, stronger, happier, more abundant when we allow ourselves to be part of a collective, no matter the size. I remain grateful for the connection that opened me to this awareness, and send love every moment of every day to the one who cracked my shell. A harmony in the difference.




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