Communication Above 3D

Inspired by a passage in Natalie’s tarot reading for Sagittarius for June 1-15, 2017, as it relates to communicating at a level above 3D, I share with you my experiences in this realm. (Watch Natalie’s segment in the clip shared at the bottom of this section.)

I’ve been able to connect with a few individuals by means of nonverbal, cosmic exchange for nearly a year. There is a prerequisite for me, however. The person must be someone I love. Love seems to match my vibration to that of a connecting frequency for this sort of communication. Like kids playing with aluminum cans attached by a string, or placing the cup end of a glass against a door or wall and placing your ear flush with its bottom. I can feel the individual thru the elements of emotions, and in that sensing, transfer and receive information.

How do I do this? I’m not really sure. I’m working on experiments to narrow down the answer in an effort to offer the results publicly. I can tell you this… About 4 months ago I spent time holding the feeling of being in love for as long as I could in a quiet state of contemplation. Not meditation, per se, but just sitting quietly in my home-office, looking out the window, alone so as not to have a break in my focus. From that state I thought of what made me feel in love. That part was easy, but don’t ask me what I was thinking of because I won’t tell you. lol!

I held that feeling for as long as I could once a day for 3 days. And it wasn’t as easy as one might think. Each time I wavered I’d refocus and intensify. One day I held it for about 20 minutes in an on and off sort of fashion. The next it was nearly an hour. The final day it was somewhere around 30 minutes. I tried a fourth day, but I simply couldn’t hold it more than about 5 minutes, and even then it wasn’t stable, so I stopped. Yet, the results were visceral, visible, and presented in this world! I cataloged them in two Facebook posts. On the 2nd day a policeman stopped traffic to let me cross a semi-busy roadway, both ways!. On the 4th day a stranger at the laundromat put coins in the dryer for me without expectation of return. Both love based acts. Both from random strangers. Both mind-blowing to me in those moments. See those posts below.


Starts at 41:12 and goes thru 45:28

Natalie, Alchemy in You | Title: INITIATION!
Sagittarius Reading June 1-15, 2017

If you wish to continue to listen past where I’ve programed it to stop, simply click your mouse anywhere on the player status bar and it will play from that spot forward – removing the sandwiched audio excerpt’s replay tags.
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I also see images within other images. Now that’s something that I’ve been able to do for several years. The first photo shared in this article is one such image. It is of clouds in the skies above Tucson, AZ on 12/3/16. This cropped version has been Photoshopped to help the layperson see what I see natively. I’ve included the original of this image as the header, or banner image to this post so you can see how it looked pre-Photoshop. Once you see the Photoshopped version offering the cropped image is much easier to identify the face in the unedited one. For those who wish to see the full photo, you can view it here:

In full transparency, I also see many other images within this cloud photo, but none are as pronounced as this one of the male face shared herein.

Here’s another one that’s less visible, yet I love the depth of presented emotion. Look for the eye and then fill in the rest. To me it looks like a partial face with the left side showing an eye, partial nose and the “shape” that resembles a head upon which these features reside. In reality it is a photo of a muddy puddle of water in the driveway I took on 5/6/17.

I could go on all day with these images within other images. I have dozens, if not hundreds. The point, however, is to demonstrate communications above the 3D reality within which we find ourselves. Hopefully you feel I have. All based on emotions and sensory perceptions, with a little magic thrown in for good measure.

Now, if I could only exchange messages with fictional characters! Hmmm…




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