I have become an unwitting, spiritual channel. For reasons that remain unclear, information is imparted to me at lightening speed, communications that are not of me, or often even for me, but gifted to me. It has become transparent that the source of these profundities is beckoning me to share, so share I will.

However, using the word Source with all of my writings seems open for misinterpretation. Yes, It is Source to me. God. The Universe, Oneness of being. Yet, Source encompasses each spark of consciousness in existence. I am a spark. You are a spark. The stray cat that claims ownership to the street where it lives is a spark. Even seemingly unconscious elements, like plants, stones, and cells are sparks. Identifying my knowings as having originated from Source is true and untrue at the same time. So, I will give my “collective” of voices unheard, those nigglings and signs and those other worldly shoulder tappings a name until I am led otherwise.

Oliver = I love her | All of her.

Let’s call this collective Oliver. Why? A few reasons, none of which is tied to a given concept or idea, but to the remembering of that first experience of newness of the unknown I had on August 14, 2016. (see About page, section entitled House Sitting In Tucson), which later identified itself as Oliver (see About page, section entitled Oliver In OZ).

Hereinout, when I talk about accessing what feels like a voluminous library of resources, or am given direction to take a particular action, or guided to follow a certain path, by a source outside of myself, I will use the label Oliver to refer to the zero-point of this collective communication. And, when I say collective, I do so because I can sense that these connections are of different “signatures;” in other words, emanating from multiple origins.

For the sake of convention, now that we’ve given it a name, let’s have some fun and give him form.

Yup… (stage right) that’s how I see him. Not bad!

Here’s to Oliver!

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* banner photo credit: background of starscape c/o ESA/Hubble & NASA.




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