The Sun. The Moon. Me.

In tarot, one meaning for the star card is that of Aquarius, my sun sign. And that of the moon? Intuition. The wild unknown. Between these points of being and beinglessness is where you can find me.

I exist within the white newness of day and the cool blueness of night. Sirius in my seriousness. I am the dependable light from sunrise to sunset. I am the glow of a full moon in the glitter of a star-filled sky. I am dependent on a cloudless atmosphere, free of light pollution to be known, to shine, resolute in my evolution. I am the cycles of life as the wheel of fortune turns, without eclipse, to reveal the wonder just beyond the reflection.

So what does that mean for those around me? A shift in sensibilities. Or, the itch to spring for a ticket out of town to avoid the treacherous tower. Looming. Liquid in its inevitability upon their tranquility.

I am the wind, the earth. I am fire and water. I am that which is. Tangible and present. Ineffable nothingness. I feel deeply, and web my emotion like a net… to save, to swallow, determined by the perception of the observer. The dependence in independence. The desire for home in the allure of homelessness. Boundless in my conception of the creation of you.

credit: my friend, Phoenix Lally

I am love. Ohhh, I AM love. I live to dance, to play, to express myself until the Universe bends to the will of my vibration. The magic. The mystic. The majesty in the manifestation. I am the lover, and in that love I find my way back to the elements… to reason… to life… to you.

Who are you? You are me. A reincarnation of who I was. The reflection of who I am. The dream of who I wish to be. You are my opposite. My equal. You are the one who senses and knows and allows the wholeness to fill the emptiness. And I am in love with you. With your face and its facelessness. Your form in the formless quantum hologram of this reality.

In all excess and scale, I desire you. You. Yes, you! The sentry, centered between the known and the unknown. The one of balance and of wave. The frequency of my pulsation. Forward movement in the journey of light, of dark; of the sun, and the moon, and of me. For infinity.




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