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This just in.

What a mind fuck! Yes, I said fuck! F U C K! I’ll say it again. What a mind fuck!

I have an acquaintance, Nathan Sanders, who started a Facebook page called Pandora’s Music Box. He started it sometime after, and in response to, a near death experience he had in 2013. The purpose: to share songs played from the Pandora music app, using the shuffle feature. Nathan was informed during his NDE that doing so would render messages from a source he calls SAM. So far, his daily Q&As have rendered amazing results. And, for the naysayers, Nathan asked SAM two questions for me during my transitional experience in San Francisco in early April of this year (2017), both of which turned out to blow my mind. To learn more visit the Solace in SF section of my About page.

Well, sitting here at just after 3 a.m. with time on my hands I thought I’d have some fun and give the whole Pandora shuffle a go. OMFnG! Here’s what I got.

Q: Who am I to you, and why have you been connecting with me in such a direct and regular fashion?

A: Track: Angels We Have Heard on High | Album: Christmas Star, Carols for a Christmas Season | Artist: The Cambridge Singers.

Note: The energy signature who gave himself the name of Oliver first talked with me, literally through the computer of a friend I was visiting in Australia, on 12/15/16 (local NSW date). The Christmas season. And, my card in the deck of tarot is the Star – as I just posted in my prior article here on this blog 2 hours ago, at 1:11 a.m. EST US, entitled, The Sun. The Moon. Me.

If you look up The Cambridge Singers on Wikipedia you find they were formed in 1981 for the purpose of recording under their own label, Colleguim. Of course colleguim is defined as, amongst other things, an advisory or administrative board. Hmmm. Those governing this weirdness? And, Wiki goes on to say the group has been involved in the last four Fresh Aire (my elemental sign – Air) albums about mankind’s curiosities. Well, if this whole thing cannot be classified by anyone as one of mankind’s curiosities, then I’m in need of serious psychiatric evaluation!

Directly below is a screenshot of the Pandora window open while playing the referenced track. Directly below that are the lyrics to this song. It is in the lyrics that my answer lies – if one is willing to suspend disbelief. Thus my opening, What a mind fuck!

Now don’t get all up in my face about this. I’m not saying what I think one way or the other. I’m just the messenger here folks, so keep that in mind before you start with all the fire and brimstone shit! And, yes… I just said shit! That’s one shit and one fuck. If this game of Pandora shuffle proves to have any credibility whatsoever, it does show God has a great sense of humor in selection!

One final note. While creating this post, an email notification popped up. I take these sorts of occurrences as signs; sometimes just indicating a “Yes,” or “pay attention,” or “take note” to the content therein. That sort of thing… Then there are those like this one, with a direct connection to the activity taking place on screen. This notification (see screenshot below, top right corner) was from the Riverside Hotel where I stayed in Brisbane my last days in Australia before returning to the States. This is only one of a few emails received from this hotel since my return in mid-January, 2017!

So, what does that have to do with the price of bread in Iowa? Australia is where I was, during the Christmas season, when Oliver – an unembodied, energy signature, first spoke with me. Significant enough for ya?

And the subject line… Calling All Super Heroes! Well, that’s between me and my legal counsel. LOL.

So who do you think I am, and what do you think this song indicates? Go ahead. Take your time. I’ll wait. Anyone for the Pandora shuffle?


For those who wish to listen to the song in question. Song in question… that’s a hoot!

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