Do Not Let Go

I have a friend who is an Aquarius. She has a good friend whom she adores who is a Gemini with a Taurus moon or rising sign. Last week, and again this morning, I was led to watch a weekly and daily tarot reading by Sal on his YouTube channel Eat, Read, Love. In each case my friend’s relationship was addressed. How do I know? The Divine intervention that is going on in it – working magic to make sure these two people are together… at least for now.

Below I’ve shared these two readings, lined up to the pertinent parts.

Video #1: Gemini Soulmate / Twin Flame Part 1:
Not much prefacing is required. It is of value to note, however, in the “Gemini Soulmate” one (1st below on left) that you hear a ding sound at 3:26 minutes in. Those outside sounds always signify meaning to me. At that point Sal says, “I’ll try to be open, intimately” ding “… and this person will manifest with me.” What makes this a point of note is that my friend kept telling me this individual was not showing her how he felt in any way, yet she knew he cared about her.

When I saw this segment, and especially when I heard the ding, I knew! He was bringing her his very best in the only way he knew how – through showing off physically to arouse her sensuality. THAT’S how he showed affection, caring, through a peacock effect. How adorable!

The take-a-way… expand your perception. Things are not always as they seem, and you often have to open your mind, or step back as an observer, to genuinely see the full picture.

My friend… she now knows he cares, cares deeply. He just expresses his emotions through his prowess and not through poignant words. And he brings his very best every single time!

Video #2: Love All Elements:
This reading blew my mind – was so accurate in identifying the intangibility of the Divine working magic to bring these two people together. For me, it begins by looking at the shirt he is wearing. It says Lone Star on it with an actual Star above the words. The Star card in tarot is the sign of Aquarius. Next, at 9:42 his cell phone goes off in two dings, which means, “pay attention to what’s coming up.” He says, “Heavy the Lovers. The Star card… Don’t let go of this one… Marriage of the soul… Understanding the Divine between the two of you… This is what’s protecting you…” And the best line:

    This is like magic at its work to put you guys together.

The fun thing is, my friend told me she just wrote to him yesterday and shared her thoughts on their connection as being “…karmic, one all the elements are working to consummate.” Then, today, this reading pops up!

Need I say more? Me thinks not! Happy days Aquarius!

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Eat Read Love
Daily Tarot Thursday (6/15/17) Love All Elements
Focus: Earth Signs (Taurus) | Star: Aquarius

runs from 9:31 thru 11:06 | For TODAY – 6/15/17
Eat Read Love
Gemini Soulmate / Twin Flame Part 1
Gemini | Air Sign: Aquarius

runs from 3:03 thru 5:48 | For week 5/29/17 – 6/4/17




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