Roll With The Waves

I have odd sleeping patterns. Have ever since I returned from Australia in January (2017). They were only exasperated when I traveled on Amtrak across the US from NYC to San Francisco, then back again. These days I sleep an hour or two off and on during both day and night for a total of 4-6 hours daily. My body seems fine with it, and although I do get sleepy, I find my way through.

I have discovered, that I’ve experienced the equivalent of an imbalance in my equilibrium, at times, like that motionless feeling you get when on a boat or ship, but chalked it up to the after effects of this oddity in my sleeping habits. That is… until tonight (or should I say this morning as I’m typing this at 2:38 a.m. ET US).

Earlier today (oops, yesterday) I experienced something weird. An avid, long distance walker, I am in pretty good shape. I know how to stretch before and after as a result of having an excellent running coach in college at Ball State University, with whom I’m friends with to this day. I understand the challenges of how to avoid basic aches and pains simply by means of stretching. Today (Yesterday) however, my whole back, shoulders, and from my chest to my stomach felt constricted – the kind of tightness I’d equate to a need to stretch. Nothing more. But I stretched, and stretched, and stretched. Nothing changed. Not even temporary relief. My upper to my lower back ached so much that I couldn’t comfortably sit in my office chair and took to sitting on my air mattress with my laptop chairbound in front of me. It is important to note this sort of experience is not normal fare for me, and I cannot recall the last time I had a similar issue.

I figured it would eventually pass as the muscles loosened from general relaxation techniques and remaining in a sedentary state all day. Nope. The same. Actually, spent much of the day sleeping and working in order to focus past the pain. Sometime around 10:30 p.m. I awoke from a 2 hour nap with the phrase, Ride The Wave in my head. I knew it was Natalie of the YouTube channel, Alchemy In You, I’d seen in my dream saying that phrase, but when I awoke all was lost except those three words, and the recollection of Natalie. I walked over to my desk and wrote down the phrase, hoping, in part, that the rest might return to me, and thinking that was a cool title for a possible blog post. Turned out it was! lol

(unrelated to the synchronicity of this healing connection between Natalie’s video and the Dr’s OZ find, referenced below, if you listen from the beginning Natalie mentions waves, and ship navigation, and water, and flowing, and the wonky feeling of imbalance while on a ship, throughout!! I mention this because it connects my aches, my dream phrase, and my growing loss of equilibrium. All mentioned in Natalie’s video.)

It was then that I sat down at my desk and began to watch a mid-June tarot reading video by Natalie, as posted to her Alchemy in You YouTube channel. At 2:10 – 2:57 she mentioned a stiffness in her left palm and it’s reverse side on the back of her hand. Again, she mentioned stiffness of her thumb and palm at 13:21 – 16:11. I’ve learned that these oddities in videos – especially Natalie’s videos require further exploration in order to find the prize in the Cracker Jack box of her share (see clips below). So, I paused the video, opened another browser window, and Googled palm of hand… and it autofilled in the rest, pressure points. I clicked on the 3rd entry down (if you count the images displayed).

That led me to a short article at about, with an embedded video of Dr. Oz, and a show he did about the topic, entitled, Every Body Part Is In The Palm Of Your Hand – Press The Points For Wherever You Have Pain. I hit play and the first thing Dr. Oz did as the program began was to hold his palm up and rub in the same place on the palm that Natalie had in her video. I knew I’d found a clue!

Watched the Dr. Oz’s video with his guest, reflexologist, Deborah Flanagan, whom, by the way, is located right here in NYC at the Center For True Health!! What a surprise. lol. Found she addressed the areas of the thumb and palm Natalie eluded to. They waved out as follows (see clip below):

1. Digestion & Drained Energy | Middle bottom of palm:
She used what she called the Golfball Technique, where she demonstrated how interlacing the fingers and rolling the golf ball around the referenced area would relieve stress in the Intestines.

2. Insomnia | Middle of the whirl of the thumb:
Flanagan showed how pushing in the nail of the opposing thumb and rolling it around relieves stress on the pituitary relaxes.

Of course I performed both exercises. After the oddity of the find wouldn’t you? However, I didn’t have a golfball, though, so I used the closest thing I could find; a mini screwdriver encased in an easy grip cover. As weird as it sounds, IT WORKED! I got instant relief from all. My body was back to normal. Mind blowing! And, here it is 5 hours later and I’m still pain free! Note: you can see where I wrote Ride The Wave after awakening just prior to the occurrence of this whole event in the photo of the screwdriver to the right.

I don’t know how Natalie did that – timed the release of this video and her odd references to thumbs and palms with my personal ailments, but she did. Thanks Natalie! Grateful!

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Natalie’s full reading runs 34:39. It is highly informative for those with the time and desire to watch in full. To view past or prior to the tagged areas below, simply click anywhere in the playback bar and the video will begin from that point.
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Natalie | Alchemy In You
Mid-June Reading 2017 – NAVIGATING WORLDS! – June 15 – 30

runs from 2:12 thru 2:57
Natalie | Alchemy In You
Mid-June Reading 2017 – NAVIGATING WORLDS! – June 15 – 301

runs from 13:21 thru 16:11

Dr Oz Show with reflexologist and reike master, Deborah Flanagan.
5 Reflexology Secrets Hidden in the Palm of Your Hand

Deborah Flanagan on pressure points of the hand. (runs: 7:26)




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