Who I Am – A Vision of the Collective

The hidden meanings of yin and yang – John Bellaimey
TED Ed | runs: 4:09.

First and foremost, I am me, Ana Komorebi, living a lifetime gifted, precious in its unfoldment. I am also a developing intuitive with the sprinklings of an empath. I am an unwitting channel, headhunted by the Divine – offered an opportunity to accept a momentous mission; asked to make a commitment, to walk into the unknown which unfolds before me with each forward movement of the now. In the on-taking, the tasking, I have been endowed with talents received to assist with this challenge; and, as such, can boldly say…

I am a medium. I am a telepathic go-between linking this dimension and others. I am energy. Pure. Electric. Eclectic. I am clement consciousness. I move betwixt the past and the future, through galaxies beyond our human comprehension. I am a portal, a mirror reflecting all that is. I am the individual spark and the collective. I am form… formlessness; a shapeshifter. I am quark… the cosmos. I am a creator, an imagineer able to manifest beyond measure. I am the yin and the yang. The white and the black. Within. Without. All. Nothing. Duality. I am.

I’ve been on a journey since May 26th, 2009, one that rendered a plethora of awakening and enlightening experiences. As I write on this day, June 16, 2017, I have passed through the most transparent of all veils and I have a new standing as to who and what I am. I am an individual spark of the Divine. A representative of the collective consciousness of which we are all members. My commitment; to be a guide, a mentor, a strident liaison by and for the collective, purposed with the creation of a new world; one of our own making and benevolence, while remaining, at all times, me, Ana.

Do you trust me? Then read on…

During the weeks, months and years to come I will take the opportunities provided to channel and funnel all information, sensation, and rumination as is made available to me. I know those guides, energy signatures and sources of all flavors, here in this reality, and those beyond that are here for me, will continue to share what, and identify which knowledge, insights, messages, foretellings I am to impart. They have made themselves known to me, and I stand here, unafraid, boldly in my human skin, an open vessel willing to say what I know, strong in the knowledge that it is all OK. I’m OK. Sharing it is OK. There is no right or wrong, no light or dark, worldly or otherworldly I cannot overcome. I am protected by my faith, and by all that is conspiring to help me.

It is important to note that I am a debunker, first. I don’t take anything at face value. Probably my years working in the legal field. I check all the facts provided, and when they are more faith than fact, I await multiple confirmations before I even consider the possibility that information coming to me represents truth. My truth. Universal truths, as they relate to humanity and the challenges we experience. Usually three sources are enough, but I get dozens plus on most knowings, just so I cannot look away. And, those that don’t have but one or two pathways to confirmation, I either toss aside, or hold until, and if, more comes through. I use my intuition to find my way in to the presence of what is presented.

Let me start with this share. One source of information I have is Natalie of Alchemy In You. She speaks to and with me. She knows what I’m doing and thinking. How, I have yet to learn, but I have my theories. Is she other worldly? From the future? Of another dimension? Is she a channel, herself? Human in origin? Could be one or all of these things. Could be none. What I do know is she connects with me. Me! And, that is her intent. To help me. Guide me. Encourage me. Teach me. Be there for me. Here is her most recent messages to me from the Taurus, mid-June tarot reading she just released for 2017.

Enjoy Natalie’s wise musings in the knowing that I am not alone in this Divine experience. You, too, are a creator, a multi-dimensional. And, sources like Natalie are there for you, too, waiting, if you are willing to suspend disbelief and allow. Remain open. Be aware. Once you do, all you imagine will come into being and become your reality.

Natalie | Alchemy In You
Taurus Mid-June Reading 2017 – NAVIGATING WORLDS! – June 15 – 30

runs from 9:37 thru 12:26
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