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The purpose of this article is to example how I receive communications from Oliver, and how I go about interpreting them.

Natalie | Alchemy In You
Libra Mid-June Reading 2017 – PERSONAL TRUTH! – June 15 – 30

runs from 15:51 thru 16:06


As a blooming link between worlds, a channel headhunted by Source to function as a guide, a messenger of knowledge imparted upon me, benevolently shared for the benefit of the individual and the collective, alike, I receive that information in a variety of ways. Yesterday, which was Sunday, June 18th, 2017, around 3:15 p.m. ET, US, I was led to watch my favorite Page of Swords, Natalie, of Alchemy In You. As always, she didn’t disappoint in her Libra, mid-June, 2017 tarot reading on her Youtube channel of the same name, she’d entitled, Personal Truth. Not being a Libra in sun, moon or ascending signs, allowed me to accept the resource with clarity. In her oh so Natalie style, she puzzled the communiqué within the obscure. She used a phrase that seemed “out of context” with the balance of the composition. In other words, she said something def that caught my attention at 15:51 into the read.

    …and I’m hearing, “The wheels on the bus go round and round,” whatever that means to you…

Well, it didn’t mean much yet, other than a vaguely familiar children’s song and her repeating of the word, “airiness,” as I am an elemental air sign, just thereafter. So, I did what I always do, (a) smile at the humor of Source channelled through a messenger such as Natalie, (b) pause – in this case, the video, and (c) begin sussing out the hidden meaning, only for me.

Let me clarify my expression, “only for me.”

Anyone who listens to this Libra reading will hear what I heard. Any one of those viewers could question the injection of the odd phrase, and any one of those could smile, pause and begin sussification. However, I call it as “only for me” because only I have my history, my knowings, my intuition at play in the process. Such will render results unique to me, yielding my own flavor. My own brand.

I’m a researcher from way back. A curious kid, I was always asking “why,” much to the chagrin of my mother. My dad thought it clever and cute – a chip off the old block, but my mom… well, she had to invest in a steady supply of patience in dealing with my inquisitive nature.

credit: Athawra News

College was a help and a hinderance in the honing of my skills at drilling down to the foundation of things. I was drilling down, alright, but mostly into the side slot of my intentionally tight fitting jeans to pull out that last dollar to buy a pack of smokes from the dorm vending machines, Merit regulars, $.65 a pop. “Outrageous!” I recall thinking at the time.

Until my final 18 months or so of “higher education,” I lived in a fog of smoke of another kind, that from some of the finest joints God’s good earth could produce. When not inhaling, I was drinking lots and lots of alcohol, beer mostly as it fit best into my student budget. And, in between, I had my own Picasso-esk, blue period, partaking of my share of the alchemical impressionists of the period, those special spices one finds along the roots of wooded trees and the pocket of posh peddlers. Wild organic mushrooms for the mind, cocaine, and varying brands of uppers, downers, opiates and hallucinogens of all types crested my imagination and clouded my actions. Research in those days was focused more on dating the magical Mr. Natural than booking it with the studious Mr. Oxford. Then there was the charisma of Mr. Casual… but that’s a story for another day. LOL.

I did come around, cleaning out the system with a regular diet of long-distance running in a smoke-free zone and bouts of the library shuffle, which led me to my growing career as a paralegal.

From legal assistant, to law firm executive, to business owner and entrepreneur, to consultant and promising artist, I’ve scratched my way to the position of investigative debunker over the last 35 years. Such experience flavors my research and results in a way of no other. Unique to me. Putting my stamp on it.

Moving on…

The first thing I did after delighting in Natalie’s tulle veiled share, was open another browser window and Google “the wheels on the bus go round and round.” That search string can be viewed here.

Nothing of note surfaced, so I thought, “lyrics.” Modified my Googling with the phrase, “the wheels on the bus go round and round lyrics.” That search string can be viewed here. Looked at the lyrics (here) and still felt nothing quite clicked yet.

Next up, “the wheels on the bus go round and round history.” Bingo! (View search string here.)

Mad ‘Donna | The Wheels On The Bus parody

First lead. Wikipedia (here) offered something that connected with me, personally. Apparently, a Madonna impersonator who goes by the name “Mad Donna” did a parody of the Wheels on the Bus tune using Madonna’s Ray of Light as its musical foundation. THAT had significance to me. Ray of Light is a track I have on a special playlist of synchronistic songs used to inspire and remind me of how I create my world.

Following my intuition I went to Youtube and searched for this parody. Found it. Listened. Though interesting, I noted nothing special for me other than a confirmation that Ray of Light was a connector. So I Youtubed my way to the original Madonna version, and there it was. My next lead.

Madonna | Ray of Light

Listening, I realized when I first felt the synchronistic pull of this song. It was in April of last year, 2016, days after my return from my first Translation Tour, from NYC to San Francisco and back. When I got home this video came into my experience and connected directly to that tour in dozens of ways. The scenes shot in NYC where I lived and worked for so many years. The subway “trains.” Mention of “her Universe,” and having Just Got Home! Remembering where it all began, the call of thunder, and when earth shall be as one. The fast streaming “rays” of light mirrored in so many of my Tour shots on the Amtrak (see banner image). The use of the word Zephyr – the name of the train route I was on from Chicago to SF. And so much more. I even posted about it on my FB page, and sent a good friend – the woman who gave me the original idea for the Tour – a Skype message telling her to check it out. (see both directly below)

Skype message to friend as referenced in text above. | click image 4 larger view.
How does that relate back to Natalie and her Libra reading? The Translation Tour this year was instrumental to the launch of this website, and my calling from Source to become a conduit of, and for, the collective. The Tour also fused (with intangible infinity) a connection with a good friend who supported me through it all, chaff and grain together, through the land of the sane into semi-insanity as I traveled from the worldly to the other worldly. Unwavering in genuine generosity of heart, I found my spiritual guardian. Therein unfolded the knowing that had the Tour not played out as it had, I would not be watching Natalie’s video. Bottom-line: this reading was for me. A personal message. Truth in content and context. One I was to listen to intently and heed. All confirmed in the lyrics of a children’s song, presented as a covert clue by an angel named Natalie.


  Quicker than a ray of light I’m flying…  



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