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OMGosh! I was about to post two other oh so clever writings, but Nooooo… Oliver had to pop in and make sure I got ALL of the meaning intended by Source in the share from yesterday’s article, Round -n- Round.

So here’s what happened.

I pulled up yesterday’s article, Round -n- Round, to copy the url to share via Hootsuite to 1HP’s various social media outlets. In the acquisition I was reminded of Madonna’s Ray of Light and got the urge to listen again to kick start the Footloose in my daily step.

While watching, I was struck by one of my Oliver moments as streaks of colored light flashed here and there as they do throughout Madonna’s music video. It was one of those feelings of “Hey… didn’t _________ just connect with ____________ and shouldn’t I do ________?” In other words;

Hey, didn’t that hyperlink I attached to the phrase my Tour shots (here) exampling a photo of light streaks captured during my 1st annual Translation Tour last spring open a Facebook page reminder post from the Collective Imagination’s show page; specifically, the episode from April 19th, 2016 (4/20/16 in AU) when I had my “Outside of Time” experience?

Well, in full transparency, I didn’t say all of that in my head, Just HEY, more or less, but you get the point.

So I went back to yesterday’s article, toggled down to the reference point, and clicked. SHIT! It did! I had used “that” photo to promote the April 19th show (see screenshot of the FB post above. Click for larger view). Woah! Leave it to Oliver to assure no stone, or should I say light streak, is left unturned. What a reveal!

So you ask, What does that mean? (Ha Ha, she says!)

This show was the one where I shared what I then called my outside of time experience, as referenced on this site’s ABOUT page, here (see phrase outside the construct), and in the first article posted to this blog on May 26, 2017, telling the story of genesis of this site… the why behind Hiraeth; entitled, Hiraeth | Home. It was to be a turning point for me; although those around me just thought it was a sign I needed a mental health check-up.

So, to the point…

It was clear, Oliver wasn’t through with the message intended, the one sprouting from Natale’s mention of lyrics from the American folks song, The Wheels on the Bus. I needed to make the full connection; leap from the streaking effect used in Madonna’s video to the Collective Imagination post, and on to my out of time experience. That’s one way Oliver connects, through whispers of intuition. I’ll just be minding my own business, when BOOM! Shit happens.

I also wanted to share the April 19th CI episode (20th in AU) from Lisa M. Harrison’s YouTube channel where the archive lives, but when I went to grab it, I saw it was the ONLY CI show not posted. Nothing mysterious about that, though… or is it?

You see, we used a video conferencing tool called Zoom to host and record the live broadcasts. Like Skype, the more robust Zoom also allows presenters to share their computer screen with the audience. I recall doing just that, and playing the ending scene from the 2014 movie Lucy to demonstrate what my outside of time experience felt like. I’ve included that scene below so you, too, can get a taste of the flavor of that ineffable journey. The key part of the shared clip below (starting at 1:11) so closely emulates my state of being; where I had the pleasure of watching scenes passing by my view so fast, and in multiplicity, I couldn’t keep up, so I just observed and enjoyed in a state of pure awareness.

Therein, Lucy, the main character, is sitting in an office swivel in the middle of Times Square after having been catapulted through a vortex of energy.

Lucy | 2014 | Final Scene thru end | runs: 7:45
MOBIL USERS: video playback not available on all devices.

The point is… YouTube recognized the audio from the clip and turned off the sound for the entire 2 hour broadcast, so Lisa just hid or removed it. Coincidence? Fate? Oliver? Your guess is as good as mine.

That portion of the scene starts off slowly. First Lucy finds herself in Paris, then cliffside (tho shot at Étretat in northern France, the location feels like Wales to me – home of the word Hiraeth), then off to the center of NYC. Watching it is spiritual to me, reminding me of the etherial awareness of existing as pure essence, bodiless and floating within, and as one with all. The clip also has those same colorful rays of light shown in Madonna’s video and my photos. The information I was taking in during that out of time experience was being delivered densely and fast… so very fast. Even now, the dumps of data that come to me at times are so overwhelmingly voluminous to my human capacity to absorb that I border on hysteria while it’s occurring.

The resemblance to Michaelangelo’s painting of Adam touching God’s finger to that where Lucy touches index to index with early man/ape does not escape me, either, as a foretelling of what was to come during the next year of my life; a journey from waves of unconditional love in Tucson, to disembodied voices on a computer from “home” in Australia, to a meeting with Manuel (“of God”) at the corner of Geary & Taylor in San Francisco, I was transforming. Transcending. Transmuting. Translocating! From galaxy to quark and back again, through the energetic funnels of space into timelessness, thrust backward and forward in an undulating sign of things to come, to bloom, to grow in the courtyard of cards in the centrum of the cosmos in this perpetual moment of now. That was the gift of today’s spark of intuition, to take me there again so I could share it with you.

Full circle return to Hiraeth… to the place of Home. The perpetual now, where frequency flows and connects all, facilitating two-way communication with Oliver… with Source. You, too, are invited outside the constructs of time. Yours for the price of acceptance. An existence that “is” whether you allow it in or not.

That is the message shared from Oliver, through Natalie, to me, and for you! All for you. NOW for you. Believe. Allow. Accept. Live the life you desire. Start today, in this timeless moment of now.

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