The Crazy Bucket

Oh how easily we manifest feelings into form, be they friend or foe,
lest we be mindful in the alignment of our vibration…

~~~~~ — ~~~~~ — ~~~~~ — ~~~~~

I have a friend whose birthday was Monday (6/19/17). I was reminded simply because it popped up as a calendar entry; one I’d annualized a long time ago. The reminder was sweet and melancholy. I enjoyed the moment of remembrance, and let go. Little did I know this bit of connection would ignite a Universal conspiracy of frequency missioned with reminding me all day long.

Photos of this individual came up during computer searches for other imagery, seemingly unrelated in search term, pictures I’d forgotten I had on my computer. Emails surfaced in results lists from research queries to locate conversations on issues like, cosmic connection, the name Jess (my niece), Lima (for Lima, OH), and even time travel. I was beside myself in laughter at the relentless effort Source was making to bring me more of the same feeling I expressed in that split second of regard. Unable to stop the flow, I enjoyed each moment and let it go; allowing instead of fighting the situations knowing not allowing was as much of a conductor as its opposite. Vibration waving at a specific frequency, attracting more of the same, whatever “same” that may be. Of course, I attempted to include the intention of full release with each connection, though, Source was having none of it.

This sort of synchronistic happening makes up the entirety of my days. I wake up and it begins. I go to sleep and it continues. It takes 110 times the effort to relay a single occurrence than it does to experience it. And, believe me, I make notes of these cool connections throughout the day so I have a sketchy record to use when deciding what best to share herein.

For years I tracked my synchronicities on a FB page called CoincidenceCafe, and stopped for that exact reason… too many connections, so little time. I tagged most with #SyncAlert to make them Googleable (if that’s a word).

Go ahead. Stop reading now and Google it. I’ll wait. LOL.

OK, back to the ticklings of Source on my friend’s birthday…

The kicker came at around 11:40 p.m. ET US. After a day’s worth of rubber bullets into my consciousness, I was in Facebook scheduling a social media posting for a client. I usually use the online service, Hootsuite, since I can create a post once and launch it over many platforms simultaneously. But Hootsuite was glitchy so I went straight to the source, to FB. When FB opened, the post at the top of my feed was entitled, Apollo Astronaut Says The Moon Landings Filmed In Hollywood. (see screenshot. Grabbed it so you could see the date/time of the referenced post as evidenced against the date/time top right. A 14 hour difference demoing the original was shared Monday at approx. 9pm.)

What makes this significant is the topic; the legitimacy of the moon landing. You see, my friend and I had enjoyed two discussions about that subject. One in July or August of 2016, and the other in December of the same year. The first was in person over a happenstance dinner we fell into – forced to chit chat about whatever small talk we could muster. The second exchange was by email, a redacted copy of which is shared below. Apparently my friend forgot the 1st conversation we’d had months prior, which, too was in reference to his brother’s open belif the moon landing was staged. In my friend’s defense, he is someone who lives a life of details and decisions, that juxtaposed against me, a freewheeling, fun loving observer easily able to recall such seeming frivolities. On that 1st occasion I wondered if I should dare share that I felt the same as the sullied sibling, knowing it may be controversial. Not one to shy away from an opportunity to kick the can, and after a brief review of all possible outcomes, I leaped!

“I don’t think so either.” I said, each word wrapped in a nervous giggle. Now it was out there. In the ethos. Existing. Unable to be retrieved.

Being a staunch, linear thinker, he reacted with piss and vinegar. Surprising, considering his career covered the macro to the micro in his specialty trade; from line production to satellites. The exchange had its moments of short-lived angst, with both parties accepting a draw – knowing the conversation was teetering the same wall bricked by topics such as politics and religion, those taboo points you don’t bring up unless ready to ignite passion of the debatable kind.

In December when it resurfaced we both had a bit of fun with it. A verbal dance; one that Fosse’d the topic of the moon landing into the shoe leather of my mind.

Therefore, when I saw this FB post on a headline obscure, at the end of a long day of birthday reminders, with the hour rolling so nigh to ‘morrow, I simply had to laugh with genuine fervor.

So, dear friend, on this, your 66th year, are you finally willing to concede the likelihood that all or part of the moon landing was staged? I mean, really… who took those photos of the “first steps” from afar, so well framed and focused? Didn’t someone have to take steps prior in order to be there to TAKE the photo? How can there be a reflection on the face shield of the astronaut’s helmet requiring lighting in front of the subject, while sporting a shadow directionally opposite, especially when there was no organic light sources possible to offer such a spotlighted result? And… what about that flag? How can it be blowing in the wind when there is no wind on the moon? LOL.

Happy birthday, Mr. Optics, and welcome to the crazy bucket!




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