What Happened To Us SAM?

 As I awoke at 2:33 a.m. this morning, I found this post waiting for me in my Facebook feed. It is from the FB Group, Pandora’s Music Box run by my friend, Nathan Sanders. I’ve written about PMB before, but for those new to this blog, Here is a screenshot of what I said about it in my article We Have Heard.

What makes this PMB post significant to me is the song SAM shared. Of course the question Nathan asked, What happened to us? How did it all go so terribly wrong? is interesting, as well, but, for me, it all comes back to the song… and that I heard it now.

The track is the Beatles, While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Until my trip to San Francisco in April (2017) I hadn’t heard that song in years. It was featured as track #22 on the album, Love, that holds great value to me in the way it presented in my experience in SF, and, specifically how it played out on the night I met Manuel (of God) on my last evening there. You can read more about that in days to come on my About page in the section entitled, Solace in San Francisco, subsection Meeting Manuel. For now, suffice it to say it means a lot to me.

Now to the Oliver connection…

The moment the video began to play I knew it was a message straight from Oliver. Not “Oliver” as used in this blog as a placeholder for the collective that speaks with me, but THE Oliver; the one who talked with me at length in Australia on 12/15/16. See more on my About page in the section entitled, Oliver in Oz (click here to go straight to that conversation).

How did I know? Many things. Information I received while on a midnight walk last evening saying I’d get a direct message from “another dimension,” and that its receipt might “shake me up.” The fact that the video (see below) features a girl and a disembodied drawing unfurling into and out from the shape of a male counterpart was an attention grabber, but what solidified it for me was when this imaginary character held out his hand to the female. That was what Source had told me I would be offered (his hand), when I was to know who was talking to me in this other dimension while on walk-about in SF. And, that’s exactly what he did in the form of my encounter with Manuel.

That was it. That was all I needed to know this was from Oliver.

As shared in various places throughout this site, the knowing that Source was, actually, communicating with me came after I asked the question in my head (in much the same way Nathan asks SAM) while in SF, Who are you? The response came wrapped in the lyric that immediately played on my iPhone I had budded in my ears, hours into having been led along the streets of SF by signs and intuition. Artist: Bittersweet. Album: The Mating Game. Track: Don’t Forget To Breathe. The lyric: And when you take my hand
You’ll know exactly where I am

The gift from this to you, the reader? All you need to manifest… to create in this 3D reality is your imagination. Use it, and let it serve you by bringing into form all you desire.

As I was drafting this article something amazing and confirming happened. Without provocation, a plastic water container I had on a swiveling speaker stand that jets up from my desktop fell over and onto the floor. It contained petals I’d pulled from flowers I’d received on Mother’s day from my son, SAM. Then, in harmony the bulb in the lamp on my desk blew out.

Next… as I attempted to upload the photo here of those flowers my computer kept logging me out of my WordPress site. Each time I attempted to log back in I got “no password” as the error, as if I wasn’t typing one in! LOL. Finally, as you can see, I was allowed back in.

Then, I noticed my laptop’s battery power was almost depleted, yet it was plugged in! So, I looked at the power cord where it connects to the computer, and sure enough, there was no light on. I went to the source (ha, the Source), the power strip on the floor where it was plugged in, and found it nearly disconnected, as if saying “job done!”

So, a gift of flowers (of a sort), two issues of power (energy flow), and a playful two-way exchange through my computer. All I need now is a partridge in a pear tree.

Yes, Oliver… Messages received!




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