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A Pinterest email I received on Monday rendered an actual tarot reading specific to me. I’ll take it! Though, I’ll leave the actual reading of it up to you, allowing your perception to divine my future.

With that, I was moved to use the cards shared therein to create a story using automatic writing. Calling on Oliver and his resources I asked to bring forth all I needed, blended with the details offered in text and image from the Pinterest share, married with my imagination to deliver a good time for all. This should be fun. Let’s see what happens.

email received 11/19/17 at 11:21 p.m. ET US  |  click image for larger view


Characters | Plot

(in order from left to right, top to bottom, write-ups for each of the tarot cards shown)

  • #17 – The Star Archangel Jophiel
    A dream come true! Believe in yourself. The end of a difficult situation.
  • #1 – The Magician, Archangel Raziel
    You are ready! You have the resources or the ability to manifest them. Life is magical.
  • The Spirit
    Unseen forces watch over you.
    Madame Endora’s fortune telling cards
  • Angel of Healing
    The Angels have felt your sadness and have shown up today to send you healing.
  • Photography Mikko Lagerstedt
    The Search
  • The Empress
    Plants fruits of life and beauty.
    The Empress from the Pen Tarot
  • Raise or Promotion
    Congratulations – an increase in your abundance flow awaits you! This is a result of your positive focus and willingness to take action based on your Divine guidance. Keep up the good work!
  • #XVII Tarot of Sexual Magic By Laura Tuan & M…
    Tarot card The Stars
  • ~~~~~ — ~~~ — ~ — ~~~ — ~~~~~
    The Divination of Ana

    Oceanside. Where ivory sands are lapped in aquamarine, fading into the rainbow célesta of a sunrise sky, she stood. Lost in the illusions of love, at the age of 44, Laura Tanu desired more than the emptiness in the everything she’d acquired as the duel diva of screen and stage. Her latest adventure, “The Search” explored the sensuality in the journey of self and the healing of a spirit broken.

    Angelic in her openness on the pier just beyond view of her beachfront home, unseen forces seemed to be watching over Laura, feeling her sadness. Showing up to send her healing, to end a difficult situation.

    A Star since the age of 17, Laura Jophiel discovered shapeshifting at a young age. From waves of blonde to that of amber, and on once more to straight and caramel, her hair was one of the props of the trade. Costumes of robes and gowns, to midriffs and silken shawls, Laura’s ability to become whomever she needed to be, desired to be, was a talent, a trait born and bare, madamed in her maiden ways.

    Her mind fully present in the glow of dawn, daydreams of bay scenes high on the mainstream filled her imagination, and quickly on to the rolling green of forest streams, where she felt she had arrived. “Take me now so I can wake up,” she sighed – consciously streaming deeper into the floral wreath of her creation.

    “My Oh Mima!” she allowed, naked in her hearts desire, Raziel, the poolboy.

    “You have all the resources. The ability, Madame Endora.” The muted fog of reality returning as her best friend and promoter, Mikko appeared from beyond the labyrinth of garden vines seeding her home at 4724 Introspection Manor Gardens, IMG to its residents. Nearing 50, Mikko relished in his regular comparison to Brad Pitt. Though shorter and less stealth, Mikko’s reflection of self exceeded the parity.

    Inhaling heavily of the floral perfume that waved from the fresh lavender, lilacs, and roses that aligned the stone path from there to here, Mikko began.

    “An apple for your thoughts, dear Empress.”

    “I’d much prefer a skull.” Laura replied in jest.”

    “… and a big staff in your tight grip, I’d guess, too, eh?”

    “Oh brother Mikko. Get your head out of the gutter” and off into the dark of the blue forest with only a flashlight for company, Larua thought, wishing a return to her fantasies and daydreams of water bearers, satin and lace, and flower laden forest floors.

    “OK. Will you settle for angel wings and a blood red evening gown?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “This invitation. The reason I walked that long, Fn, magical path of yours.”

    “Invitation? To what?”

    “Here. In this card!” Mikko smiled, holding up a linen square, ribboned in gold, and embossed with wings in each of the four corners. “Are you ready?”

    Laura glared as only an Empress can.

    “OK! You’re ready. You’re ready, already! Congratulations Empress. The results are in. That belief in yourself has paid off big time!”

    “Cute Mikko. Get to the point,” so I can get back to my star-filled nights sitting along the edge of forever, in mid-drift while the man of my dreams lies by my side, spirited in the harvest of good fortune.

    “The Lagerstedt awards! Your dream has come true! The Archangel of celebrity promotion! Teller of increased abundance flowing your way,” Mikko exclaimed. “You’ve been nominated for best actress. Fortune is yours!”

    Charmed by his less than easy going ways, Laura knew she’d planted what her grandmother use to call the ‘fruits of life and beauty.’ Felt the photography of the paparazzi Lagerstedt there way onto Page 6. Taroted with penned caption of sexual magic, one magician at a time.

    “That’s great, Mikko! Really amazing!” Laura mused as Mikko’s chattering faded into the rainbow blues of a sunrise sky.

    “You can manifest the reality you want.” Spirit whispered. “Life is magical!”

    Attention returning oceanside, where ivory sands are lapped in aquamarine, Laura vibrated back to the frequency of her imagination. “Pin me!”




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