Breathe in the Divinity

You have arrived. Incredible amounts of joy center in your being. As you change, so do those around you. You carry the sacred energy helping us all move forward on the turning wheel of our destiny.

This is the direct message channeled earlier this evening from Oliver. As cool as that may seem, the real downloads began earlier in the day, and continue as I draft this post just after midnight, ET US.

These additional knowings have to do with 1HP visitors, secrets and lies. I now know that a handful of folks from my recent past have been trading conversations off and on all day about articles on this site. The exact content of their conversations is not something I am able to intuit. Mostly I see images, flashes of movement, and feelings. Lots of feelings. Some kind. Some in admiration for what I’m doing. Mostly, however, those to which I refer exude the ugly energy of gossip. Falsehoods based on frustration, confusion, anger, and fear.

I stand by my truth, yet I am aware that my truth is not “the” truth. Of that liquid, the cup is empty.

Truth is not static, it is dense, survives in a codependent relationship with perception. Yet it never ceases to amaze me how ordinary people from coast to coast, the northeast to the southwest, and in countries far and wide, play the “telephone” game when it comes to bending truth to fit their own view, desire to control, and simple fear of the unknown. No judgment here. I remain accepting where I can, offering compassion and forgiveness as applicable, and hold space for the dissipation of the rest – as does occur in nature with a tornado when opposing forces of air simply cease resistance. These expressions are a tornado of words – about me. I feel it. Know it. And, I will continue to honor the me in its skewed likeness.

My guess is these folks of which I speak will return tomorrow after this writing has posted, see my words of response – a whisper against the gust. Good! Hopefully it will serve to confirm what I write about herein, that I’m an intuitive able to sense an expanded version of this reality; one available to all for the price of acceptance. With my other-worldly skills growing daily, and powered by Source, I will journey on, protected in mind, body and soul, purposed with offering a open pathway into this type of connection for anyone willing to walk through.

The energy of this site is prime and will remain positive, held within a frequency of integrity and respect, impenetrable by another of ill intent. Any gossip or false-tellings about me or what I share in my writings cannot hurt me. It is a symptom of the 3D thinking that fosters such reactions. So, to those who know who they are, I state herein, unequivocally, I sense you. Feel you. Know when and what you say. Thusly, for your own benefit and solace, you may wish to temper your further expressions, noting I will not suffer by their release, but you may, karmically, and I love you each so much I wish only good things for you, come what may… always, and in all ways.

Leave your worries behind and get lost in the botanical garden of life’s design. Like air, breathe in the divinity of your reality. Listen to the mountainous waves of the ocean, and let them wash away all but what you wish to remain, remembering we are each but a drop in its voluminousness. Love by drowning in the everything of the nothingness. Allow the abundance you seek, that of health, happiness and home be yours, in harmony with the oneness of your reflection. The rest will take care of itself.

And… if that ain’t enough, you have my number. Use it.

~~~~~ — ~~~~~ – ~~~~~~ — ~~~~~
… and to Oliver, gratitude for your share. Humbled every day by the gift of you, I will do my best to carry out and carry on.




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