Keep Going

Woke up this morning to amazing shares on both Facebook and YouTube, just for me, from Pamela Georgel, The Lucky Mermaid. Message… KEEP GOING!

The fun started at Facebook. Pamela pulled a tarot card with a message applicable for today, a regular FB offering, and shared what her guides parceled in tandem. A screenshot of Pamela’s post is below.

Spot on with her comments as they related to the wrap up of what I’ll call phase I of this website; The One Hiraeth Project. It was especially poignant after intuiting the negativity yesterday of the gossip of naysayers about my shares at 1HP. I relaid this experience earlier today in my short piece entitled, Breathe in the Divinity.

Next up, YouTube and Pamela’s New Moon in Cancer reading for all signs, by element (Earth, Water, Fire, Air). I’m air with lots of water in my chart. At 16:30 Pamela tells my story of connections with the collective of energy signatures I refer to as Oliver, and confirms just what I intuited myself about what to expect moving forward.

Note, the new moon IS TONIGHT 7/24/17.
Times in the US when the moon will be at its most brilliant:

7:21 PM PDT / 10:21 PM EDT / 3:21 AM GMT

If you’d like to read more about the New Moon in Cancer, here is a link to OMTimes magazine‘s write up on it entitled, 2017 Cancer New Moon. Note, when I visited the page it had music automatically start from its radio station. You can turn it off by clicking the play/pause button on the media player at the top, right, widget column.

click image for larger view
Starts at 16:30 and goes thru 18:20

Pamela Georgel | The Lucky Mermaid | Air signs
New Moon in Cancer June 23, 2017
Psychic Crystal Reading

If you wish to listen to more than what I’ve programed as start/stop points, simply click your mouse anywhere on the player’s status bar.

Pamela’s FB description is shared below, for ease of reading, or you can just click on the screenshot image herein for a larger, full-screen view. And, for those with Facebook accounts, here is the direct link to Pamela’s post.

In closing, let me mirror Pamela in the manner she ends each of her YT readings, to honor the integrity with which she gifts us all with her oh so accurate, psychic tarot readings….

I Wish You Peace.

~~~~~ — ~~~~~ – ~~~~~ — ~~~~~

Good Morning to the Friends of The Lucky Mermaid on FB! I pulled a card for you this morning from the Oracle of the Mermaids Cards and I got, “Endurance” – Keep Going!

My Guides say: This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. To come to an end of something, that will result in giving you a sense of peace, satisfaction and completion. Making your mark in the world is important. Think about many years from now, and also at some point way-out in time, when you’ve left this 3 – D reality, what is it you want to be remembered for? Even if you feel like you’re searching for ideas, or that you’re running out of steam, now is the time to push forward the strongest! It’s often when feeling at wit’s end, the most wondrous and ingenious thinking and creations can come out! There is a rainbow waiting for you at the end of some project you’re working on, or some challenge or test you’re going through. Believe in yourself and your own personal power now, and keep going. Muster up all the fortitude and strength you have to finish and know that in a few months time, you will be reaping some benefits and rewards from all that your are going through now. This will give you an elevation to your soul, and your light will be shining strongly to the world, or perhaps to your own immediate circle of family, friends and maybe even co-workers. The universe has tipped you off or given you a direct signal about what you find yourself embroiled in. For many of you, this all has been orchestrated by The Divine Source, The Universe and/or some Higher Power. You’ve been guided and led to do whatever it is you’re currently involved, so get motivated to see things through, and then at a later date you will be reaping some wonderful blessings and rewards!” I wish you all a day of motivation to get you to completion, of whatever daunting tasks or situations your’re working on! XO Pam ~ TLM LLC




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