You Bought The Painting

On May 2, 2017 I purchased Pamela Gorgel’s crystal reading for Aquarius for the month of May. I’m sure I did so after watching her Youtube reading for Aquarius for May as that’s my normal protocol. I watch her free offering, and if so moved, go to her Vimeo channel and buy the supplemental crystal reading. I use dates specifically here as evidence is key in my attempt to further demonstrate the existence of communications with consciousness beyond the three dimensional existence we all accept as reality. As such, I know I bought it on May 2nd because that is the date on the downloaded file I still have on my laptop.

This video gave a foreshadowing of an event that still blows my mind – the purchase of a yard sale painting for $1.00 that led to the inspiration for the sigil design now used as the logo for The One Hiraeth Project.

At 9:41 thru 10:34 of Pamela’s crystal reading she says the following.

Starts at 9:41 and goes thru 10:34 | Yard Sale

Pamela Georgel’s Vimeo Crystal Reading | Aquarius, May 2017

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Keep your eye open at, like, garage sales, thrift stores, even antique stores, or maybe even auctions. I didn’t see online. They (referring to her spirit guides) showed me more like actual, physical places, because I feel like you’re gonna get some piece of equipment, or a special, unique item, that would be either really pleasing and make you really happy, or extremely useful to you at a really great bargain also comes up in May. And, I really feel this has to do with thrift stores and yard sales, mostly. Um, so it could… for them to mention it there’s some importance to it like you’re gonna be happy you have it, it’s gonna be a great deal, it’s gonna save you money, I feel, and it’s gonna either be pleasing to you or useful to you, or both.

Five days later, on Sunday, May 7, 2017, while driving to office space gifted to me by a good friend, I ended up at a yard sale in my neighborhood under the most unusual of circumstances.

As shared in my article yesterday, entitled, Just Another Midnight Walk, I mentioned that Oliver, a collective of energetic signatures that communicates with me, had begun to hijack my iPhone when I plugged it in to the booming, speaker system installed in my car by my son, playing a series of tunes with messages for me to decipher. That morning was no different.

Cell video shot in car once I pulled over

According to the screenshot I took of my iPhone at the time, at approximately 10:23 a.m. ET US, only a few blocks from my home, the song that had started to autoplay just stopped. Not one to drive and mess around with my phone, I pulled over to the curb and parked. The media player was on pause so I hit the play button. For a second it began again, only to pause once more. I repeated this a few times with the same results, so I deduced this happened for a reason. I was suppose to be stopped there. But why?

I looked around and didn’t see anything unusual, so I took my phone and began to shoot video of my surroundings from the inside of the car. Still nothing of note, except the fact that my video cut off without notice after a few minutes, so I decided to try and take photos instead. Nope. No go. My phone said I didn’t have enough space left to take any photos. Well, I knew from events that had occurred in San Francisco of similar nature, that this could mean my phone was still under the control of an outside source and I wasn’t going to be allowed to take any at that time. My attention was to be elsewhere, and once this “issue” unfolded my phone would return to normal. So I got out of the car and turned a full 360°. Still nothing. At this point I’m standing next to the driver’s door, facing the rear of my vehicle. It was then that a car drove by and I noticed the decal plastered along the bottom of the windshield.

God is always with Me

And I knew. I was suppose to follow that car. So I jumped in, put the Ford in drive and pulled away from the curb. Ready to take chase, I smiled to see the car pulled up and parked just a half dozen houses up the street, on the opposite side. So then did I. Getting out of the car, I took out my cell phone, toggled open the camera app ready to shoot a photo of the windshield, and there it was. A yard sale. The driver had pulled up to a yard sale still being set up, with his kids in tow. I nearly lost all the color in my face. Had to balance myself against the side of the car for a moment. I was in shock.

Now, before I move on I want to be sure you, the reader, are following the fact that had I not stopped my car, had the video not ceased in mid-recording, had I been able to take photos of the location from inside my car, I wouldn’t have exited. And had I not exited I wouldn’t have seen the windshield that told me everything I needed to know as to why I HAD stopped… been stopped in the first place. Clear? Ready for more, cause it only gets better?

Not one who feels comfortable going to yard sales, alone anyway, I had to muster up the courage to walk over. The owner of the car I’d followed was already out of his vehicle, kids in tow, checking out the merchandise.

“Mind if I take a photo of your windshield?” I called over.

“Sure. Go ahead.” he replied, a quizzical look on his face, wondering, I’m sure, what the heck I wanted to do that for.

And I did. DID YOU GET THAT? I did! The photo feature of my phone was working fine once again. Personal confirmation that the windshield notice and yard sale visit was the git I was suppose to get.

Now the challenge began. I had to actually enter the yard and look around – knowing this was what Pamela had referred to just days before. Understanding my being there was divined. Deep breath, and I was on my way.

Not really knowing what I was looking for I muddled around, feigning interest. The woman running the operation was in mid-prep and didn’t pay much mind to my befuddlements. I took one cell photo, that being of a Batman figure. I didn’t get any sort of feeling about it. Just took it because it had significance too personal to share herein. Still feeling sorta stupid, and almost finished with perusing the lot, I came back to the front of the driveway, now full circle. It was then that I saw it, and nearly shit myself (hope that isn’t too crass for the upper crust I’m sure reads this blog with daily delight. LOL).

It was a painting of what looked like the inside of a dream, or an ocean floor, or something just as magical. Specifically, I was drawn to the resemblance it had to the images from the Celtic Wisdom Tarot Deck by Caitlín Matthews (Author), Olivia Rayner (Illustrator). I’ve shared the cover image herein, called The Mingler, as an example. If you would like to see more visuals from this deck, here is a link to a Google search for images from that collection. The colors scheme. The spirals. The general tone and flavor, it was all there.

I had been recently introduced to this deck through a series of videos posted by a woman named Mary Ellen on her YouTube channel called Moon Rise Cottage Soul Tarot. How I ended up there I cannot recall. What I can say is that her reading for Aquarius (me) and Gemini (a good friend) for the months of February thru April 2017 were so enlightening and overlapping that we both felt there was something more going on in our having found them… or should I say their having found us.

“Did you paint this, or was it just something you picked up along the way?” I asked.

“I painted it,” she replied.

“What is it of? … does it represent?”

Shy, and charmingly humble, she responded, “It’s nothing. Just, like, well… life born from seeds planted in the ground, with fireflies (lighting bugs for those of you from the Midwest) swirling around them, and then flying up and out to the moon.”

“How much?”

“One dollar.”

“That’s it? One dollar? The canvas alone cost you more than that.”

“Oh a dollar is fine. I’m happy to get rid of all this stuff, and even happier it might go to someone who likes it.”

Having left my pocket-sized wallet in the drink cup holder next to the driver’s seat, I stepped away to see if I even had a dollar. I’m not one to carry paper money, using cards instead to track my activities. Besides, when I do have money I end up giving it away more often than not. Sure enough, I was good to go with two $1.00 bills folded therein. Honestly, had I more I’d have given her more. One dollar just seemed too little to ask – too much of a bargain to accept. But I understood the significance, numerologically of the exchange rate. One symbolizing alignment, independence, beginnings… the oneness of all things.

Maryann, the lovely artist and daughter of the folks who lived in the family home where we were standing, turned out to have quite a bit in common with me. I discovered she was a paralegal in the real estate field, as I had been, and worked with attorneys for nearly two decades whom I later learned were known to my friend – the one whose office space I was on my way too at the time. Companioned by the unexpected, once again, had rendered such a lovely outcome.

Onward to work!

Painting as it hung on the door hook
where I placed it on 5/07/17.
click image for larger view.

click image for larger view.

As I was on my way to my friend’s office when Source diverted me, I decided it was that office space where the painting was to find its new home. Once there, I hung it on a coat hook screwed into the bathroom door where it remained until I moved on a few weeks later – leaving it there in its rightful place of being.

Turns out Pamela was right. I was so inspired by this painting I ended up using elements of it in the expanded design of an image used as the symbol for this project, a sigil created by this same friend, one infused with the saying, The pathway is open – 1HP’s tag line. You can see the original sigil drawing on the brown paper upon which is was created in the footer of any page on this website. It was from that design, with permission, I co-created what is now the 1HP logo. This, too, was intuited by Pamela in that same crystal reading for Aquarius for May. At 7:51 thru 8:35 of Pamela’s crystal reading she says the following.

They’re saying (referring to her guides), one of the things you need to know is to take some piece of creativity that may be very small, and expand it and watch it germinate and grow. So, that could be anything that you’re knowledgable or good at doing where you have really good talents. Ah… or, because it has to do with creativity. But they’re showing me a kernel of corn and it growing into a stalk of corn, so build on that. Focus on that. Focus on your creativity and your creativity energies in May because it’s gonna… whatever focus and energy you put into it will be paying off for you. (video clip below)

Clearly, Pamela is referring to my friend’s sigil drawing as the little bit of creativity, and my using the inspiration from Maryann’s painting, together with additional elements from the imagery found in the Celtic Wisdom Tarot Deck to expand on it. WOW! Now that’s incredible!

Starts at 7:51 and goes thru 8:35 | Expand some bit of creativity

Pamela Georgel’s Vimeo Crystal Reading | Aquarius, May 2017

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And, if you think that is incredible, there’s one more piece to this puzzle that’s gonna abso-fuckin-lutely blow your mind! It has to do with a segment of a video you’ll also find on the Proclamation page of this site. At 43:22, Natalie from Alchemy in You in this Pisces Mid-May 2017 reading, which she titled, Coming Full Circle, and posted on May 13th (6 days AFTER I bought the painting) references the purchase!!! Her exact words…

Fix it on the wall. You bought the painting! Right. Now it’s time to hammer the hole into the wall, get your nail out, alright… your hammer, and… right? Go at it!

Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself. How Natalie does this I just don’t know, but she does, over and over and over again. What she means, “Go at it?” Well, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

I highly encourage you to visit my Proclamation page and watch the full 18 minute segment that interlaces all that is 1HP. Nuf said!

Starts at 43:22 and goes thru 43:35

Natalie of Alchemy In You
Pisces Mid-May 2017 Reading – COMING FULL CIRCLE!! – May 15 – 30
Note: The tarot deck Natalie uses is called, The Wild Unknown.

If you wish to listen beyond where I’ve tagged it to stop,
simply click your mouse anywhere on the player status bar.




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