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This just in…

Stopped what I was doing to share this moment of connection with you. A simple synchronicity, it will example just how immediate and actual the creation process can be in your life.

I love to housesit. I’ve done it a few times and it has allowed me the ability to travel and stay in one location long enough to genuinely feel the lifestyle and colloquialisms of its locale. Without provocation, I’ve been offered three gigs since returning from San Francisco on my Translation Tour. One in Rhode Island, One in Manhattan (which I almost took. LOL.), and one in San Francisco.

I have declined setting out once more as I am energetically linked, at present, to the aliveness of the oceanside of Long Island’s south shore. However, being that I gifted my house to my son earlier this year, I find it may very well be time to allow him and his lovely wife to begin their journey mother-in-law free. So this morning, when I got another such notification from the site where my profile is housed, I gave it my attention.

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Located in Washington state, this exchange would be one way the fuck out in the country, along a flowing body of water, near Spokane. Looked interesting, especially because I love my own company… ha… and it seems that would be about the only human life nearby. Note I said human life. Oliver and company excluded, of course. 😉 The key for me was to see if the location, in relation to civilization, was close enough for me to use a bicycle as my primary mode of transportation until weather conditions come winter precluded same. I much prefer being one with the elements while traveling through the days of my life, than to be bound within the recirculated air of any sort of vehicle. Thusly reflected in my response to that gig.

So, I lept. Sent a response. You can see a screenshot of it here, typos included. LOL.

Now here’s where it gets funky – and why I stopped everything I was doing to share this with you in the Now.

After sending the housesitting inquiry, I went downstairs, got a cup of coffee, and when I returned I went to YouTube to grab a few links for social media posting. It was there that I saw Natalie from Alchemy in You had just, and I mean JUST posted her Libra reading for July 1-15. That intrigued me even though I’m not a Libra. Felt the pull to watch – as if a sign. So I heeded that call. Here’s what she said in the first :58 seconds.

~~~~~ — ~~~~~ – ~~~~~ — ~~~~~

Hi there Libra. Thank you so much for tuning in. This is your July reading. Time’s flyin’ by. First and foremost, before we get into the energies here, I know a number of you have been asking if I have any social media accounts whereby we can communicate, and the like. I have created a Twitter account for Alchemy in You specifically. The username is @AlchemyInYou, so feel free to connect there. I’ll be posting some announcements, and things like that. Any news regarding the channel or the website on that Twitter handle. OK. So. Having said that…

Libra. I was meditating on your energy before I turned on the camera, and I was seeing you on a bike. OK. Peddling. Peddling fast. And, I imagined you by this bike path along the coastline somewhere. OK… (and the reading begins.)

~~~~~ — ~~~~~ – ~~~~~ — ~~~~~

WOAH! I write it over there and it comes back to me over here!

See! That’s how it works. You imagine it – envision it as being so, you energetically nod or say “Yep. That’s what I want,” and the you simply allow that vibrational frequency to travel out and into the ethos.

Natalie’s video is clipped below to play the portion mentioned. I haven’t listened to the rest of it, as I did, actually stop and begin putting together this post, so no idea whether therein lies more magic for me. My gut says a resounding YES! Why? Because Oliver / Source, through Natalie, an open channel to this other worldly energy, pulled in my attention right away with the bike along the coastline bit.

It is of utmost importance to note that I DO NOT see this link between my message to the homeowner and Natalie’s words at the beginning of the Libra video as a premonition that I will end up in Washington on this housesitting exchange. Instead, I know it to be Oliver’s way to make sure I pay attention to what is to follow in Natalie’s video. This share is to offer another example of the communication signs I keep talking about. Honestly, I’m not sure I am even ready to leave this area – and have also begun an active search for a base of desire here, too; one, of course, Babylonian in stature. Otherwise, why bother, right? (smile) We only live once… or do we?

Now, some may say, “Well, didn’t you negate your creation of a possible housesit in Washington BY saying above, ‘Honestly, I’m not sure I am even ready to leave this area’ and then take action to its contrary?” Good point! For me I say nope. Why? Because the energy with which I allow both is equal in frequency. In other words, I send them out… feel them so to speak, with the same “kind” of energy. For example, if I am feeling love at that moment – allowing myself, assuring I am feeling that way, that is how it goes out. No doubt. Just feeling. When I send out things in possible contrast with one another it is to assure all bases are covered and then I simply allow Source to sort and shuffle – being happy and excited however it turns out. I know Source sees the higher good in all. Trust that implicitly. So, I know whatever desire I wish for I will get, rolled out as it should be. Always. That help?

If magnanimism arises from a watch of this video, I’ll share it as an article in this blog. If minor in kind, I’ll more likely post it as a social media blip on 1HP’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Speaking of social media, if you are on Twitter, do yourself a favor and FOLLOW Natalie today. Right now. This moment. Don’t wait. Got it? Again, her handle is @AlchemyInYou.

Starts at zero point and goes thru 0:58

Natalie from Alchemy In You | Libra reading for July 1-15
NEW BEGINNING!!! | Posted, June 27, 2017

If you wish to continue to listen past where I’ve programed it to stop, simply click your mouse anywhere on the player status bar.




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