Grace 4 Stats

Grace for the visitorship to The One Hiraeth Project website. I just checked out the statistics (analytics) for 1HP for the first time this morning and was taken aback and happily surprised!

Looks like during the month of June 1HP has had an average of 35-40, loyal visitors per day from countries all over the earth. What makes this so amazing is I have not even officially launched it yet, nor promoted it in any capacity other than to populate our Twitter and Facebook pages with content in preparation of same. Reason being, I haven’t finished the About page yet. Still have the last two sections to complete and didn’t want to “put it out there” until fully finished – you know, the whole first impression thing. (note: I screenshot these at 5 a.m. on 6/28/17 so full stats for yesterday have not been fully processed.)

This website went up on May 26, 2017. A memorable anniversary for me, as well as the birth day of a really special friend. I selected this date to open the site for those reasons and because, numerologically it pleased me; being that significant numbers associated with each of these two meaningful dates, totaled 8. Eight is an amazing number with tons of meanings. Google it and see for yourself, or visit my friend, The Empress of Time‘s page for the #8 here. To me, 8 equates to infinity – my state of mind and my belief in how long we exist as energetic signatures. Looks like the elements agree and are smiling on me and The One Hiraeth Project.

I’m here doing this because I’ve been called to do so by Source. Here 4 U. Thusly, if you wish to see more of one thing or the other I’m an email away. You can reach me directly at

So, with grace and genuine appreciation, thank you!

Ana Komorebi
(and no, JonnyEm,
I didn’t photoshop this pic! LOL.)





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