Yildiz Feels, Where Is Home?

After posting Sal Asks, Where Is Home? yesterday afternoon at, according to the time posted in WordPress’s backend Admin section, 2:28 p.m. ET US, I turned my attention to a new reading by one of my favorite psychics, Yildiz, from Perth, Western Australia. What happened next is gonna blow your skirt up! A singular touch of grace, of home, of Hiraeth.

As with many of the psychics I follow, Yildiz came to me simply by having one of her videos show up in my feed a few months ago. Yeah, sure… I see a lot of videos recommended by YouTube, as do you, as do most of us. However, what makes the ones I check out unique is where they land, what they are posting about, and how it makes me feel. If you are a regular reader of this blog you know I’ve received some of my most powerful messages when Oliver places a video in my feed in a key location (often top right) that reference times further than the last month or so for signs that are not mine. I always wonder “Why are you asking me to watch this video from…” February, November, October, or even August of the past year? Yildiz was one of those. And, boy oh boy did she ever deliver!! I couldn’t tell you what video it was without going back through my YouTube history, but I’m just not interested in spending my 3D time that way, so you’re just gonna have to trust me. Besides… what I’m about to share should do that for you.

So, as I said, I posted Sal’s video and started watching Yildiz’ Scorpio reading for July on its heels. I am not a Scorpio but was moved to watch this one.

And, before I go any further, I’m often asked, Why do you post so many articles about experiences with tarot readers and psychics from YouTube? Don’t you have anything else to do with your days other than watch YouTube videos all day long? LOL. That’s my work, guys. I am a consultant. One of my specialty areas is social media marketing, so I am lucky enough to get paid to watch videos and read blogs and check out platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and the like all day long. Who could ask for more than that? Being able to incorporate the fun of media with the fun of making money is a joy – one I am grateful for every day. I also consider the effort I put in to 1HP as passion paid for, too, in good will gifted from Source through me to you. And, if that means I have to struggle through hours of anything but boring tarot readings, I’M IN !! LOL. That help?

Playing devil’s advocate, Yildiz’ video was published to YT on 6/27/17, impossible for her to have seen my post and then record it. And, in reverse, you’ll just have to trust that I had not seen this one w/i less than a day’s of its public existence. Also note from my screenshot of this reading the time of capture as being 2:43:15. That’s 15 minutes from the time I posted Sal’s video to the time Yildiz said the following. At 10:02 she, too, references HOME.

~~~~~ — ~~ — ~~~~~ — ~~ — ~~~~~ — ~~ — ~~~~~

Don’t be surprised if home comes up on the subject this month. I have noticed for a lot of the Zodiac signs home in some shape or form has been coming up. This could be home renovations. This could be, ahhh, home in a sense of ‘Where is Home?’ Is home inside you? Is it a location? Also, home being, maybe, an idea of what you’re wanting to have on the ‘home front,’ you know, in a manifestation sense, I’m hearing, in several years time. I do feel it’s earlier than you think. I feel for many of you there will be a shift of home. That some of the circumstances where you are living feels very temporary. Singles and couples. This happened in the last reading… some extra additional messages come through. Oh well. Meant to be. Meant to be… (end 11:05)

~~~~~ — ~~ — ~~~~~ — ~~ — ~~~~~ — ~~ — ~~~~~

So, 10 minutes to get to the point of ‘home,” and 5 minutes more for general time passing rigmarole. That leaves NO time between my attention being on one sense of ‘home’ and shifting to the next. Incredible! I can’t make this shit up, guys.

And you think that’s incredible? Wait until you read the next article forward of this one entitled, It’s From Your DNA, and see what Yildiz’ said prior to this segment on ‘home,’ at 6:06. Talk about wow moments!

… still think this connection, synchronicity, cosmic communication stuff is fake. If so, then YOU’RE the one who is fake. False sense of self. Dis-allowing facts to be alive in your forefront. Fearing what it means to accept these postulates as reality. I accept that. Just too bad you don’t. And if you are one that does… SPREAD THE WORD! Our world is a mere wave awaiting its wake over our awaken-ness so that a convergence of holographic matter we refer to as reality emerges anew!

Yildiz | Scorpio July 2017 | runs from 10:02 thru 11:05

If you wish to continue to listen past where I’ve programed it to stop, simply click your mouse anywhere on the player status bar.




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