Time To Sail – The Incredible #3

On Thursday, I shared a writing called, Natalie Speaks, Truth of Home. In it I referenced the #3 as this was the 3rd time in less than 24 hours the concept of Home – home of the Hiraeth sort – had made its way into my awareness. I also mentioned a London psychic named Sasha Bonasin, in his June 2017 horoscope reading, offered a prediction for Gemini’s which, too, included a mention of #3 as a powerful # for Gem’s in the month of June.

Then in comes this early morning of Saturday, July 1st with another mention of the incredible #3 by Natalie of Alchemy in You‘s Cancer reading for July 1-15, 2017. At 20:01 Natalie begins her moving soliloquy on our recognition of self as a creator, and of our coming to terms with it as we move into a state of synchrony with same, and of smooth sailing thereinout. Beautiful!

I will let her words speak for themselves, and will be waiting for you on the other side of the manifestation mast.

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There’s this, um, incredible focus on the number 3 for you, which speaks to creation, right? Which speaks to mind, body, soul; the trilogy of being. (see Hiraeth’s home page, §3 [yes another 3], Mind, Body, Soul.) And, we have here the focus on emotions, right? (3 of cups card – Wild Unknown deck) That, in a way, are very much involved in whatever this new beginning is. (3 of wands card – Wild Unknown deck.) So, there’s fire and there’s emotion. But, there’s also air that sandwiches, right, whatever this new beginning is, yet again, that precedes this new beginning. There’s a coming to terms with what, again, thought patterns, belief systems, even perceptions of self, perceptions of dreams, perceptions of how we are to even make sense of our dreams. Make sense of what we feel.

There’s something about feeling and thinking. Understanding and, um, uh regarding. Regarding… right? So again, coming from the inside out, what we feel within, translated, right, as how we communicate through the world. So wherever there’s been somewhat of a, of a, um, a disconnect between those two, right, internalizations of our reality and externalizations of our reality and personal truth, you’re now recognizing…


I am the one who, both, holds the dream and also the key to the door that I enter through to experience my dreams. I’m on either end. And, anything that lies between either one of those realms is just an illusion. Is just temporary. Is a temporary illusion, and exists only until the moment that I realize that; that I recognize where I stand in relation to what I desire, and what I create. And, it’s me who stands in between those two worlds. And, I can’t undermine the power of my mind, of my rational, logical mind in taking me… helping taking me, closer to the manifestation of whatever it is that I desire; the alignment with self that I hold, or that holds me in a state of simply perceiving what it is that I desire. Almost as if it’s, right, um, distant and separate from you who desires it.

Cancer, you’re recognizing there’s no way that I cannot create what I desire, because what I create comes from me, and I am the one who feels what I feel, and, it’s with that desire and that intention and the authenticity of that, that I create. That I create! Right? Remembering that energy precedes matter.

It’s super powerful Cancer whatever this recognition is, yet again, it’s not like, right, the ships coming in. It’s not even the ship leaving the dock to sail. It’s simply you standing at that shore looking out at the sea in front of you and realizing it’s nether here and it’s neither there, and yet, it’s all. It’s all ! And, I am the make up of those two worlds. I am both the cause and the effect of those two worlds. And, where I stand right now is the only place I can stand right now. This moment is all I have to bring these two worlds together, Cancer.

It’s profound! It’s so profound. It’s… it’s… it’s Hot! It’s hot! Whatever this is, it’s it’s burning. This passion is burning. This desire is burning. This fire is alive. And, you cannot pretend like you don’t feel it. That it’s not part of you. You recognize that it’s a matter of embodying your dreams. Appreciating them. Appreciating you… as your dreams. As your future. And, as the, right, synthesis, and the synchrony that brings all of your parts together (takes a deep breath).

And, everything from then on… EVERYTHING from then on, Cancer, is just smooth sailing. Smooth sailing. Because, then you don’t even need, right, the ship to come to the dock, right? ‘My ships coming in.’ You just  s a i l. YOU sail !

And, it’s so breathtaking whatever… yet again, not what your seeing, necessarily, but what you’re now seeing in yourself. In yourself, Cancer (takes another deep breath).

Its transforming your world, and you recognize this very moment that it’s time to fly!

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Natalie | Alchemy In You | Cancer July 1-15, 2017 Reading, LIKE AN EAGLE | runs from 20:01 thru 27:58

Note: The tarot deck Natalie uses is called, The Wild Unknown.

If you wish to continue to listen past where I’ve programed it to stop, simply click your mouse anywhere on the player status bar.




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