1:11 Moments

From a rainstorm on the afternoon of August 29, 2015, through a snowstorm the morning of February 7, 2016 I posted 199 videos on one of my YouTube channels with the theme: 1:11 Moments.

I was in Tucson, AZ at the time I consciously began the 1:11 Moments project. There is so much beauty in Tucson. So much! I was compelled to capture as much of the sights and sounds as was possible to archive for… someone. In the historic Sam Hughes neighborhood where I was graced by cohabitating with intellectuals and creatives of all sorts and kinds, there is a magic that permeates the terrain that is boundless. I use to capture it for the homeowners who willingly, lovingly handed me the opportunity of experiencing its momentousness.

I loved my homeowners. They were one of the most wonderful couples I had ever known. A 4th grade school teacher, sweet, kind, a perfumed breath of elegance with the face of an angel, the wife was a slice of home. A physicist with a flair for international marketing, the creative business prowess of the husband was paralleled only by his good will and warm heart. They treated me like family from day one, and gifted me with the wondrous exchange of taking care of their exquisite gardens and lovely, 16ish year old black cat named Emily for the price of daily ecstasy in sensory form.

I use to send them photos and short videos of the area to delight, masked under the guise of keeping them informed as to the status of their property. While filming a rainstorm on a rolling thunder sort of August afternoon my video cut off. I noticed its length was 1 minute and 11 seconds. I smiled, noting the coolness factor. Therein lie the genesis of the 1:11 Moments.

Being a social media marketing consultant, amongst so many other things, I know the value of short, consumable bites of data – especially media. So, I figured I’d shoot and save for as long as that compelling feeling of joy continued, and sort out later what to do with them. That’s always been my modus operandi. Build content while I can. Find a use another day… When I generate something massive and then loose the desire to do something with it, I usually give it away to another in hopes he/she can turn it into something fun and lucrative. We all win that way. They get a shit ton of content for free, and if clever, whip it into a financial frenzy. I get the good feeling of knowing my work is out there somewhere being put to good use… bringing joy. That feels so great to me!

With the above in mind, below you will find a playlist of all of those videos. Hit play and they will continue until you stop them. If you wish to pick and choose your 1:11 experiences, use the link under the media player to go straight to the list on YT.

Note: Some of these videos were taken for their visual beauty. Others purely for the audio. Therefore, each of you will probably be drawn to different selections. Feel free to Like, Comment and Share far and wide. Beauty is beauty, and knowing these clips offer same to anyone willing to invest one minute and eleven seconds is thrilling!

To your forever happiness, 1:11 moment at a time…

click this link to open the playlist in YouTube where you can sort and shuffle the tracks as you desire.




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