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A good friend, Shiela C., shared a video on Facebook a few hours ago that evoked action on my part to add my small voice to that of Jordan Peterson.

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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto who rose to internet fame in November, 2016 when he spoke out about the controversy swirling around his public offering the prior September opposing Canada’s Bill C-16 on his YouTube channel. This bill prohibited discrimination on the basis of gender identity. His reason, as I see it, for this position had more to do with equality rather than not, expressing his thoughts that such an enactment could include “misgendering” of people by refusing to refer to them by their preferred pronouns. As I am not a political anything – frankly, sitting in retreat on anything mainstream – knowing it all to be illusion, and not wishing to feed the beast, I’ll leave that discussion on the side with this link to a Google search for the basic term, “Jordan Peterson” for anyone seeking more.

My design in bringing up JP is to offer the 6:46 video at the bottom of this writing for your review, a piece on the purpose and value of speaking one’s personal truth. Whoa!! Powerful shit!

Anyone who uses the word nihilism has my attention right away. A word junkie from way back, you can get me to do just about anything if you can evoke a vocable like a wordsmith. So, when JP commented, …because if it doesn’t matter what you say or do, then you don’t have any responsibility and you can do whatever you want. The price you pay is a bit of nihilism, but… I was hooked. Still had no idea what this clip was about, but I was drawn in to hear this guy out.

He then provided an everyday man comparison to palatably demonstrate how powerful we each are when we share our truth. Loved it!

Next up; Don’t underestimate the power of your speech. Here! Here!

Western culture is phallogocentric…The logos is the sacred element… Your capacity for speech is Divine. I oozed into a puddle on the floor.

Don’t underestimate the power of truth…. let go of the outcome. Yeah! Bravery of an iconoclast, super-classed, superman of the classiest kind.

If you’re going to stand up, stand up for your truth. It’ll shape you…
Shape me baby! LOL.

I’ll leave the rest of JP’s vocables to your evocation, easily evokable by hitting play on the i̶n̶-̶b̶e̶d̶d̶e̶d̶… I mean embedded video at the bottom of this piece.

In short, Peterson, one who recently bucked the crusters and spoke his mind, knowing it may loose him his job, accepting it might alienate his following and his family, rolled the truth dice and let go. The result… thousands of letters in support, of which only two were negative. Now that says something. Peterson did what so many desire to do – long to do. Speak our mind.

What stops us? Fear.

With the calling to speak my truth here at 1HP, I connect with Peterson on so many levels. He is a fifth dimensional phallogocentric expressing in a three dimensional Platoshere (of Plato). Yet, the one element not covered, a concept of corporeal consideration when in the foreplay of deep exchange, a position I feel is of most importance in this discussion: What IS truth.

I’d be worn to know my support of Dr. Peterson led to one standing up for some universally thought truth that needed to be commanded into being so all would comply. That feels like control where I feel JP’s meaning totes freedom – that of an esoteric sort. As I said in my 1HP article, Breathe in the Divinity,

Truth is not static, it is dense, survives in a codependent relationship with perception.

That is my belief. My truth; one wherein truth is conditioned upon the observation and drawn conclusion of the receiver. Thusly, truth is a dynamic state and should be respected and reflected as same. With that bit of a caveat to Peterson’s deliciously inviting intercourse, I leave you to partake in the redemption of self. Speak your truth without fear. When we all begin to reposition the missionary, the world will unveil a virility in the veracity.

As Peterson says, “Don’t be a worm!” The truth is what redeems…

In fini, and before I let your attention draw to the clip below, let me share the rhyme behind the reason for including the phrase For The Men In The Room in the title of this article. Seems sir Peterson has become a sort of YouTube guru to those of the testosteroneon ilk. According to Christian Chensvold in his 6/17/17 article for the National Review, Peterson’s online audience is 90 percent male. The sub-title of CC’s piece reads,

Self-help guru Jordan B. Peterson teaches today’s men to find what they are missing.

Well, as a 58 year old female with decades of e̶x̶p̶e̶r̶i̶e̶n̶c̶e̶… exposure to the generally protective, masculine oriented, cockier (taken how you wish) gender, I know you all magnetize to anything that bonds. Bonding is one of your things – in all ways that applies. So, as one who cares to please… I openly acknowledge you and am excited to unveil another of your contemporaries who may suit your competitive, carnal nature. 😉

I can see why. His style is a mix of steel and stealth; cool to the touch but firm as shit. As I’m more into the over-poured cup of emotional babble of its opposite, unless JP passes across my energetic menu with another of his mouthfuls of truth, I’ll say my goodbyes at the end of this meal and leave him to his own devices. But you, dear reader – especially the males amongst you, may desire more. Follow your instincts. Do what moves you. Speak YOUR truth and don’t be afraid. You will land in the warm sands of Source… and if all else fails, I’ll always be available to anyone who holds out their hand looking for comfort in their personal truth-telling. Especially you testosteronites, who hold so many of us up in the everyday experience of being. That you can bank on!


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Jordan Peterson Say What You Think

Jordan Peterson reminds us that many people can’t talk, are afraid to talk, or they don’t know what to say. If you are reasonably articulate, start talking! Or remain silent and become a miserable worm.

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