Wild Unknown Tarot Pull – July 2, 2017

I was shuffling the wild unknown tarot card deck while watching videos on YouTube. It’s a habit I enjoy – keeping my hands busy, getting use to shuffling tarot cards, occupying any yet non fully utilized corners of my mind.

While doing so the daughter of cups popped out and onto my desktop. Love this card. Not always, but most of the time, this card in this particular deck refers to me. I went with that. Next to fly out, the hanged man. This, as I intuit it, is a friend of mine. Could also mean all friends | all who follow along with my reality experiences… awaiting answers, awareness, proof, personal truth, an opening of the channel. Though, I still feel this energy in terms of a particular person who often comes up as the hanged man or another card of deep contemplation, facing lack of forward movement, seemingly awaiting something.

I put these two cards on a row by themselves and continued to shuffle.

Next up, a pancaked stack of four cards, all face up; the 3 of wands on top with the other 3 cards fully hidden underneath. Viewed from nearly every angle, they appeared to be a single, thick card, alone, on the desktop.

These four figures turned out to be (from left to right): The sun, the 5 of wands, Judgement (in reverse), and the 3 of wands (in reverse).

To me, the message here is: The energy, vitalization and positivity of the sun walks with to warm and keep me through all confusion and turmoil while I await truth to be revealed. Once all is felt, through the frequency of emotion, my friend and I (and anyone else who desires to go with) can freely channel in and through the portal that awaits to take us into the wondrous, vast unknown of knowing, of pure beingness where we will co-exist, simultaneously, here and there… and everywhere.

Cool! I’m in! Let the truth begin…




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